pilgrim to nowhere or know where

She is just a fantasy figure. She popped up in my brain. She isn’t doing a pilgrimage as people used to do it. The outfit made me think of it. The pilgrage to nowhere or a vacation the end of time.
The combination is made with some OrisinirSun items. Most of the time those items can be showed very naked, but i choosed to show them in another way. I took the long heavy leather loaded dress or coat from Paisley Daisy. Quite the opposite what Joeylin ( the designer of Paisley Daisy) makes. She glitters and glamours in sensual lace clothes. But now using the dress this way it is super. It is a good leather coat for a long journey.
The OrsiniSun items are created for the fantasy gatch festival. It contains the lantern, the skirt a (which i use more as a belt now) and the headband with flower. The mask and shoulderflowers are from the Valentines special. You can’t see it but i wear a black love panty under my coat ( just 1ld) in the shop.
Oh Nic went for a bath. Traveling makes dirty.You can see a part of her black love panty now.

Mask, schoulder part, panty: OrsiniSun: – OrsiniSun My Iron Love Blush Pack ( panty 1ld)
Lantern, skirt, headban: OrsiniSun on FGF – OrsiniSun Enchanted Poppy Headband (25ld),OrsiniSun Enchanted Poppy Skirt(25ld) and OrsiniSun Enchanted Poppy Lantern (25ld)
Dress: Paisley Daisy – Paisley Daisy- Leather Loaded Black Long Coat
Pictures made at: The End of Time
Post made for the challenge #6 von Fab Free. The theme is Take a sl vacation.

Bye bye, Nic