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S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair - Tulip [Kara]
Bow - Gizza [Headscarf] The Chapter Four
Sweater - Rowne [Mila Knit Sweater]
Skirt - Ryvolter [Irina Flare Mini]
Shoes - Dirty Mind [Atlantis Platform Boots]
Clutch - H.m.e.a.m [Nora Purse]
Jewel - Pixicat [The Rabbit]


Look 02:
Hair - Lelutka [Bonjour]
Sweater - Pixicat [Sweet Sweater] Kustom9
Shorts - Seul [Elise Leather Skort]
Boots - Ison [thigh high hoove boots] Collabor88
Bag - Faenzo [Canvas Leather Tote]
Earrings - Yummy [Large Pearl Earring]



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S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – By Me
Hair - Tulip [Charlie]
Beanie - Milk Motion [Veiled beanie]
Top - Amitomo [Off shoulder turtleneck with Cardigan]
Skirt - Seul [Jersey Knot Skirt]
Shoes - Eudora 3D [Electric Dreams]
Bag - 7891 [Moxchino Rider Jacket Bag]
Necklace - [F]oil [Love Pin Necklace]
Rings - LaGyo [Mahalia ring] Collabor88
Cigarette - LaGyo [Mahalia cigarette] Collabor88




S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair -Truth [Vixen] Uber event
Top -Pixicat [Cheeky Top]
Jacket -Diram [Yasmine Moncler]
Skirt -Cheeky [Marie high long skirt] The Suicide Dollz Event
Shoes -Esque [Zareena Sandals]
Clutch -Mijn [triangular cube clutch]
Necklace -Eclat [Geomtric Necklace]
Bracelets -Ryca


Look 02:
Skin -New Faces [Vanessa]
Hair -Ison [Diamond]
Dress -1992 [Wrap Dress]
Sweater -Emery [Doom Pullover Latte]
Boots -Just Magnetized [ Ultra Platform Boots]
Necklace -Lagyo [Fay necklace]
Clutch -Ison [Folded leather clutch]



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S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Hair – Wasabi Pills [Ellie Mesh Hair]
Hat – 2pm [Girl bucket hat] Kustom9
Piercing – Swallow [Septum Ring] TDR
Top – Gato [Crop Tee]
Jacket – Overhigh [Peplun Jacket]
Bag – Le Primitif [Gamer Bag] The Arcade
Pants – Milk Motion [ Tuxedo pants]
Shoes – Co57 [Aventura Bootie] Collabor88

Hair – Lelutka [Decent hair]
Hat – C’est la vie [Mr. Wallen Hat] Fifty Linden Fridays
Top – Gizza [Rebel summer]
Jacket – CoCo [BikerJacketOverShoulders]
Pants – Spirit Store [Gwen boyfriend jeans]
Bag – Luxe [Crown Heart Handbag] Kusom9
Shoes – BsD [supermodel essential]


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S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Skin – New Faces [Mei Ying]
Make up – New Faces [Magda lipstick /Glam school eyeshadow] The Chapter Four
Hair – Moon [Light Headed Wanderer]
Blouse – C’est la vie [Zita Drape Top]
Skirt – Ryvolter [Sarai Studded Wrap Skirt]
Clutch – 1992 [Prism Clutch]
Shoes – Co57 [Xiah Sandal]
Shades – Le Primitif [Flourish Sunglasses]

Look 02:
Skin – New Faces [Rosie Slink head app]
Hair – Pepe hair [Kylie]
Blouse – Rowne [Alexia Dress] Collabor88
Leggings – Overhigh [Leather Leggins]
Clutch – Swallow [Killer Clutch]
Shoes – Candy Doll [Celeste]
Shades – 7891 [Chain Round Shades]
Jewelry – Lagyo [Morgan set] Collabor88

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S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – New Faces [Rosie/Slink mesh head applier] Soon
Hair – Pepe Hair [Iggy]
Top – Ryvolter [Ming Turtleneck Crop]
Skirt – Seul [Denim Wrap Skirt]
Blazer – Ryvolter [Ola Shoulder Tuxedo Blazer]
Shoes – Eudora 3D [Ragnarok Clogs] Uber event
Clutch – Swallow [Apocalypse Clutch] Uber event
BodyChain – illmatic [Orion Goddess Bodychain]

polaroid blog


post 204S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – New Faces [Vanessa] Kustom9
Hair – Fiore [Tien]
Dress – Le Primitif [Valesk Halter Dress] Kustom9
Belt – Diram [Chain Belt]
Shoes – Co57 [Eve Rope Sandal]
Jewelry – Lagyo [Metis necklace] Collabor88
Pose – Chantilly [My Boyfriend in the band]

Skin - New Faces [Rosie/Slink head applier] Soon
Hair – Rowne [Agathe] Collabor88
Dress – Tee*fy [Aphrodite Dress] Collabor88
Bag – Lagyo [Metis bag] Collabor88
Shoes – Overhigh [Hart Heels]
Jewelry – Mandala [Odyssey/Artemis] Collabor88
Pose – Imeka [Claire04]




S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – New Faces [Hanna]
Hair – Rowne [Asta]
Shades – Co57 [Feline Sunglasses]
Blouse - Lpd [Celina top]
Skirt – Gato [Play skirt] The Showroom
Shoes – Candy Doll [Icecream shoes]
Camera - Le Primitif [Fooli Film Camera]
Whatch – Swallow [Watch Beige] Tdr Fusion
Pose – Label Motion [Belen02]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O


Skin – New Faces [Natasha]
Hair – Lelutka [Christine] Hair Fair
Sweater – Ryvolver [Asymmetrical Knit Sweater]
Shorts – Overhigh [Cordelia]
Shoes – Candy Doll [Raviosa]
Bag – Zenith Fashion [Leather National minority bag]
Necklace – Lagyo [Nymp long necklace]
Make-up – New Faces [Magda]
Pose - Label Motion [Belen03]


Hair – Lelutka [Charlene] Hair Fair
Top – Le Primitif [Juliard tee]
Shorts – Spirit Store [Lili Shorts] The Season Story
Boots – Ison [Cult Riding boots]
Bag – C’est la vie [Sally Circle Bag]
Necklace – Ison [Safari Tribe necklace]
Pose – Imeka [Claire06]




S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin - New Faces [Mei Ying]
Turban – Lelutka [Zahara] Hair Fair
Dress – Thalia Heckroth [Nuria dress]
Shoes – Co57 [Ivy Spike Pump]
Clutch – Swallow [Fringes Clutch] The chapter 4
Mask\Earrings – Lagyo [Malika] Collabor88
Necklace – Lagyo [Velvet charm]
Bangles – Mandala [Kyara bangle] Collabor88
Ring – Imeka [Rose ring]
Fur – Saikin [Fur Wrap]

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