alterego @ blackhole

Get ready to be sucked into the BlackHole! A new weekly shopping event presented by Pr!ck & Autopsy, residing in the Pr!opsy Fashion Sector. Pr!opsy is home to many high quality brands such as arise, geek, hollipocket, the bishes inc, cheeky, cynful, epic, alterego, 1 hundred, sassy, tartcake, yumad, chary, reign, forever young, modanna, zombie suicide, lolita, twins fashion, babydoll, dark, trs, panik & lpd. The Blackhole offers special marked down items every week from participating stores on sim for only 75L. The sale begins today, March 13th! So save this lm to the Pr!opsy Fashion Sector and come check it all out! ♥♥ Pr!opsy Fashion Sector

AlterEgo’s “Cabaret” s only 75L & updated with Linc Appliers for Phat & cute Azz! /


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