Home Idea March 13

Kuro – Home Office  (At Collabor88)
{what next} Bramley Bench (Rustic Fall)
{what next} Ondine Bath Tub
=Zenith=Water lantern A(Ebony)

Kuro – My favorite desk (Decorative only)  (At Collabor88)
Kuro – Office couch (Adult)  (At Collabor88)
floorplan. office chair ADULT / black
Baffle! [50’s Wool Rug.]
(NO) CopyCat Art – Spilled Paint Cat (At the Arcade, March 2014)
(NO) CopyCat Art – Time to Eat? (At the Arcade, March 2014)
(NO) CopyCat Art – Country Cats (At the Arcade, March 2014)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] fabric lamp (ceiling mounting)
LISP – Tartan Pear & Acorn Branch
DIGS – Leaf Mirror – Black [MESH]

floorplan p&p subway sign / people
Apple Fall Backgammon Table
Apple Fall Christmas Dining Table
Alouette – Georgia Bookcase – Black
Kuro – Rosa chair and Kuro – My favorite chair
CHEZ MOI Coat Rack Lullaby
DIGS – Ferryside Book Decor [MESH]
DIGS – Ferryside Table Lamp [MESH]

[CIRCA] – “Classic Vanity” Make-up Organizer & Mirror – Winter
Kuro – Sorting box w/ books  (At Collabor88)
Kuro – Lunch bag  (At Collabor88)
Kuro – Pencils jar  (At Collabor88)
Kuro – Paper clips  (At Collabor88)
Kuro – Polaroid holder (Black)  (At Collabor88)
Kuro – Stack of books  (At Collabor88)
Kuro – Desk lamp  (At Collabor88)
Kuro – Stamp rubber  (At Collabor88)