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The Arcade Gacha Events: December 2014 Line-up


The Arcade Gacha Events proudly announces the vendors participating in the December 2014 gacha event.

For more information, please visit: http://thearcadesl.com/vendors/

The Arcade returns on December 1st, 2014. We hope to see you there!

December 2014 Sponsors



The Arcade Gacha Events proudly introduces our December 2014 event sponsors, whose contributions help make the event possible:

Click through each link to learn more exciting information about each of these brands!

The Arcade Gacha Events returns on December 1st. We hope to see you then!

Koala Brown Hunt

HUNT SL Koala Brown HuntHunt Dates: Dec 15 – Jan 15

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 10
Hunt Object: Koala Bear (L$1 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: TBA (to be announced)

Start: Optimal
Contact Persons: Enriquerx Resident, Hasela Resident


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Restless Mole Fever Quest

HUNT SL Christmas Mole FeverHunt Dates: Dec 1 – Dec 31

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: TBA
Hunt Object: Bell
Hunt Theme: Tinky: “The moles are restlessly digging,  as if searching for something
Winky: “Yes, yes  they say they search for bells  that are driving them crazy
Brinky: “Bells? Maybe OUR bells?! Santa said they got stolen!
Tinky: “Possible! Lets help them and find out!

Tinky , Winky and Brinky are Christmas Elves, Santa’s loyal helpers. They begin to help the moles and you can help them too. Once you find all bells, you get to see Santa when you return them;and you know… Santa always has gifties. Happy Hunting at Dandelion Daydreams Factory.

Start: Dandelion
Contact Persons: Alrunia Ahn, , Kyra Reiter, Luna Barak


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Hello Tuesday -37- Store List for 25th November

Time for new Round of Hello Tuesday  50L$ & 50% Off Sale Deals!

Enjoy Your shopping and be fast this is ONE DAY Event ONLY !

Or join the SUBSCRIBER to stay informed! No group slot needed!

[ Store List & Direct SLurls ]

[INVICTUS] / 50% Off

[Essenz] / HT LIMITED COLOR 50% Off

[Nana] / 50% Off

[sYs] / 50% Off

[Tag.] / 50% Off

[F.A.D.] / 50% Off
[*PerveTTe*] / 50% Off

[Emporium] / 50L$

[G&D] / 50% Off

[.SALT] / 50L$ & 50% Off Fat Pack
[G i o M E N] / 50L$

[+DIVINITY+] / 50L$

[7 Deadly s{K}ins] / 50% Off

[Fe Style] / 50L$

[7mad;Ravens] / 50% Off

[1 Hundred.] / 50L$

[AUSHK'A &CO] / 50% Off

[StoraxTree] / 50L$

[Munereia] / 50L$

[Inhale Tattoo Co.] / 50L$

[BellePoses] / 50% Off

[Chicago Ink.] / 50L$

[Warm Animations] / 50% Off

[hh] Hilly Haalan Fashions] / 50L$

[M.Law & Bee Designs] / 3LI 50L$

[AIMI Skin] / 50% Off

[:: JesyDream ::] / 50% Off (Only Yellow Version- Simple & Pow Version included)

[Verocity] / 50% Off

[ Instict] / 50% Off

-{ZOZ}- / 50% Off

[kharma] / 50L$

[AsHmOoT] / 50% Off

[Me Sew Sexy] / 50% Off
[M&M] / 50L$

Dont forget to check brand new Cosmopolitan Round while you are here, this round will blow your mind so make sure to come by!

Enjoy Your Shopping!

Cosmopolitan {Round 3/3} 24th November – 7th December


Over 150 quality items, Limited Offers & Exclusives!
New Guest Designers and new Group Gifts!
This event is sure to please your style as well as your wallet.  
This round is available for only two weeks so make sure to pop over and explore what Cosmopolitan has to offer, before it is all gone for another exciting new round.

Or join the SUBSCRIBER (outside by the door) to stay informed! No group slot needed!


[~*Alchemist*~] / Round Couch 7LI & Steps 1Li, 5 Single & 6 Couple animations 200L$

[Warm Animations] / Sledge rezzer 125L$

[sYs] / 95L$

[*Cila*] / 125L$

[Etham] / 70L$

[7 Deadly s{K}ins] / Skin w Appliers, Shape included 500L$ (4 Tones Available) 

[Me Sew Sexy] / 125L$ (8 Colors Available) / 450L$ Fat Pack

[Faboo] / 70L$ each (7 Colors Available)

[satus Inc] / Chair 300L$ / Glass 250L$ / Tablet Gacha 75L$ per Play

PRISM celebrates “Fashion in the Park” at MW

MW Fashion-5 presents PRISM

Model’s Workshop and the FASHION-5! team invite you to

featuring designs by PRISM

————————————– • ————————————–

Sunday, November 23 at 3PM SLT

Model’s Workshop Runway

Hosted by Sofia Diage and AbbyJean
Co-produced by Katiemichelle and Jena Adder
Show will be on voice. Please enable sound and music stream upon arrival.
Listen live here

————————————– • ————————————–

Each month, for 5 months, a guest designer will be featured in a runway show hosted by Model’s Workshop and consist of volunteer models and production staff. This is a fast-paced production that gives exposure to models and designers alike, presented in a fun, educational and fresh approach to modelling. Read more details.

TDR Fusion 52!

with another fabulous collection!!

Everything pretty for under 100L how amazing is that?!
and is not any random store, oh no, its always the best stores, come around and check it out!!


Free Bird In-Store Thanksgiving Hunt

HUNT SL free-bird-thanksgiving-huntHunt Dates: Nov 20 – Nov 23

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 7
Hunt Object: Pumpkin (L$0 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Thanksgiving is almost here! Just look for the pumpkins at the [ free bird ] main store to collect your complete set of brand new [ free bird ] Thanksgiving Yard Decor! The original mesh collection is only available at the [ free bird ] In Store Thanksgiving Hunt. Absolutely Free! Check out the [ free bird ] blog for a full list of hunt clues.

Start: Sky High
Web Site: freebirdsl.wordpress.com
Contact Person: Cortez Brandriss


Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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Room69 Winter Fair

HUNT SL Room 69 Winter FairDates: Dec 1 – Dec 20
Application Deadline
: Dec 1
Application Site: room69sl.blogspot.be

Type: Faire or Event
Region Rating: Moderate
Stations: 70
Theme: Some of Second Life’s top creators all in one room. This includes sales from designers in all classes eg. clothing, shoes, houses, furniture, etc. A gift can be found underneath the big tree or at the stands of the designers.

Location: Surreal Pink
Web Site: room69sl.blogspot.be
Contact Persons: llldawnlll, Aѕну DєLєση (xashirax)

Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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