Stories by Nicandra Laval

in the kitchen

Many things came between me and blogmaking. Apps from family in rl and in sl a woman who wanted talk with me in french ( difficult!) and wanted show me her home. She was nice so i followed her. But the blog making had to wait.Nic shows you nice new hai...


Is this retro again? I don't know why but the last days i always show a sort of retro styled dresses. And i like it. This set is from the spring wishes market. This blog is about free things dollarbies and stuff that is very worthwhile paying for. Well...

at the water resort

Early for this time of the year in Europe, this summer set from Munereia.  Far too cold for rl wheather. But traveling in sl is easy and so Nic arrived at a place with boats and rafts. This is the new groupgift, released today. It comes with a hud...

to the beach

Yesterday Nic got a store credit card from a Midnight Mania at JBC. A male shop for very sexy male stuff. Because it wasn't so usable for her she gave the card to tjip. He went over and bought his summer sneakers there. So a day at the beach was very w...

sunday in a café

Oh my goodness. This was a hell of a job, making the pictures with Soraya. Soraya wanted show her new found jacket on the blog so we went over to a nice café, but it was so laggy for Soraya. Standing next to Nic was a "tour de force" for her. I had to be very patient but in the end we were so tired that Nic decided to go sit and the last picture shows you how she felt about this photoshoot. :).
But the jacket from Soraya is very cute and just 25ld on marketplace. The total outfit from Nic is made of findings from the hunt at the opening of the Pekka and VinCue sim. You need find camera's. The hunt started at the 13th of March but is still running.The shoes come with a color menu with more color options.

On Nic:
All from The openings hunt from VinCue and Pekka here 
Necklace: camera #1 Pekka. Rosario necklace Black/red (free)
Cardigan: camera #10 * VinCue ~ Tank+Dress+Cardi - Silver (free)
Pants: camera #4 * VinCue ~ Molly+Jeans - Flowy ( free)
Shoes: camera #17 * VinCue ~ MaAutomneSoulier+Shoe - Firebrick!(free)
From inventory: Sunglasses - Baiastice; hair - Mina; Skin -TokyoGirl

On Soraya:
Jacket: R:R - R:R The tailor Tuxedo Blazer cream (25ld)
Scarf: League -*League* Snoods -Gift ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Catwa; Pants- Erratic; Shirt - Ricielli ( from a hunt)

Bye bye, Nic

skin fair and spring market

Nic wears a very good skin from Tokyo.Girl at the skin fair. I highly recommend those skins. They are so realistic. There are 3 releases. This is the skin  Inari. The skin comes with shapes and in several skin tones and make-up.Nic wears it with a...

meeting in Tempura

The nice thing of the sim Tempura is that you always can have a chat with someone. Sometimes it is terrible when someone says "do you want do something"and you ask "what?". And the answer is sex. But most of the time i meet nice people there. Today i c...