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I must say – I am sad that Zodiac is ending but have enjoyed blogging it this last year. I think it’s ending on the perfect note though – with my birth sign Leo. My birthday is Sunday! If you were to describe Leo in one word that word would be – RAWR!

Leo’s are spicy, grand, dynamic, generous and maybe a little vain but passionate and one heck of a ride! I love this pose from Exposeur for this round of Zodiac called “Justify My Love” It comes in a male & female pairing, a male and male pairing and a female & female pairing as shown. The pose is sexy and there are many new things at this round of Zodiac for you to go and grab!

I posed this with my alt but we are both wearing shoes from Gos Boutique that are at two different events. The shoes on the blonde are the Silver Laurens from this months Fameshed and on me – the Brunette are shoes to benefit the Love Donna Flora event. Both are at a discount.

Happy birthday fellow Leo’s!

Cancer, it’s your summer forecast time!


Happy birthday Cancers, it’s your time to shine! My advice to you this summer is to go to the beach, a pool or just run through a sprinkler in the sunshine to reconnect with your crabby cancer self! Talk to a hot someone of your gender preference and have a fun summer romance.


Zodiac just launched a new round too, especially for you Cancerian boys and girls. I am wearing a pretty little tattoo from Collisions that is available this round and posing on the very cute and summery What Next floating lounge chairs, here is your limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mint%20Tulip/55/73/22

I am also wearing this cute little black bikini from Baiastice at Summerfest, new hair from truth and my pose is from Del May.

Gemini – The Twins


The Gemini sign are known as the “Twins” of the Zodiac and this pose by !Bang is called Twinsies and you can still pick it up at the Zodiac through the duration of this round.

I asked a good friend of mine to pose with me, Meghan Horatio on the right there, because she looked so cute today and though I’m not sure what she is wearing I don’t think she would mind if you IM her to ask!

We are both wearing shoes from Gos Boutique though, I do know that! I am wearing new hair from Truth, a dress that is not new from Rebel Hope, Glam Affair Cleo skin and SLink Mesh hands. I am also wearing jewelry from Cae’s new mesh set “Kasbah” at Fameshed.

Here is your slurl to Zodiac: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mint%20Tulip/55/73/22

The Origin of Love


Happy Birthday Gemini’s of the world! You are a funny sign, you have twin moods and temperaments but can be one of the sweetest and most loyal signs of the Zodiac. Some of my best friends have been Gemini’s. Happy Birthday to you!

This post from CnS e-motion for the Gemini round of the Zodiac is lovely. A very subtle yet sexy pose for the ladies who love ladies or maybe just two really close friends. You can get it here for only 100L during the duration of this around: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mint%20Tulip/125/185/21

This pose reminds me of this song from Hedwig and the Angry Inch called Origin of love, about how we were all once connected to our soul mate and then Zeus became angry splitting us apart and we search for the rest of our lives trying to find that person. Anyhow, if you like go to Youtube and give it a listen, it’s lovely. I believe the song is based upon something that Plato wrote called The Symposium.

Hello Taurus!


Positive Qualities of Taurus: Practicality, Artistic bent of mind, Stability, Trustworthiness, Generosity, Humanity and Loyalty

Negative Qualities of Taurus: Self-Indulgence, Laziness, Stubbornness, Prejudice, Limited Outlook, Possessiveness

Good morning! If you did not know it already, this round for Taurus at Zodiac opened yesterday. There are many cute things for you to go and grab such as this long t-shirt dress from Peqe. I am also using the poses from !Bang called the Intuition set and the Taurus skin from Essences.


I took a close up of each of the three skins from Essences and they are quite cute! I like the teeth on them and the pretty glittery eyeshadows. I am also wearing (not at Zodiac) new Gos Boutique Flip Flops, and a newer hair from Tram. Have a beautiful day!

Warm Animations @ The Pose Fair 2013


Hey there! You still have some time to go check out the Pose Fair of 2013, here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Solace%20Island/132/133/26 and while you are there please check out these sensual animations from Warm Animations.

There are several different types whether you are someone who likes animated pose balls or a nice couch or rug as I have shown. These animations are unique because instead of it just cycling one time you have a variety of options to cycle though when you are using these. The animations to me are quite cute as well and best shared with someone special. They do animate quite a bit but through the menu you can pause them on a cycle.


There was not much that was worn for this photo but the feet that I am wearing are from Gos Boutique, and my skin is from Glam Affair at this months round of Collabor88. The blonde is wearing Black Lace Lingerie and hair from Elikatira. I am wearing hair from Truth.

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