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Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (Coming soon @C88)
Bandana: Lelutka – Zahara (Hair Fair)
Earrings: Aisling – Gretchen earrings (We<3RP)
Dress: Pixicat – Fatima (Coming soon @Enchantment)
Hand jewelry: Aisling – Darshana hand jewelry (We<3RP)

Today is Bandana day, and it marks the final day of Hair Fair 2014. This is your last chance to head over and grab some hairs to contribute to Wigs for Kids (as well as a few freebies too!).

Today, everyone should pop over to the bandana wall at the fair and grab an inexpensive and totally unique bandana. Each one is only 50L$ and 100% of the profits go to Wigs for Kids, which helps give children back their confidence after being affected by medical conditions or injuries which have lead to hair loss. If you don’t want to buy a bandana, but still want to make a contribution, there are lots of  donation jars scattered around the sim.

The bandana I’m wearing was made by Lelutka. I love it when designers get creative with their Bandana ideas, and Lelutka never fails to catch my eye. I also have a cute pink one by Adore&Abhor, and a very cool brocade-looking one by Eudora. Not only are these fashionable (you never know when you’re gonna need a bandana!) but it’s for a fantastic cause too. So head on down to the Hair Fair and make a donation!



School’s out

School's out

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (Coming soon @C88)
Hair: Milana – Jayna
Glasses: TSG – Megane classic
Uniform: Amitomo – Summer school uniform (Okinawa fest)
Shoes: Tee*fy – Betty sandals (TSS)
Fan: B.C.C - Summers’ dream camera mini fan (Dreamers factory)
Bag: Mon Tissu – Sophmore satchel

All the schools in my area have broken up for the summer holidays this week. So I felt like doing something school-related was appropriate (that and I could resist this cute gacha uniform from Amitomo at Okinawa summer fest!).

In case you forgot, The Seasons story is still going on until the end of the month. You don’t have long left to grab these cute Betty sandals from Tee*fy or the various art supplies from Xiaj. There are tons of great designers at this event so I definitely recommend you take a peek if you haven’t already.


Build: Picnic – 4 door prefab

Art supplies: XIAJ – Sunday morning gacha (TSS)

Bento boxes: XIAJ – Summer bento (Okinawa fest)

Whiteboard: Half deer – Standing whiteboard

Curtains: Kalopsia – Flying curtain


Come dusk + Mesh Body Mashup!

Skin: Glam Affair - Kallisto (Romp)
Hair: Olive – The Sugar hair (TSS)
Body: Slink – Physique
Lingerie: Avanti – Sexy little things
Collar: LH – Halonai Collar (Romp)
Shoes: Fri.day – Laura heels (C88)
Pose: ZZang – Pin up doll

I wanted to do a special post today about my favourite topic to talk about, mesh bodies! And I thought to myself; ‘Why not write a review of the Slink Physique and the Wowmeh Silhouette at the same time?’ I’ve been totally sold on mesh bodies since I tried the Wowmeh back when it was still at promotional price, so it didn’t take much convincing to go and get the Physique too, especially since Wowmeh was now out of action for the foreseeable future. But maybe you aren’t as sold? Maybe you want to get a mesh body but don’t know which one would be best for you?

Currently, you can only get the new Wowmeh Silhouette if you have previously purchased the Wowmeh body. Wear your HUD and touch the update button and you should get a package for the Silhouette. Everyone else will have to be patient at this time, Baby Ghosn has mentioned in the Wowmeh support group that it should be coming instore very soon. If you want to see what the old Wowmeh looks like, click here.

I’ve delved through notecards and blog FAQ’s to find you as much information about each body as I possibly can, plus thrown in a dash of my personal thoughts for good measure. So here it is!

The Mesh Body Mashup

All of the photos beyond this point are raw, they have not been edited in any way other than cropping and adding text.

The products in this article were purchased. They were not given to me for review.


One of the things I know is important to a lot of people when it comes to fitted mesh enhancements is the shape. How big or small it will go when adjusted with the shape sliders, or how it will affect your usual shape. The Wowmeh Silhouette comes with two versions included, an ‘insize’ version, which is made for smaller girls and will fit into standard sized mesh clothes. And an ‘outsize’ version, for those who want a fuller figure, the catch is it won’t fit into standard sized mesh.

Same shape, same appliers.
Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (Coming soon @C88)
Hair: Dura – Boys&Girls 47
Lingerie: Luxuria – Summer crush (My Attic)

The Slink body was of course made to be compatible with Slink products like the hands, feet and Visage heads. Slink compatibility is important to a lot of people now and has become almost a ‘default’. The Wowmeh does come with it’s own compatible hands and feet but it’s unlikely they will be able to compete with Slink’s now widespread and popular system. It is possible to wear Slink hands and feet with the wowmeh body, but you will need to adjust your shape a little. You cannot wear Wowmeh hands and feet with the Slink body at all.

Skin Tinting and Appliers

One of the things I absolutely love about the new Wowmeh Silhouette is its new skin tinting system. Basically, you just go into edit mode on the HUD and choose a colour from the wheel, when you’re done just touch it and it will apply the colour to your body. Unlike last time, where it was just a set of preset skins you had to hope your skin matched to, you can literally match the wowmeh to every skin, ever made on the grid. This is especially handy if your chosen skin brand doesn’t make appliers. The Wowmeh also has appliers available too, but it’s not the end of the world if you can’t find one for your brand.

The Physique unfortunately will rely solely on your chosen skin brand making appliers. So I strongly suggest checking with your brand before purchasing. There is a list on the Slink Website of all approved designers making Slink Appliers.

Sometimes you may still have trouble with seams around the neck, so you can get a free mesh body blender tattoo layer from The Horror!

As for clothing appliers, the Slink body is capable of utilising 3 layers for clothes and tattoos. So you can layer a tattoo under a bra under a shirt, and you won’t risk accidentally replacing or removing a layer. The Wowmeh also works off this layering system, however there are only 2 layers you can use. So you would only be able to wear a tattoo and a shirt etc. Both bodies make it easy to show/hide different layers via their HUDs.

Alpha buttons and Mesh clothes

Wowmeh Silhouette HUD

The good thing about these fitted mesh bodies is that you can wear both appliers and regular mesh clothes with them, thanks to the alpha buttons on the HUDs.

This is where I find that both the bodies have their strengths and weaknesses. To put it simply, I wish I were able to have the Wowmeh’s front set of alphas and the Physique’s back set of alphas all in one handy dandy HUD.

Often when wearing mesh clothes with the Wowmeh body, the back alphas will erase too much, making it difficult to wear low-back dresses. However, the Physique falls short when it comes to hiding the breasts and chest. But I do like the fact that on the Physique HUD, you can choose to hide just one side of the body.

Slink Physique HUD

Both bodies say that they will fit most standard sized mesh clothing, but you may need to tweak your shape or wear a different size in order to get the best fit possible.

But personally, I lean towards the Wowmeh’s alpha system, because I’ve found it will fit most of the clothes I wear better.

Side By Side

I’ve whipped up a little table so you can easily compare information about the two bodies side by side, I find this helps tremendously when it comes to making an informed decision about which one to buy instead of trawling through websites and notecards. I still of course recommend you try out a Demo for yourself. Both brands include free demos so you can take them for a test drive and see which one you like best (or if you’re like me, both!).

Click to Zoom

I’ve even tested out various other mesh attachments to see how compatible they are with both bodies, but you can do this yourself with a Demo if the mesh attachment you want to test isn’t on the list.

Final Thoughts

I can’t choose a favourite out of these two. Both are amazing products and equal in strengths and flaws. And both are still in development, new updates and fixes will be sent out through redelivery terminals and the like.

The Wowmeh Silhouette has grown in leaps and bounds since the old version was removed after some issues that occurred. It’s now back stronger and better than ever after making some hefty improvements to the mesh and HUD system. This body would be ideal for you if you like to wear skins that do not make Wowmeh appliers because of its amazing skin tinting system.

And of course Slink is a very well-known brand beloved by thousands. Slink’s innovative hand and feet attachments are commonplace around the grid and people were very excited to hear they were making a fitted mesh body as well. Slink’s HUD is much more beginner friendly thanks to it’s one page system, and it’s many clothing layers are great for those of you who like your tattoos and lingerie!

Visit the Slink Store inworld to purchase/try a demo!

Click the update button on your Wowmeh HUD to get the new Silhouette before it comes out instore!


TV Cocktails

TV Cocktails

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (Coming soon @C88)
Hair: Tulip – Ella (Kustom9)
Glasses: TSG – Kokoro glasses (Kustom9)
Earrings: Dirtymind – Fabrix earrings (Kustom9)
Necklace: Cila – Butterfly songs necklace (L’accessoires)
Shirt: Le Primitif – Oversized blouse (Kustom9)
Watch: Faun – Summer E. watch (L’accessoires)
Bracelet: Sweet thing – Shiba stack bracelet (L’accessoires)
Clutch: Lvl93 – Sunny clutch (Kustom9)
Socks: Cannibelle – Blackbottom socks
Shoes: Koikoi – Jellywedge (21shoe)

Today is the 21st and you know what that means? Two-for-one on shoes! It’s 21shoe day! Koikoi has made this really cute pair of hot-pink wedges for one of their two-for-one items. You can get these and a nice pair of polkadot blue pumps for the price of just one pair! All of the shoes for sale during this event are exclusive. Meaning they will likely never be sold again, so if you want high-quality shoes for a cheap price, here’s your answer!

Hair: Moon – Light headed wanderer (Kustom9)

I have an exciting new release from Glam Affair to show you! Her name is Artemis and isn’t she stunning? She’s coming to Collabor88 on the 8th August. I know some of you are thinking; ‘But we’re still in July! Collab is ages away!’ but  I decided to give you guys a little something to whet your appetite anyway! The next round is a doozy because it happens to be Collabor88′s birthday! The theme is a great one too so I hope you’re all as excited as I am!


Sofa: Pilot – Plain tufted sofa (Kustom9)

Cocktails: Poche – Tropical drink (Okinawa fest)

Table: Keke – into the woods table (Kustom9)

Telephone: Floorplan – Payphone

Vendor: Floorplan – Book exchange machine (Kustom9)

Boombox: Soy – Vintage boom box (Kustom9)

Tea with the Duchess

Tea with the Duchess

Skin: Glam affair – Kallisto (Romp)
Hair: Ink – Mary (Hair Fair)
Eyepatch: Alchemy – Dream eyepatch (Secret affair)
Choker: Alchemy – Dream choker (Secret affair)
Corset: Pixicat – Ornate dress
Panties: Junbug – Rosamarie Frilly knickers (Romp)
Bracelet: Alchemy – Dream wrist (Secret affair)
Shoes: Pixicat – Royal shoes (Secret affair)
Mask: Alchemy – Unicorn mask (secret affair)
Pose: Del may – One elbow lay

It’s the middle of the month and there are a lot of events going on right now. Some are in full-swing while others are just hotting up. So here’s a few things you need to add to your shopping list.

The Secret Affair has a lovely selection of whimsical, dreamy items this round from a bunch of talented creators. Pixicat being one of them and how can you resist these shoes? They’re incredible detailed and at an incredible price. The shoes come with a colour change HUD so you can change the heels and the traps independently to match any outfit. I thought the ornate design went wonderfully well with Birdy/Alchemy’s Dream gacha, which features lots of pretty filigree shapes.

Hair: Xantheanne by Truth (New!)

Another event going on right now is Romp! This is an adult-themed event for all things sensual, sexual and a little bit kinky. Junbug has made a beautifully detailed corset gacha that come with these pretty frilly panties. I decided to wear them with Pixicat‘s past We<3RP corset though. But believe me when I say you really want to win the ultra-rares in that machine! Also at Romp is Glam Affair’s Kallisto in Artic and Jamaica tones! She comes in 5 makeups with 8 eye brow colours. I really like her bright lips and smoky eyes, very sexy!

Hair: Cheetah by Tableau Vivant (C88)

While we’re on the topic of Glam Affair, have you been to Collabor88 yet? If you haven’t, you should because there’s a brand new, never before seen skin tone! This is Kallisto in the new Exotic tone. It’s a lovely bronze shade and I think it looks perfect for summer, especially with all these bright and golden makeups!


Bed: Kalopsia – Le lit de la marquise (Genre)

Teaset: AF – tea time teaset

Hair Fair 2014 – Ohmai

Hair Fair 2014 - Ohmai

Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi

Did someone say more hair? Just look at how pretty Ohmai’s Hair Fair exclusives are! Callia, Eli, Newreem, Sopha and Sue all come with two versions, one with some little birdy-pals (that are animated and make noises too!) and one without, so you have plenty of versatility! Plus, each colour pack you buy includes a wide range of bird colours to choose from as well, so even the birds will match your outfit!

Don’t forget about Bandana day on the 27th! Head over to any of the Hair Fair sims and check out the big wall of bandanas creators have made! Each one is only 50L$ and all of the proceeds go towards Wigs for Kids, which helps give children back their confidence by making wigs for those who are sick. On the last day of Hair Fair, everyone can don a stylish, unique and completely exclusive bandana to show support!



Blushing Bride

Blushing Bride + 3 free Photoshop actions!

Skin: Glam affair – Brandi
Hair: Truth – Dasha
Headdress: Paper Couture – Flower cluster veil
Dress: Dead Dollz – Tainted love Bridal (New!)
Jewelry: Cae – Sorrow
Pose: An Lar - Dreamgirl

Dead Dollz has ‘Bride-ified’ most of their recent releases and placed them all at a new shop in the sky, The House of Brides! Now you can get all your favourite Dead Dollz gowns in gorgeous lace and white for your special day! I’m wearing Tainted Love because I just adored  the pretty lace design on the top and bottom of the dress. My friend Kaelyn Alecto donned her male-self to be my husband for this shoot so go check her out!

Thank you Kae for posing with me! :D



Hair Fair 2014 – Lelutka

Hair Fair 2014 - Lelutka

On Aida
Skin: Glam Affair – Coming soon
Hair: Lelutka – Colleen (Hair fair)
Necklace: Mandala – Legacy necklace (C88)
Dress: Vive nine – Anila wrap dress (The Seasons Story)
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Coming soon
Hair: Lelutka – Christine (Hair Fair)
Necklace: Cae – Soleil (The Dreaming tree)
Dress: Zaara – Striped summer dress (The Seasons Story)

It’s that time of the year again where suddenly everyone seems to have gone completely broke, but at least their hair looks fabulous! It’s Hair Fair 2014! Over the next few days I’ll be showing you guys some of my personal favourites from the event so stay tuned for that. But for now, the lovely Aida Ewing (right) is helping me show off a couple styles by Lelutka!

I’m wearing Christine which is a lovely long hairstyle with a very Greek-goddessesque headband (which I’ve found you can hide and it will still look very clean, good if you want to wear your own headbands!) and Aida is showing off Colleen which is an amazingly voluminous curly ‘do! Lelutka have 2 more styles out exclusive to the Hair Fair which you should definitely go check out because they’re all lovely!

Don’t want to stand around in a lag-filled sim trying on Demos? Join the Hair Fair Demo group for free and try them on from the comfort of your own home!

Thank you so much Aida for posing with me! You look beautiful as always!



Making memories

Making memories

Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Barley (TSS)
Glasses: The Sugar garden – Mirai glasses 
Pipe: Leonard – Bubble Pipe (TSS)
Shirt: Gato – Crop tee (TSS)
Overalls: Mikunch – Skinny Salopette (TSS)
Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia Tropic (TSS)
Hair: Monso – Kate (TSS)
Hat: Argrace – Cowboy hat (Hair fair)
Flower: Tokame – Plastic flower headdress (TSS)
Playsuit: C’est la vie – Sunday’s playsuit (TSS)
Camera: Le Primitif – A summer to remember (TSS)
Shoes: Pixicat – Summer sandals (TSS)
Pose: !Bang – Mi compadre

The Seasons Story is now open and everything has gone down a bit of a country lane for summer it seems! So what better way to show off all these awesome goodies than with a picnic down on the farm?

8f8 has made a really nice ‘secret hideout’ gacha full of cute, romantic and whimsical things to win. There’s trees, chairs and picnic blankets with poses for singles or as a couple and a whole load of adorable decorations like photo albums and crafty goods. It’s perfect for picnics!

What’s a picnic without tasty treats then? Poche, lord of all pixel food, (in my opinion) has baked some tasty orange tarts up that serve you a slice when you touch them as well as some deliciously adorable ice-lollies to keep you cool too!

Hair: Sopha by Ohmai (Hair Fair)

Glam Affair has released a brand new, never seen before skin tone for The Seasons Story and Cassia seems to pull it off well! Since the Tropic tone is new, when you purchase any one of the 6 makeups, you get all of the appliers you could possibly need included in the box. So you won’t need to run around the mainstore picking up all the appliers you need. As per usual, each makeup comes in 8 eyebrow colours. This is just one of the 2 new skin colours that have made their debut this week, I’ll be showing the other new tone in a post later this week so watch out for that!


Blanket: 8f8 – Our Secret hideout (TSS)

Albums: 8f8 - Our Secret hideout (TSS)

Hay bales: Cheeky Pea – Whitby hay bales (TSS)

Bar: Cheeky Pea – Whitby Pallet bar (TSS)

Goats: Half Deer – Pygmy goats (TSS)

Guitar: Aitui – Epic Acoustic (TSS)

Table: Junk – Salvaged tractor table (TSS)

Sign: Junk – Fresh Eggs sign (TSS)

Tarts: Poche – Summer orange tart (TSS)

Pandora’s Keeper

Pandora's Keeper

Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia fantasy (Project limited)
Hair: Emotions – Heaven’s gate (We<3RP)
Horns: The plastik – Nyraxis horns (We<3RP)
Crown: SH – Keeper of secrets (We<3RP)
Ears: Mandala – Fantasy elf ears

Project limited opens up tomorrow and you better get your running shoes on because everything there is an exclusive and there’s only a limited number of products to be sold. Glam Affair has made a few fantasy-themed tones for Cassia and they’re so beautiful! Each tone includes 1 makeup, 3 brow colours, 1 no brow skin, 3 tintable brow tattoos and appliers for slink hands and feet, the new slink physique mesh body, Phat azz and Tangos. The event runs through until July 30th but you might want to try get in on the first few days if you want to grab some of the more popular items, because once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

This hair from Emotions at We<3RP is my new favourite! It’s called Heaven’s gate but I think the slicked back style is bang on-trend for this summer too. I love a versatile hairstyle that works for any outfit! It even includes a crazy-intricate headpiece with colour change options on the HUD of your choosing, so you can wear it with or without.



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