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The Fool in the Field

Originally posted on ALL THAT GLITTERS...:

I was going to title this “The Fool on the Hill” after The Beatles song, but as you can see, the hill is behind me.  :P  Quite a few things have just opened or will be opening soon, so lots of stuff to show you!  ANGELICA is kicking off the month by being in Sad November (opened yesterday) and the Xiasumi School Festival (opens Nov. 3rd).  Also, another round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens on the 4th which is where you can find this awesome hair from Olive.

Lastly but never least I am lucky enough to be a blogger for Cirque de Seraphim which opens Nov. 6th to benefit the ASPCA and with the theme being everything circus it promises to be a blast!  All I have in this post from the event are poses from Verocity, but you can look forward to more coverage…

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Body Mod Expo & Mystic Realms Faire

Originally posted on ALL THAT GLITTERS...:

This post is packed full of releases from the Body Mod Expo and Mystic Realms Faire, both of which opened on the 10th.  The Body Mod Expo offers jewelry, horns, belts, skins, tattoos, shoes, & more, basically everything EXCEPT clothing.  Mystic Realms Faire is two sims of just about anything you could ever want for fantasy, period, or Gor roleplaying, including weapons, clothing, armor, decor, skins, hair, & more.

MRF_BME_C.C Kre-ations_Sakide

Photos taken @ China Bamboo Ink

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HornsC.C. Kre-ations @ MRF  {Captive Moon – black} Horns  Other colors also available.

Hair/HairbaseRunaway @ MRF  Kerli Hair – whites  Hair does include matching hairbases.

Monocle – Kio Kio @ MRF  Love Monocle – black  Includes HUD for beads and lens colors.

EyesAdored @ MRF  Cloud Eyes – clarity + mystic(sold separately)  Each color includes with/without pupils versions.

Skin – no longer available


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Are you staring at MY cupcakes?

Originally posted on ALL THAT GLITTERS...:

Well, it’s finally August which means my birthday is in a few weeks!  Just in case I’m the only one excited about that I threw a Fantasy Gacha Carnival preview (opens August 8th) in here along with an adorable hairclip from C.C. Kre-ations only available at KAGAMI, a japanese horror themed event with shopping and interactive gameplay.  o/  I also squeezed a few things from this round of Enchantment in here, the theme this time is “Bluebeard” so look forward to lots of keys, blood, and dead wives!


Photos taken @ L’Arc-en-Ciel

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairclipC.C. Kre-ations @ KAGAMI  Yoru – flowers  A butterfly version is also available.

HairRunAway  Nicki Hair v2 – blondes

Eye PatchDirtyStories  Doll’s Eyepatch  Includes 10 colors.

Face BandC.C. Kre-ations  {The Void} Face Band  Available in The Blues hunt for $5.  This is a hunt for…

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Not over yet

Originally posted on ALL THAT GLITTERS...:

The Manga Fair still has a few days so I have some more stuff from there and I grabbed the hair, nails, and popsicle at N-twenty1.  Items at this event will never be sold anywhere again so if you like it buy it before it’s gone FOREVER!

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairPr!tty @ N21  Bayley – ombre

Skin – Dead Apples @ We  <3 RP  Lora - Vampire Edition (bone)

Eyes – Brixley  Divine Eyes – kooky pack

Eye Makeup - S0ng @ Cosmetics Fair  Glitter Glam + Liner/  MOCK  Touch of Magic Eyeshadow – callisto  Group gift (look in past notices), group is $250 to join.

Glassestsg @ Seasons Story  Megane Classic – black

Piercing – HV  Nosejob – ink/frost

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

Ears – The Skinnery  Elongated Puki Ears

EarringsCae @ Serafilms “Godfather II”  Kay Collection

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I fought the rainbow and the rainbow won

Originally posted on ALL THAT GLITTERS...:

Sometimes I just need to be surrounded by A LOT of color and cuteness, it’s a need I tell you!

There is so much cuteness available right now (with more coming soon) that I had to try and buy it ALL!  The Arcade is open now and packed with much adorableness.  I also stopped by Chapter Four this morning and found the cutest dress from Atomic there.  Annnnnnnnd there’s even a couple preview items in here from the upcoming 5th edition of the Thrift Shop, which opens June 8th!


 Photos taken @ PIXELS

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

OctopusHalf-Deer @ Arcade  Summer Delights – octonilla

HornsC.C. Kre-ations @ We <3 Roleplay  RavRav Horns V1 – calm  Available in 2 versions, 8 colors each, each color includes silver, gold, and black metal fittings.

HairTableau Vivant @ Arcade  Longfall Hair – pastels/seaweed

Eyebrows – The Skinnery  

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