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New Hair and SALLLLE!

Helllooo everyone!

I am sooooo happy to annouce that there is a new hair at Elikatira and a big ole spankin’ sale!

Wherever is the new hair and it’s a rigged mesh long ponytail!  It comes with texture changing HUD for the hair band and remember as it’s mesh you must must MUST demo!  It’s a beautiful hair that is terribly cute and demure looking!

Now, onto the SALE!

This is the Elikatira 2nd Annual Sale!  There is a stonking great 70% off the ENTIRE store, including the above new release, YEP! THAT’S RIGHT!!  The sale begins Monday 9/17 and ends Monday 10/1 (so 00:01)!

That’s a whole two weeks to get in, get your goodies and move out, autobots!

I’d also like to mention and welcome three new stores to the sim!  Our new renters are Epic, Elate! and !bang Poses!!  Three very different stores from three very lovely ladies! I have linked their blogs so you can check them out, please make them feel welcome and hop on over when you visit the sale, you might find something you like :D


C88 – 2 Releases

Hi everyone!

Collabor88 has invited Elikatira as a guest this month to celebrate it’s 1 year anniversary!  We are really honoured to be invited and have 2 new styles to share with you for this event, it has made a nice break for Elika, who is currently nose deep in some ongoing projects (squeeee) and she’s given us 2 new awesome styles to play around with! Let’s have a looksy:

Thrive and Found are both Mesh, but Thrive is rigged, Found is not!

Thrive is a beautiful, retro style hair, medium length, wavy curl around one shoulder, it’s definitely got a sultry, sexy look about it that you can get away with in both casual and classy clothing!

Found is a shorter hair, well actually it’s a messy twist/updo, it doesn’t have bangs but it does have a few loose strands for that chic look!


Please do remember to DEMO any Mesh items!

Collabor88 will open at MIDNIGHT SLT and the hairs will remain at $L88 per pack until September 7th, when they will be moved to the Elikatira Main Store and be priced regularly!  So, if you’d like a bargain, visit C88!

Get your TPs ready, ladies!

Willis <3

2 New Hairs

Hi everyone!

Hope your weekend is going well and you’re relaxing!  2 new releases from Elikatira today:

Figure is a non-rigged mesh style, short and sassy!  With one side longer than the other, this style brings something a lil different and edgy to the table, love it!  As it’s non-rigged, you can edit it too, yay!

Unfold is a rigged mesh, longer hair.  It comes with a mesh flower that attaches separately and has a hud, allowing you to change the colour.  It’s a really nice, cute style, perfect to pair with a flimsy summer dress, or spice a more demure look up with it!

Both styles come in all the usual colour packs, and of course, demos.  Please DO demo, as the styles are mesh and it’s always worth making sure before you purchase.

Have a great rest of your weekend

Willis <33

TP to Elikatira


A Little Spark…

Hi everyone!

Elika has been working her little butt off recently, right?! Well here is another new release. Spark is available at the main store.

Available in all the usual colour packs, Spark is rigged mesh, so please remember to try a demo.

She’s a simple medium length style with waves galore!  Bangs swept to the sides and tucked behind one ear, a perfect style for chic and casual alike.

Thanks <3

TP to Elikatira