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Happy Birthday Collabor88!


Happy Birthday Collabor!

All available at c88! Theme: Odyssey

Dressers, 3Li and lights are 4 Li (2Li without poles) mod/ copy


♥ Hope you the items!




A new event! Kaelyn and Truth did an amazing job, the sim looks very nice, and perfect for their first chosen theme – Vacation.

I made a couple items: Watermelon slices (two vers.) (1Li) , tip-up chair with 13 poses (1 Li), a garden table (4Li) and the branch pergola with lights (17Li)

Teleport: Uber

More information on the event: Uber website


Donation Gatcha

rocking dog gatcha

So i wanted to collect a bit of money for my dog, in a fun way!

Here is the thing,

A little bit ago, i noticed he had a weird bumb, it looked at first like a bug bite, so i bought a cream for it to soothe it down, however after a few days, it still was not away and started to get bigger. I went to the vet immediately! They could not figure out what it was but thought it was some form of cancer, so decided to operate him.

To see what it was, i could get a test, which i wanted to know of course for future information! However this would cost even more. After all this in turned out to be not something evil, thankfully!

However, this all was a lot of money for me, converted to dollars around a 1000. I am happy my best friend is good, and that is the most important thing for me!

To the point: I made a little gatcha to help with paying the vet, you can put any amount of L$ and you will get a random color, even a small donation helps!

You can view the item also in my shop, and try the poses ^^

Thank you all in advance! ♥♥



Teleport: Zigana

Arcade June!

banjo2 1024


For this Arcade i made banjo`s, they all have a different song (music is specially made for them), which you can play, just wear and click the banjo!

50L to play!

You can view demo in Zigana main shop, i put a few out at the entrance ^^

Teleport to the Arcade

Official shopping guide



Fifty Linden Friday

beaded curtains

maroccan tables


Both today for 50L in shop! ♥



Zigana is looking for bloggers!


Hello everyone! I have decided to add a few bloggers to my little list, it is time!

Do you like Zigana, and think my items fit into your style?


If you want to apply, please send me a notecard inworld (blogger request – your name).

Include at least the following information;

- Blog site

- How long you have been blogging

- How often

- Other information you think i should know/ see!

Be unique! Be yourself!

♥ Nalena Fairey.

Fifty Linden Friday.


Only today 50L!

Happy Weekend! ♥




Noticed i did not post a couple new things except for on flickr! Oops ^^ Messy with the blog.

For the Arcade i made these garden items, 20 total 2 rares to win! 50L to play. You can view all the items at the mainstore (:

Also i made a new build,

deer play

It is 650L And you can buy at the store where you can also view in person.

Hope you like them!

♥ Nalena



This month i am guest at C88! The theme is Hibernate, i made these 2 chairs which are 2Li and have 12 pose. The cabinet is 6Li and has 6 pose.

188L for cabinet and 88L for chairs ^^

Hope you like the items, for a cozy winter ♥  ~ Nalena

December Arcade

winter arcade

Open at December 1st, items will be displayed in Zigana mainstore, so you can see better what you can buy ^^ This round is 25L$ to play.

Happy holidays! ~ Nalena

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