Stories by Valletta GossipGirl

Chapter 563

Skin Fair 2014 has opened, with so many gorgeous skins available! The Skin Fair will run until March 30th, and if you want to see full maps of the sims, check out their site. Apple May Designs has a brand new skin available! Suki, comes ...

Chapter 562

There are so many great goodies at The Arcade, as usual! There's a bunch of items that feel very spring esk, so I wanted to do a mini garden post to feature some of it, including pieces from B.C.C, u.f.o, Lark & The Secret Store. I just love these ...

Chapter 561

Another round of Arcade is upon us, which means there's an adorable set of plushies available from Intrigue Co! This time they're all kittens, and who doesn't love kittens, especially in plushie mode. Also Nylon Outfitters has these awesome Copycat Art...

Chapter 560

I'm loving this new skin from Glam Affair, Aria, it's so cute! You can get it at the Arcade. Also, We Love Role-Play is back, and Mina has a gorgeous new hair, Nanda available at the event. I was in the mood to be comfy, hence the cozy bomber jacket, the basic henley, the boyfriend jeans and the shirt tied around my waist, but I wanted to add some extra flare, so I opted for my favorite heels, from

Skin: -Glam Affair – Aria skin – Asia Combination 06 H {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Hair: MINA – Nanda - {available at We Love Role-Play} - NEW!
Jacket: *COCO*_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets) Burgundy 
Top: erratic / basics – longshirt /dark navy
Necklace: (Yummy) Bear Charm Necklace - Bronze
Bottoms: Emery – Boyfriend Jeans Yoko Original
Shirt: *COCO*_ShirtAroundWaist_CheckMultiColor(TC4)
Shoes: fri. - Miranda.Heels (Navy)
Pose: Exposeur & Olive Juice 

Chapter 559

Firstly this skybox from llorisen is beautiful and it's a group gift, so it was free! And I can't wait to see what's next to come from this store. Collabor88 is coming to an end soon, at least for the February round. But I wanted to showcase this awesome set from Mudhoney. The Jerry Office set is full of classic office pieces, I especially love the desk chair, the detailing is superb, as is the rest of the set. Plus all of the pieces come in a few different color options. Also Arcade is back this month! And Oneword has started, which is new to me, it's a bimonthly event focused around one word, the time it is tragedy.

Skybox: llorisen // dion skybox [free, group gift!]
Flowers: MudHoney Yellow Orchids
Suitcase: {vespertine- machinarium suitcase/rosemary}
Suitcase: -tb- Bon Voyage - Stacked Treasures RARE
Table: MudHoney Jerry Side Table – White {available at C88} – NEW!
Platter: -tb- Vanity - Platter of Treasures
Flowers: {what next} Garden Cafe Flowers (cream)
Art Work: {vespertine - clipped print/astrology & deer skeleton}
Powerstrip: *Second Spaces* geeky powerstrip with cords
Bag: [Con.] Fossil Hunter – Bag
Locker Shelf: floorplan. locker shelf femme / mint
Clipboards: *ionic* clipboards
Powerstrip: *Second Spaces* geeky powerstrip empty
Books: {af} Tied Books
Plant Beaker: BP* Beaker 2011/plants
Bed: [ARIA] Adelaide bed -PG-
Wall Art: {vespertine-dream light deco/clementine} {past group gift}
Laptop: MudHoney Laptop {available at C88} – NEW!
Food Tray: [ARIA] Adelaide decorative tray
Books: {vespertine - book of scientist.} {available at The Arcade} – NEW!
Map: PILOT - Traveler's Map 2
Dog: Silo - Pug v0.3
Broken Glass: oyasumi / tragic glass – {available at Oneword} - NEW!
Book Clutter: floorplan. book clutter
Toast: oyasumi / tragic plate of toast {available at Oneword} – NEW!
MP3: -tb- Bon Voyage - MP3 (Blue)
Suitcase Clutter: -tb- Bon Voyage - Suitcase Clutter RARE

Crafts: *Second Spaces* craft room – papers
Wine & Glassses: O.M.E.N - Enchanted - Little Red Wine
Nail Polishes: -tb- Vanity - Nail Polishes
Bookstack: {vespertine – bookstack/red}
Art: floorplan. wall clutter
Desk: MudHoney Jerry Desk – oatmeal {available at C88} – NEW!
Notebooks: floorplan. notebook clutter
MudHoney Orbit Decor {available at C88} – NEW!
Frame: MudHoney Laura Picture Frame 2
Penholder: *Second Spaces* geeky penholder loose keys
Wooden Deer: Teawood: Into The Winter Night (Deer)
Computer: [AF] iFall
Phone: {what next} Smart Phone
Lamp: MudHoney Jerry Lamp {available at C88} – NEW!
Pen Cup: MudHoney Pen Cup {available at C88} – NEW!
Wooden Duck: Alouette - Wooden Ducky
Chair: MudHoney Jerry Office Chair – White {available at C88} – NEW!
Skyline Art: DIGS - Skyline Relief Block - San Francisco [MESH]
Ladder: Second Spaces - You Light Up My Ladder

Divider: LISP - Mesh - Ygritte Reclaimed Divider - White Mirror
Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers)
Chair: MudHoney Jerry Side Chair w/ Pillow – White {avaialble at C88} – NEW!
Bench: :CP: Laurence Traveller Bench
Books: AF Reading Pile {avialable at The Arcade} – NEW!
Open Suitcase: -tb- Bon Voyage - Open Suitcase
Books: MudHoney Covered Books {avaialble at C88} - NEW!
Flowers: :CP: Malia Bedroom Flowers

Chapter 558

Just sharing my simple look for the evening. So, added new colors to the previously released River Boots. These socks from Pig may be old, but I still love them, definitely still a favorite of mine. B.C.C has some new gacha rings out at the mainstore! And Overhigh has a new group gift, this pretty black dress. 

Skin: Glam Affair – Slyvia America – Base H {available at C88} – NEW!
Freckles & Moles: Glam Affair
Lipstick: -Glam Affair – Gemma – Lips 04
Hair: !lamb. Xtal (Mesh) – Snickers {available at C88} – NEW!
Jacket: erratic / vanity – leather jacket – tan open
Dress: Overhigh.Gift – 001 {group gift} – NEW!
Necklace: undefined lilies - love in letters (gold/red)
Ring: B.C.C Ring of Love Heart Ring Red RARE – NEW!
Tattoos: Tiny Bird – X marks the spot
Socks: Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Unicorn
Shoes: fri. - River.Boots (Buck) – NEW!
Pose: Imeka 

Chapter 557

A quick combined LOTD post. There's new colors for the Maggie.Heels & the Miranda.Heels from

Skin: Essences – Luaflor *lait* blonde
Hair: ISON – Heidi (darks 05)
Jacket: Ricelli – ELODY Mesh Blazer / Black {hunt gift?}
Dress: coldLogic dress – anniversary2014.berry {group gift!} - NEW!
Necklace: ISON – stark dagger necklace -long
Bracelet: Kari – Ruler bracelet – Fabric RARE
Rings: [AB] Mirage Dome Ring – Tea Rose & ::MOOD:: Diamante *Blush* Ring
Shoes: fri. - Maggie.Heels (Lipstick) {worn with Slink HIGH Feet} - NEW!

Skin: -Glam Affair- Elvi – America – 06 H
Hair: !lamb. Tha (Mesh) – Blur Ombre {available at C88} - NEW!
Top: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Silk Tee[Wine] {previous hunt gift}
Necklace: (Yummy) Featherweight Necklace
Bracelet: Apple May Designs – Fashionsta Bangles – Black & ASO!AlphabetBrace(V)Gold
Ring: LaGyo_Ludovice double ring
Skirt: -tb- Dreamy Tutu – Muted
Tights: Blushed Sheer Panyhose
Bag: (Milk Motion) The cat bag - black
Shoes: fri. - Miranda.Heels (Wine) {worn with Slink HIGH Feet} - NEW!
Poses: Imekamarukin