this is the one that i wanted';

this is the one that i wanted

May be this jacket with skirt is already longtime in the lucky board and posted on blogs long time ago, but i am so happy that i finally got it. I wanted to blog this one, so Nic stood there day after day and the blazer came so now and then, but NOT with my letter. I learned to know a nice person there Luba. It was not totally depressing because of that. But today i was at the end of my patience. I wrote the designer (fortunately she was online and answered immediately) i told her my miserable situation ( exaggerate it now) and that i wanted to buy the set, but couldn’t find it in the shop. In reply she asked me to search for the name and then …yes you already know the happy ending… she gave it !!!and… i didn’t need to pay!!! Thanks  Snow Wolfhunter… very kind of you.
But for you dear readers who want this set too. Poke your patience and try your luck. Send my greetings to Luba when you see her standing there and brighten up her days a bit.

Blazer set with skirt: Maai – ” MAAI MESH ” – ” Grace ” suit dress, peach (free/LB)
From inventory: Shoes – LVLE, hair – tableau Vivant
Pictures made at: The Celestial Realm

Bye bye, Nic
And pssst: you can call Luba…… Tuba or Nuba or Xuba….depending on the letter on the lucky board.. she called me Ficandra, Ticandra etc…