Sometimes i get a question where to find a tuxedo for a wedding. I showed in the drugs deal post a black tuxedo with a red band. But for those who want go in white i found this one on marketplace.The black and white shoes are included. Being a guest on a wedding need not be expensive. In wedding sphere i found this wedding place Wolke7 and i found the dove poofer. All a bit too romantic a bit kitsch, but it was fun to do this post. Isn’t sl full with weddings and divorces and broken hearts and happy people finding the true one for their real life?

Tuxedo: MAShell – *MAShell* whiteMesh-Men’s Formal Tuxedo&Shoes (25ld)
Dove: FelixvonKotzwitz Alter – Dove Tauben Fly Flying wedding (free)
Pictures made at: Wolke7

Bye bye, Nic