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Waiting on Autumn

Waiting on Autumn

On NomsCredits
On Xanthe
Skin: Chickadee – Rea
Hair: Little bones – Willow tree (The Secret Affair)
Mask: Lagyo – Hyleroi mask
Top + Skirt: Enfant Terrible – Midsommer dream

So this post is kind of late and I apologise, I’ve been super busy the past few days! But it’s here now and I’m with Noms again! We’re cute little autumn fairies! As always, if you want to see Noms’ outfit credits, check out her blog!

I have some exciting news about Nouveaux, the shopping ‘mini mall’ for new designers that I co-own with my friends Zee, Horror and B. A new designer joined us and she’s a very talented skin creator! Skins are usually hit or miss for me. I very rarely look good in any other skins aside from Glam Affair but Chickadee skins really do look great on everyone in my opinion. Check out how gorgeous Wicca Chun, Luxy, Danni Ravinelli, Flossberri and Loony Columbia look!

Thanks for posing with me again Noms~


Mushrooms + Lights: Half Deer – Dreamscape mushrooms

Giant Leaf: Half Deer – The sheltering leaf

Acorns: Half Deer – Fallen Acorns


Coffee Days

Coffee days

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis Cyber Princess (TLC)
Hair: Moon – Whirling thoughts (Kustom9)
Necklace: Lvl93 – Lariat chain necklace (Kustom9)
Top: Drift – Ubert loose tank
Coat: Pixicat – Autumn Jacket (Kustom9)
Pants: Mikunch – Yuru-mata slim cargo pants (Kustom9)
Shoes: TSG – Madame boots (Kustom9)
Socks: SOY – Ankle socks
Phone: Clavv – Executive phone call (Kustom9)
Backpack: Layover – Graphicz backpack (Kustom9)
Pig: Birdy/Alchemy – Wilbur (TCF)

Ah Autumn. I still prefer Summer but at least it’s better than Winter! But if you’re bundled up in a warm coat in a cosy café (with a pet pig?) it’s not so bad.

Kustom9 is open again and there are lots of snuggly fall-related items. Everything from clothing and skins to houses and furniture is here so make sure you pay a visit!

Hair: Little bones - Willow (The Secret Affair)

There’s also a new release from Glam Affair at The Liaison collaborative too! It’s a futuristic, sci-fi variation of Artemis and she has some fantastic colours on her! Cyber Princess Artemis is available in America tone and features 6 lovely makeups, all of which include 8 eyebrow colours and one browless version, tintable eyebrow tattoo layer and various recommended brow-shapes.


Build: Haikei – Outdoor open house (Kustom9)

Furniture: Sari Sari – Twig furniture set (Kustom9)

Coffee mug: ANE – Slon set (Gacha)



French Perfume

French Perfume

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis
Hair: Magika – Meadow
Jewelry: Zenith – Rita spent lace (Jewelry Fair)
Dress: Dead Dollz – Felina
Fur: Ryvolter – Mink princess stole
Shoes: JD – Decimation (Uber)

I based today’s look off of this stunning jewelry set I snagged from Zenith at the Jewelry Fair. It comes in two separate sets which include necklace and earrings or bracelet and rings and is available in two colours, silver and gold! The rings on the right hand are actually designed to be worn with Slink’s Elegant hand, but it’s unrigged so with a little bit of fiddling and resizing, I got it to fit on TheShops’ hand too.

Also, don’t forget The Arcade is still going on. If you tried to go when it opened but couldn’t because of lag/region capacity then now’s your chance to try again because it’s very quiet. So you can quite happily shop in peace knowing that your winnings are safe from the lag-monster that likes to eat your hard-earned rares. I’m happy I managed to grab this chandelier from Zaara’s machine and this daybed from Scarlet Creative just seemed to match perfectly!


Build: Xin/Xiaj – Sunday morning skybox

Daybed: Scarlet Creative – Meribel lounger bed (The Arcade)

Chandelier: Zaara – Chandelier (The Arcade)

Chest: Apple Fall – Fleur Sideboard

Painting: Apple Fall – Gilt Frame (The Arcade)


Miami Motel

Miami motel

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis Party girl (C88)
Hair: Truth – Posy (New!)
Glasses: Boom – Levonchuck sunglasses (C88)
Headband: Magika – headband
Necklace: Glam Affair – Amelie necklace (C88)
Bodysuit: Tee*fy – Tiffany bodysuit (C88)
Bracelet, earrings & ClutchLagyo – Morgan Collection (C88)
Shoes: Fri.day – Gloria heels (C88)
Pose: Bauhaus movement – Rome

A brand new round of Collabor88 opened it’s doors on Monday. This month’s theme is ‘miami electric’ so I hope you like all things bright, neon and 80’s! I think my favourite thing from this round has to be the ‘No Bling Allowed’ sign by The Loft. I snapped it up straight away the moment I saw it and I might keep it on my platform hehe.

Hair: Truth – Tulip (New!)

And I’m sure as we’re all aware by now. New Collab round = New Glam Affair skin! This is the Party Girl edition of Artemis and she has some wonderfully vivid makeups! She’s available in Europa and Jamaica tones and sports 8 different makeups, all including 8 eyebrow colours and a no-eyebrow option plus a tintable eyebrow tattoo layer in case you feel like being really crazy and going with pink hair or something.

Also, it’s no secret by now that I fell head over heels with TheShops‘ Mesh project body and yesterday, Aida announced she’s made Glam Affair appliers for the body! I’m not wearing it in the photo because they weren’t out yet but if you’re a fan of the body too and wear a lot of Glam Affair skins, pop on over and grab some appliers! Currently, the only tones available are Africa, India, America, Jamaica, Europa, Artic, Asia and Petal so those of you who wear the fantasy tones may have to wait a while longer.


Motel: Intrigue Co. – Miami electric motel (C88)

Neon Sign: The Loft – Neon sign no bling (C88)

News dispenser: Floorplan – Newspaper machine (Gacha)

Bears: Mishmish – Fuzzball bear (C88)

Bench: Flowey X Teawood – Pizz Miami Sofa (C88)



On KaeCredits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis TheLastDays (Uber)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Freya (Uber)
Goggles: Remarkable Oblivion – Sandstorm
Jumpsuit: Monso – My Jumpsuit (Uber)
Gasmask: Truth – Rogue (Uber)
Tank: Soy – My lung (Uber)
Boots: Deadwool – Patmos boots (Uber)
Pose: An Lar – I’ll lead the way

A new round of Uber has started, and I hope you all have your gas masks and hatchets because it’s the apocalypse! I have my fabulous photographer and blogger friend, and also one of the co-owners of the event to help me survive this post today! If you want to see her credits, then check out her blog!

This round is very cool with lots of designers you’d never expect to turn to the darker side doing just that. Even Glam Affair is getting involved! Artemis has been given an apocalyptic makeover with dirt and warpaint especially for the event!

Thank you Kae for posing with me!



Crazy Cat ladies!

The Arcade Photography Contest – Xantheanne Resident

On Noms - Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Skye II (The Arcade)
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Writer (The Arcade)
Glasses: Glam Affair – Cateye embellished glasses (Fameshed)
Shorts: ISON – Pleated shorts
Cardigan: Ryvolter – Naia Blanket coat (Uber)
Cat: FD – Posed cats (The Arcade)
Boots: Tee*fy – Chelsea boots (The Arcade)

After I fell in love with FD’s posed cats at The Arcade, I grabbed my friend Noms and made a crazy cat lady photo! I decided I was going to enter it into The Arcade photography contest so wish me luck on that! I’ll be crediting my outfit and the decor today so if you wan to see Noms’ credits then check out her blog!

Thank you Noms for posing with me!


Build: 8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe (The Arcade)

Sofa, Rocking chair, hanging ornaments + Knitting basketVespertine – Autumn Home Essentials (The Arcade)

Drawers + Rug: Apple Fall – Country Estate

Frames: SariSari – Vintage frames

BoxesSecond Spaces – Flea Market Finds (The Arcade)


Teenage Dream

Teenage dream

On Autumn - Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair - Skye (@Arcade)
Hair + Hat: Little Bones – Like a dude (@Swagfest)
Glasses: Lethal Couture – coke bottle shades (@Kustom9)
Sweater: Atomic – Charlotte sweater (@N21)
Collar: Atomic – Charlotte Collar (@N21)
Necklace: Tokame – Kokeshi Necklace
Backpack: Amitomo – Black mood backpack
Skirt: Bueno – Denim Skirt (@Kustom9)
Bracelet: 2PM – Pony bracelet (@Kustom9)
Cassette player: SOY – Tapeman
Shoes: Sweet thing – Flora creepers (@The candy shop) 

For today’s post, I have my friend Autumn Ashdene with me! She’s so beautiful and a great photographer so if you’d like to see what she’s wearing, or just want to browse her blog, then check her out!

We decided we were going to settle on a 90’s theme today since I have a lot of stuff from Kustom9 to show you!

Thank you Autumn for posing with me!


Build: Offbeat – Please love me (Kustom9)


Before Dusk

Before dusk

Skin: Glam Affair – Skye (Coming soon @TheArcade)
Hair: Truth – Freya
Hanbok + Hat: BCC – Lovely Camellia Hanbok + Accessories (Coming soon @TheArcade)
Shoes: Paper Moon – Qitou Silk Slippers (FGC)
Lantern + Necklace: Half Deer – A Forest’s tale (Coming soon @TheArcade)

Are you ready for The Arcade? If not, then you should be because it opens at midnight SLT! Here’s one more sneaky peek as some of the items you can get before we all go gacha-crazy!

BCC has made some beautiful Korean Hanboks with a cutesy twist! There are lots to win in a variety of colours and if you’re lucky enough to bag the Rare, you get this beautiful dress in the photo and the matching hat to go with it!

Also in Arcade newness is this pretty lantern by Half Deer. We all know Half Deer by now likes her adorable woodland gachas, and this one is no different! There are antlers, bunny ears, little critters and jewellery to win in this round!



Pew Pew!

Pew pew

On Runa - Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Skye (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Kyary (District 5) 
Headphones: Remarkable Oblivion – Cat-a-clysm
Antenna: Boom – Jet set ears (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Bodysuit: Nylon’s hideout – Plastic leotard
Boots: Boom – Jet set boots (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Gun: Boom – Piyo piyo gun (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Cat: Pixicat – Space Companion (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Build: Bauwerk – The Outpost

What’s that I hear you say? You want more Arcade previews? Well it just so happens that I have my friend Runa with to to show off what BOOM has made! It’s an awesome space accessories gacha! There are helmets, boots, ray-guns and antenna, all in a myriad of adorable colours! The guns and boots are also cleverly scripted so you can blast your friends with hearts and your enemies with lasers or just fly around the cosmos in your fancy jet-boots!

And where would a space-bunny be without her trusty companion? Pixicat has made some super cute space-pets that you can pose with! There are lots of animals to win such as pugs, bunnies and sloths or my personal favourite, the shiba-dog!

Thank you Runa for posing with me! Wanna know what Runa is wearing? Click here!



Not going out

Not going out

Skin: Glam Affair – Skye (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Hair: Truth – Nissa
Earrings: Ane – Creeper earrings (kustom9)
Dress: Rebelgal – Scarf print tunic dress (Kustom9)
Clutch: Amitomo – Clutch bag (Kustom9)
Shoes: Co57 – Khloe pumps (Kustom9)

The Arcade is just around the corner but before that Kustom9 is still going on! There are a lot of things there from a lot of great designers so be sure to check that out before it closes at the end of the month.

Speaking of newness, Truth has been a busy bee and popping out new hairs left and right! In the photo above, I’m wearing one called Nissa and it’s a really cute fishtail braid. In the images below I’m wearing Freya, which is a pretty long braid going down the back. I think it looks great for fantasy looks!

Hair: Truth – Freya

Now, The Arcade will start on the 1st of September, so prepare your wallets! Glam Affair has made a new skin called Skye for the event and you can win one of 12 commons or  5 rare skins! The commons are in Asia tone and the rares are in Jamaica and Pearl tone! I really really like the makeups she comes in! And of course you get 8 eyebrow colours in each box as well as a browless version.


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