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My Last Post

Dear friends, readers, and visitors. I actually didn’t plan to post anything about my blog. I figured nobody would really miss it. There are so many blogs out there now it’s crazy. Anyway, I guess I should start at the beginning. A couple months ago I found myself pushing away from second life. I wasn’t feeling well either. I couldn’t really explain it. After six years I just wasn’t into Second Life anymore. I began to think that maybe I had outgrown it. I didn’t need it anymore. I couldn’t relate to anything or anyone. So I stayed offline and focused on things that I already had… (husband, house, pets, ect). Even though I never discussed it. I have always been blessed when it came to my real life but, I’m a gamer too and I enjoy exploring worlds and random small talk with passers-by. Little did I know that someone out there in the universe had other plans for me…

Two weeks ago I found out I am going to be a somebody’s mommy. This is such big news for my husband and I as we’ve been married nearly 8 years and have been waiting to start a family for almost four. Yesterday I finally got to see my baby kicking around on the screen. I can’t describe how scared and overjoyed I am. Lots of tears lately. I’m not sure what I want to do now as far as blogging goes. I have left all my review groups and do not attend on blogging anything else related to fashion. I’d be lying if I didn’t also confess that I am sick too death of SL clothing. I will most definitely close this blog and for awhile just focus on taking it easy over the next several months. I’m not sure how I will fit SL into my life after the baby is born. I really want to be a good mom but, I don’t foresee that happening if I’m sitting in SL worrying about pixel things. I will continue to login in there occasionally to keep in touch with friends. So thank you for commenting and visiting with me over the years from Freebles to FashionFumbles. I had a blast and enjoyed sharing freebie finds and my weird adventures with you! *waves* <3

Whisper Despres =)

P.S – Wish me luck… I’m due in November!