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Hi! Finals are approaching so that is why I hadn’t been blogging as weekly as I should be. But school comes first before SL. So I hope the sponsors understands that. I have another style by vive nine/ryvolter. I can’t stop going back and grabbing a few pieces here and there. This collection by Sanya and her team is probably the best I’ve ever seen for Winter clothes. It’s everything I wanted in winter clothes.

Also I got my hands onto the Birdy Foxy Neck Snuggler in Ashes {Ombre} Isn’t it cute?


 .: rvyolter :. Peek-A-Boo Back Turtleneck-Black|NEW

.: rvyolter :.  Irina Flare Mini-Grey|NEW

.Birdy. Foxy Neck snuggler {Ashes} Ombre RARE| @Arcade|NEW

::HH:: Hucci Ikela Boots- Neutral Collection|Recently new

[theSkinnery] Maya 3 w/Maya 15 Brows (RARE)|@Arcade

IKON Spectral Eyes| @FaMESHed|NEW

Imeka Poses – Reika Pose Pack| @Collabor88|NEW

Tom Ford

Hi! I have some new items from vive nine/rvyolter, The Arcade, some recently new items from Shoetopia that close last month.

Vive Nine/ryvolter released their “Coldest Winter” collection. They have a variety of skirts, coats, tops, pants and much more. As soon I saw the Flickr ad, this Hounds tooth coat was calling my name. Also this skirt is part of the collection.

The Arcade is opened and I had so much fun trading items. I still have a list of what I am looking for. This month I got lucky getting majority of the rares I wanted. And the people on the chat was very nice this time. Usually they’re not but I guess someone told them to stop being rude and careless. (Not all of them were like that but I had a few that were).

collage-tom ford

.:ryvolter:. Sonja Pencil Skirt-Black|NEW

.: ryvolter:. Wool Blend Coat- Houndstooth|NEW

[theSkinnery] Maya 3(toffee)RARE|@Arcade|NEW

[theSkinney] Maya 15(brows) RARE|@Arcade|NEW

Shakeup! Luna Ring [05]|@Arcade|NEW

IKON Spectral Eyes- Brown|@FaMESHed|NEW

Imeka Poses-Lu Pose Pack|NEW

_CandyDoll_Eleanora Black|Shoetopia*

check the mainstore first*

Elastic Heart and The Winter Season Challenge

Hi! So I’m participating in Berry’s meme and even though I’m not wearing Winter attire I thought I would dive in. I got some goodies from Overhigh, TORO, lassitude & ennui and Imeka Poses.

TORO is participating in kustom9 December round with Black Suede Fedora hats. You can pick Black, Red or Blue. Imeka Poses released new poses and I’m using Aria. Now that Shoetopia is over, I grabbed the lassitude ennui Slink add on before it closed. It is a lace bootie and I love the style of the boot.

Overhigh released skirts, printed leggings, Tiger prints tops and crop tops. Everything was under 200L. Not sure it was a sale or if Overhigh changed the prices..

The credits will be posted down below after the questions.


Now onto the Winter Challenge:

  1. What is the December/Winter season like where you live? –  I live in Tennessee. The weather has been out of whack. Today, it is warm but later on the week it will be freezing.
  2. When you think of winter, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? – I think of family and friends celebrating, enjoying time together because we rarely hang out as a family and when these holidays come into play, this is the only time we can get to chill and relax. I wish we could hang out more but I have family in South Carolina and I can’t always visit them. But thanks to Skype, I can get in touch with them and say hello to my baby cousins.
  3. Have you ever played any extreme winter sports? – No I’m too clumsy. I can’t do anything in the snow. Period.
  4. What do you like most about this season? – Getting money. Nah, just kidding. I like to see my family have a good time, eating great food. Laughing and joking. It’s the best. I wish we got some snow in TN but that RARELY happens. Maybe every five to eight years we get snow in Memphis.
  5. Do you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another holiday during this time of year? – I only celebrate Christmas. We don’t celebrate even Kwanzaa. I would think we would since it is close to your culture heritage/background but it’s whatever.


TORO. Suede Black Fedora| @kustom9|NEW

Overhigh. Printed Leggings- Texture 6|NEW

Overhigh. Tiger Top- Blue|NEW

YUKO: Lennon’s Sunglasses|NEW

sixboi’s nom bag|MP

Imeka Poses- Aria|NEW

Remember December

Hi! So there is a lot of events happening at once:


Arcade Gacha

Winter Trend

Since I can’t get inside of the arcade, I went and try FaMESHed. It was hard over there but I persevered. I got a lot of goodies from FaMESHed’s December round. Also I received some new poses from Imeka. And good news, Nati Williams is accepting blogger applications so be fast and get your apps in.

I’m gonna wait until the Arcade die down in two weeks time.

Also there’s a new brand on the grid called YUKO and Raine Juneberry is the owner and her glasses are spectacular and out of the norm which I do like. So I hope you like them and purchase them. They’re really good and comes with a HUD to change the glasses into different colors. You can mix or match them into the style you’d preferred.


*BOOM* Posey Heels (floral)| @Shoetopia|*

-Glam Affair- Elvi- America- 06| @Collabor88|NEW

Emery- Cropped Top Naomi Amore| @FaMESHed|NEW

Emery- Midi Skirt Elle Gray| @FaMESHed|NEW

~Tableau Vivant~ Silverblade Hair- Winter| @FaMESHed|NEW

YUKO: Round Cat Sunglasses|NEW

Imeka Poses- Angel|NEW

check mainstore for Shoetopia items

Fishy Strawberry

Hi! Happy Saturday. This semester is almost over in a week and then finals starts on Friday.  Fishy Strawberry was a guest at the Attic. Gos Boutique was a vendor at the Shoetopia. I’m wearing Dita in Black. Check back at the mainstore to see if his shoes are available.


*Fishy Strawberry* La Belle Dame- Midnight| @My Attic at the Deck|RECENT

-Glam Affair- Elvi- America 06| @Collabor88|NEW

[Gos] Bordello- Dita -Black|@Shoetopia|RECENT

[Lelutka] JADA hair

!.RR.! Beast Hood-OldFur/Pink

Flash Friendly Poses – Stands 046-050|NEW

One Way Love

Hi! I’ve been jamming to Hyorin from SISTAR. She released her very first solo album, ‘LOVE & HATE.’

Anyway, today’s the LAST day of Shoetopia. I have a limited budget now so I could only get some of my favorite brands. But yes today’s the last day and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope the event coordinators do Shoetopia 2!

collage-one way love

ISON- embossed sweaters (white)| @Geeks n’ Nerds Fair|NEW

NYU- Garter Boots, Midnight| @Shoetopia|NEW last day

~Cannibelle~ Polka Dot Tights with SLink Appliers|RECENT

[AUX] Hair_Relax-Natural Pack 1|Hair Fair 2013|past

-Glam Affair- Elvi-American 06| @Collabor88|NEW

[marukin] frais|Collabor88′s December

[b e l d e z e r y] NEW STORE

Hi! There’s a new store on the grid called beldezery. I was gracious enough to receive blogger packs from her store. Everything is mesh and who doesn’t love mesh? Already I love her leggings and her different print jackets. I’m wearing the snake print.  She’s currently on MP, here’s the link.

I’m wearing the Glam Affair Elvi. Now when I saw it on flickr, I didn’t think I would like it mainly it has a younger face and a little bit too innocent so I avoided but I decided to try the demo and I was pleasantly surprised how good it looked on my avi’s shape. It’s currently at Collabor88 for this month.

Gos Boutique is at Shoetopia and it ends in two days. I’m wearing [Gos] Bordello in Black.


[Beldezery] Black Legging|NEW

[Beldezery] Elegance Jacket in Snakes|NEW

[Gos] Bordello- Bonnie-Black| @Shoetopia|NEW

Glam Affair- Elvi| @Collabor88|NEW

*Starry Heaven*| @Acid Lily Gallery|NEW

We Remain

Hi! I’m very excited today because my birthday is TOMORROW! (RL) I was born on Thanksgiving 21 years ago and I’ll be turning 22! I don’t feel any older. I feel like it’s just another age and that I’m thankful to live and see that I made it to 22 years. It’s crazy. I’m definitely not a grown up; I’m still a kid at heart. Maybe when I’m close to 30, that’s when I’ll be grown.  Anyway, just wanted to share the news with you guys.

Also a reminder Shoetopia ends November 30th. It’s getting pretty laggy now because everyone is trying to get the shoes they wanted on VERY FIRST DAY. Be sure to check it out and buy it and donate much as you can.

Villena made new sweatshirts and I got the flower. I don’t know; I have a weird humor about this shirt and I busted with laughter when I saw it.

tulip is at the Geeks n’ Nerds Fair. She made jeggings. I love jeggings because I’m plus sized so the thought of wearing leggings and a tshirt is just ugly but jeggings are fine. They’re jeans but leggings. Also tulip is at Shoetopia. I love wedges so you can imagine my excitement when I saw them. They’re SLINK add-on so update your avatar enhancement hands/feet so they will fit the shoe.

Last is illmatic with their The House hair. It’s undercut with topknot and it’s cute and it’s available at the Limitee. I don’t know how long the event stays open so be sure before its gone.

Flash Friendly Poses sent me some awesome stands which I adore.

collage-missing you

.:villena:. Sweatshirt Flower|NEW

ILLMATIC :: The House- Noir| @The Limitee|NEW

tulip. Highwater Jeggings (Black-MESH)| @Geeks n’ Nerds Fair|NEW

tulip. Buckled Wedge Booties (Peach- SLINK)| @Shoetopia|NEW

Bokeh- Victory Earrings ‘Gold/Black| @Acid Lily Gallery|NEW

Flash Friendly Poses- Stands 011-015|NEW

I’m Cool Like That

Hi! I’ve pretty busy with finalizing research papers, studying, well cramming for finals.  So I didn’t have time to make a blog post because I hadn’t have any inspiration for a while. But I do today. This is my Digable Planets style inspiration look. I’ve been jamming to this song since yesterday and this is what I would think Ladybug Mecca would wear in 2013.

As for the outfit, look for credits down below. Shoeotopia will end on November 30th so you have plenty of time to get your shoes and donate for Soles4Souls. Geeks n’ Nerds Fair has begun and you will this awesome sweater set by ISON. It has changeable HUD so you can update your look. Taketomi released two new hairstyles with a beanie and snapback. Also comes with a changeable HUD. Acid Lily Gallery is opened. It will close in a few days and I have the poses from Starry Heaven. See ya later :)

collage-i'm cool like that

[taketomi] Rika_Blacks|NEW

ISON – embossed sweaters (black)|Geeks n’ Nerds Fair|NEW

Slink Demi Boots Black w/ SLink Female High|Shoetopia|NEW

*Starry Heaven* Yurika|Acid Lily Gallery|NEW

Nailed It|Rock Set|NEW

House of London/Cherry @ Shoetopia

Hi! I’ve been cleaning up my inventory…again and I totally forgot about some of my blogger copies from Shoetopia and I was like waah! I need to get this out of the way. So I stumbled on the House of London/Cherry copies from Shoetopia and I love ankle straps mainly because it seems to add protection from my feet falling out since I’m NOT a avid high heel enthusiast. but if I was, I would grab these and adore them.

Here I’ll provide the exact TP location to her vendor spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shoetopia%201/125/43/497

For all of my hair lovers Exile released four hairstyles and I didn’t realize that my favorite hairstyle was named after my favorite song: The Cardigans: Erase and Rewind and I saw it and literally went crazy. That’s my song, you guys! The hair is gorgeous because I love bangs and the length of the hair is perfect so thank you Kavar! Be sure to get your hair because it’s full as of right now

Mutresse is at FaMESHed and I, again forgot about it and in the beginning it was in my objects folders so you know I have to blog it. Mutresse is definitely a store that has a LOT of potential mainly because you got awesome colors in a HUD instead of just buying fatpacks when you can design your look through a HUD. So I appreciate that type of hard work and diligence when putting together a great product for Second Life customers.

Ok, I’m done talking before I write a essay.. Bai!!!


Mutresse…Lana Shorts| @FaMESHed November|NEW

Mutresse…Piki Sweater|@FaMESHed November|NEW

Exile:: Erase and Rewind|NEW

House of London/Cherry  Blakely Ankle Strap Sandal-black|SHOETOPIA|NEW