Stories by Nicandra Laval

rocker and chief

He has two sides. He can be a rockstar or the chief on the bank. Tjip shows you two outfits from two new lucky chairs at Ydea. Thanks to Dancer who informed me. She also told me about the new groupgift hair at Dura. We both love Dura hair. You can see ...


Today i pampered myself with new clothes. Not free this time, but worthwhile paying for. There we go with the description: the jacket with blouse is from FA Creations. I show you 2 of the 8 texture/ color options. To make a good combination with the pi...


It seems as if she is practising to walk like a model. But she is clumsy. Nic wears new releases from Orange*Pekoe. A school uniform skirt and a knit v-Neck with shirt. The orange is the wearable demo. The pink one is because of Valentine's day. Both a...


Watch this elegance. See the lines of this dress. It is such a beauty. Yesterday i read the message that this red one from Maitreya is in the groupgift. That means for V.I.P group members there is a discount. The dress follows the curves of your body l...

welcome in my garden

I would love to have such a garden like here in small town green. A perfect place for my new green jacket. The jacket is a new release from KlubWerK. The designer of the shop is back on spot. Welcome back Kiana. Her new work is very detailed. "I learned something in the days, that i wasn't here." she said. I am looking forward at new releases. The jeans is also from KlubWerK.
Both come with a color menu's. To go with the black green combi, i wanted a touch of white. Found it in the new groupgift bag from Gabriel. Three color options you get and many sizes. I would prefer also a non- rigged bag ( sometimes helpful for picture making). May be a tip for Takuya?
The cute necklace and the armband are both from Sweet Leonard. In the shop i discovered also a new groupgift a bunny hoodie.
Nic bought this lovely hair at Magika.

Jacket: KlubWerK - KlubWerK.her --WindBreaker/Spring-- MULTICOLOR [MESH](NEW)
Pants: KlubWerK - KlubWerK.her --ZipperPant-- MULTICOLOR  [MESH] (NEW)
Bag: Gabriël - ::GB:: Body Bag /3color ( free)
Necklace: Sweet Leonard - ::LEONARD:: Hope <3 Necklace
Watch: Sweet Leonard - ::LEONARD:: Triple Strap Spikked Watch (Gatcha)
Hair: Magika  -Magika [01] Never

Bye bye, Nic

pilgrim to nowhere or know where

She is just a fantasy figure. She popped up in my brain. She isn't doing a pilgrimage as people used to do it. The outfit made me think of it. The pilgrage to nowhere or a vacation the end of time.The combination is made with some OrisinirSun items. Mo...