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Zigana is looking for bloggers!


Hello everyone! I have decided to add a few bloggers to my little list, it is time!

Do you like Zigana, and think my items fit into your style?


If you want to apply, please send me a notecard inworld (blogger request – your name).

Include at least the following information;

- Blog site

- How long you have been blogging

- How often

- Other information you think i should know/ see!

Be unique! Be yourself!

♥ Nalena Fairey.

Fifty Linden Friday.


Only today 50L!

Happy Weekend! ♥




Noticed i did not post a couple new things except for on flickr! Oops ^^ Messy with the blog.

For the Arcade i made these garden items, 20 total 2 rares to win! 50L to play. You can view all the items at the mainstore (:

Also i made a new build,

deer play

It is 650L And you can buy at the store where you can also view in person.

Hope you like them!

♥ Nalena



This month i am guest at C88! The theme is Hibernate, i made these 2 chairs which are 2Li and have 12 pose. The cabinet is 6Li and has 6 pose.

188L for cabinet and 88L for chairs ^^

Hope you like the items, for a cozy winter ♥  ~ Nalena

December Arcade

winter arcade

Open at December 1st, items will be displayed in Zigana mainstore, so you can see better what you can buy ^^ This round is 25L$ to play.

Happy holidays! ~ Nalena

Are you safe?

Are you safe

Recently I got a disturbing message from a friend, this is about a person (or multiple people) that hack into your account, get your information (so also credit card), steal your lindens, or buy their own lindens from your account.
Then they put your personal information/ pictures on a certain website. Now, I will not put the link to this website, since i have no need to “promote” this kind of behavior. This might not be the only site. These kind of activities have been going on for a long time already, for example; copybotting, griefing, identity theft, bots etc. To be honest i find this most frighting, not to mention that everybody can see on your profile if you have “Payment Info Used”.
I know that other online games use authentication, for example a code sent through a message on your phone or application before you log in. This is just an example, but i am out of reason why a game such as Second Life, with real life currency involved, has no type of protection, besides passwords.
Now you can say i can transfer my information/ L$ on another account that i will keep “in the dark”, but that is absolutely a poor resolution for this issue, this is an issue i find to be resolved and worked on by Linden Lab themselves.
It already scares me enough to bring any attention about this on my name, but i find it absolutely important that this comes to light and more people will think and maybe get idea`s about this topic. It is certainly, in my option and i am sure many others, worth fighting for. We all want a fun and safe environment to work and play, there is already enough of horrifying things going on outside our computers.
Besides warning all of you with this, i also would love to hear your opinions and suggestions, and then I will address this to Linden Lab.

I am sure the more people who agree with this idea, the more chance we have bringing this to their priority!

Excuse for the long message, but again, important.

- Nalena


schoolchair gatcha

Gatcha time again! Made these chairs, they all have six pose, 9 to win 3 rares.

The Chapter Four

Hope you like them! ~ Nalena ^^


group gift

Have it out already for a few days, but totally forgot to blog! Stupid! Made two items for halloween, you can pick up in the store,

I have moved to a different sim, and for now is  temp store in the sky, this will chance when i am done with the sim!

tp:   Zigana

Hope you like the gifts! <3

Fifty Linden Friday


For this fifty linden Friday i made two pouffes. they are 4 Li and have 6 poses, hope you like them (:

The Garden

lodge cabinet

grandpapas ski

Two new and exclusive items for The Garden! Theme: Lodge.

Both copy and modify. You can view the items at the event ^^

Tp: The Garden

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