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Prelude to Autumn from What Next

Prelude to Autumn from What Next

Pembury Park Bench
~~ What Next for Fifty Linden Friday (Aug. 22nd)

*Includes two versions, with or without leaves. Four texture change for wood.
Animations for single, friends or couples.

Brooklyn Carriage House ~~ Trompe Loeil
Skye Four Season Oak Tree ~~ Studio Skye
Autumn Grasses ~~ ArchiTech Design

Blueberries and Cream – ❤ home

 Blueberries and Cream - ❤ home

Soy.  Old Hut [for overground] !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Soy. Crate w/ Glass Fishing Floats !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Soy. Glass Fishing Float -hanging- (clear) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Sari-Sari – Folding Table *folded* (wood) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Sari-Sari  – Blueberries and Cream for The Neighbourhood (august 23)

oyasumi  / coffee maker (gacha) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

oyasumi  / mug / white (gacha) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

floorplan hello wall hooks !NEW! @ No.21

floorplan empty wire basket !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

junk.  vintage teacup planter. !NEW! @ No.21

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A Mighty Oak by Studio Skye

A Mighty Oak

Skye Four Season Oak ~~ Studio Skye
(New Release)

*All four seasons included, beautifully detailed!

Ozark Pavilion, White ~~ Barnesworth Anubis
Waterfront Cottage ~~ What Next
Outdoor Wall, Light ~~ Shutter Field
Other Assorted Trees by ~~ Studio Skye, Hayabusa Design, Tobias Novi

Photo Taken @ The Trace

Gabled Barn – my view (inside)


HAIKEI: Gabled Barn !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

junk. bartlet daybed. canvas !NEW! @ The Mens Dept

junk. barrel stool. turquoise leather. !NEW! @ No.21

junk. wall desk. wood. !NEW! @ No.21

junk. vintage clock./teacup planter./ashtray./picture frame. !NEW! @ No.21

floorplan hanging map / nyc !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

floorplan homer canvas !NEW! @ collabor88

floorplan the illiad book !NEW! @ collabor88

floorplan the odyssey book !NEW! @ collabor88

floorplan stone key table !NEW! @ collabor88

floorplan map frame !NEW! @ collabor88

floorplan geometric lamp !NEW! @ collabor88

Trompe Loeil – Office Chair Branch

tarte. road map !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative


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All Of Me

Download: https://app.box.com/s/szp8pbem5nnimuzycdqe

More Windlight: 
Battlescars 4.0 Summer Download
Battlescars 3.0 Spring Download
Battlescars 2:0 Download

Lofty Elegance, Courtesy of Aria

Lofty Elegance, Courtesy of Aria

Lydia Living Room Sofas & Coffee Table ~~ [ARIA]  (Available Now @ Collabor88)
*Set also includes, but not shown: 2 Knot Figurines, Book Pile
& Amsonia Flowers in Vase
PG & Adult versions available, with Texture Change & Animations.


Brooklyn Carriage House ~~ Trompe Loeil  (Also available @ C88)
Window Shade, Brown Stripe & Rolled Paper Rack, Journal(girly) ~~ Pilot
Shutters (Taken from Cabana Blanca Prefab) ~~ Llorisen
Upcycled Industrial Lamp, Old Comics Table & Inventors Desk, Chair, Basket ~~ Hideki
Siphon of Dr. CoffeeStrangelove ~~ soy.
Coffee Mill ~~ iTuTu
Wine Racks ~~ Dysfunctional Design
Boston Print #1, Wild Thistles, Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe & Shelving, Design Books ~~ Apple Fall
Riviera Clock, White ~~ Second Spaces
Home Grown Plant, Rust ~~ Chic Buildings
Pipe Magazine Race-Bronze, Rings Candle Holder-Iron, Birdcage Candle  ~~ junk.
Potted Aloe Plant ~~ Hanaya
3 Herbs Plant, Lillies (Group Gift) ~~ Dutchie
Upcycled Funnel, Metal Bucket & Brass Bucket Lamps ~~ Sari-Sari
Vertical Wall Planters, Bamboo ~~ Arctic Greenhouse
Tripod Theatre Light, Bronze & Letters from My Beloved ~~ Consignment
Justine Panels ~~ North West (No longer available)
Auckland Bike Shelf & Rubbish Bin, Yellow ~~ Roost
Nikka Rug ~~ ARIA
Square Frame Wall Leaners ~~ Seven Emporium
Pears in Bowl ~~ Lisp


Living Wagon – home


Sway’s [Willow] Living Wagon . native !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Sway’s [Willow] Floor pillows . native !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Sway’s [Willow] hanging candle glass . native !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Sway’s [Dreamer] Garden Lounger . meadow !NEW! 

.:revival:. canvas daybed !NEW! 

.:revival:. leaning bench !NEW! 

.:revival:. painted stool !NEW! 

tarte. suitcase stack (spring) !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Trompe Loeil  – Valiano String Lights 10m

floorplan the floral fox !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

[we're CLOSED]  light tree

{what next} Window Cleaner Ladder (gacha)

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I like a good beer buzz early in the morning

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – L2  MESH – KOWLOON MEMORY 31 li total
  • Bar – [ kunst ] - Small bar / rustic black wood (NEW)
  • Stools – [ kunst ] – Wooden bar stool / rustic black wood (NEW)
  • Beer mugs – [ kunst ] – Kunsteiner mugs / fat pack (NEW)
  • Beer barrel – [ kunst ]- Kunsteiner barrel / Red ale (NEW)
  • Small shelf – [ kunst ]- Small bar shelf / rustic black wood (NEW)
  • Clock – junk. vintage clock.(NEW for No. 21)
  • Teacup planter – junk. vintage teacup planter.(NEW for No. 21)
  • Ashtray – junk. ashtray. (NEW for No. 21)

On me

The ramblings

A few days ago Kunst Himmel posted a picture of his new release inviting each and every one to hop over and come for a taste. I did and had the pleasure of meeting Kunst and sharing a beer with him. For a long time now I have admired his releases and often hop over to the store to admire the sleek and clean lines of his designs. I do love modern design. The clean, sharp shapes and forms are something that I love a lot. 

But back to the latest. The beer barrel and bar set. What can I say? Not only are they made excellent and the textures (yes there they are again) are simply grand, they fit with almost any decor. Sleek and modern as well as more rugged and rough like I am showing. Everything comes in a variety of colors to choose from and the stools are of course animated but the way I have done this picture just screamed for the Del May pose.

In a few hours a new round of No. 21 starts. Yet another event and Junk has released a great set for it. I am only showing 3 pieces of it as you can see. But there is more! A rug, a picture frame, a stool and a mirror and a wall desk. Hop over to No. 21 and take a look for yourself.

Last but not least I want to point out my wee witchy heels.Or as they are officially called ‘bewitched heels’. I simply love them and the colors they come in are epic. It’s not often a designer dares to do true colors. Jamie doesn’t have such qualms and released a vast array of bright colors. Even tho I am wearing the grey ones here, I do have the turquoise and  pink ones as well and I can tell you, I love ‘m!

Ok enough blabla. I am in dire need of sleep. 

Happy shopping!

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On The Go Living with Sway’s

On The Go Living with Sway's

Willow Living Wagon Set, Native ~~ Sway’s (Available Now @ The Liaison Collaborative)
*Native & Boho versions available, PG or Adult with Inside & Outside animations.
Set includes Wagon, Floor Pillows, Hanging Glass Candle,
Table, Books, Plant, Bowl of Apples

Dirt Road, Brown ~~ HPMD
Rocky Mountains ~~ Fanatik
Home Made Flamingo ~~ Zigana
Path Sign, My Home ~~ Shutter Field
Duck, Teal ~~ Splash Aquatics
Duckweed ~~ Tuff
8 Conifers ~~ Tobias Novi
Pin Conifer, CA Pine Geometry & Other Assorted Trees ~~ Hayabusa Design
Additional Decor on Wagon:
Single Pansy Planters ~~ Alouette
Door Bead Curtain, Rainbow ~~ Vespertine
White Dove ~~ AAA Sculpty Creations

Everywhere & Anywhere…Kuro

Everywhere & Anywhere...Kuro

Hitchhiker Kit & Everywhere Sign ~~ Kuro (Available Now @ The Liaison Collaborative)
*Kit is Texture Change, Signs also included: 2SafeHub, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Santa Monica.

Dirt Road, Brown ~~ HPMD
8 Conifers ~~ Tobias Novi
Toimi Pole Shed ~~ Post
Grass Fields, Summer ~~ We’re Closed

Rolling Stone Pose ~~ Le Poppycock (Also @ TLC)
Smitten Hair ~~ Analog Dog
Ana Top, Tie Dye Stripe & Cut Off Jean Shorts ~~ Maitreya

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