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Not a Good Friday a GREAT Friday – Maitreya & More

Boyfriend Torn

Boyfriend Slim

Maitreya Belt

Boyfriend Torn 3

Boyfriend Torn 2

Boyfriend Slim2

Boyfriend Slim 3

It is not only Good Friday today, but a GREAT Friday. Maitreya is about to release some great items later today – I am just posting a few of them, a sneak peak for you all – and the excitement for many is that their NEW Laud Boots for Maitreya Gold, also have a Slink Add on version for the Slink High Feet. This is great news for those that are very attached to their feet and appliers. I must say for me also seeing something of my own worn with a Maitreya item made me very happy. Now I can wear my Flair nails with these gorgeous boots.

Other huge news for Maitreya fans, is that the version with their own beautiful feet has a NEW HUD. Not only does it have the skin tones and options for tinting we have had much practice using over the years, but also a new web-based system, with an easy to use function. Strawberry Singh did a post on it HERE . These boots are fabulous, and the attention to detailing is just wonderful. I love the oversized buckle at the back, I may or may not have demanded in Sasy fashion that we get pants, bags, boots, jacket and such with the same detailing…most likely Onyx and Beau considered adding a mouth buckle to that especially for me.

Then on top of all the visible detailing of zipper sides and tassle, the buckle back and open heel and toe options, there is also colour change options within the hud activated menus. If you buy the Fatpack and why not, then you have everything mix and match and change around. If you purchase a single colour, you still get the option to change the heels and soles, as well as outersoles. This gives you dozens of options and is a great deal.

Now I did think that the greatness was going to end there, but NO! For fans of the denim items that Maitreya have done in the past, these are going to make you squeel. Not only have they made NEW Boyfriend jeans, but there are TWO different types. The first type are looser fit, with tears in the denim, so well done that you do not get any alpha issues because they made sure to only face that area.  The tears and mending is wonderful, and I love that all the creases and the looser fit at the back are actually all modeled not just texture.

Because of the loose fit, they are a little longer than the second option, which is a Boyfriend Slim fit. These have no tears, and are so lovely, in 8 great colours – the looser fit also come in the 8 colours – I am torn literally between love for both styles…but I do think the torn versions the looser fit will get a lot more wear from me.

Then on top of all that, lol these are just going to keep on giving, you have a BELT! What a belt it is too. The belt is created only for wear with the jeans, but you can of course also wear the jeans without. The belt comes with a texture change hud that gives you 16 different colours, the belt is just gorgeous, and I could not resist wearing the yellow first……


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Fruit & Flowers



I have mentioned many times in the past about my love for Tutti Frutti and her print skills. This latest release just shows much more love for them, and especially in the bottom region. Tutti Frutti has joined the world of appliers for bums, and with my Ghetto Booty on, I was ready for some capri pants love. The top that is also a Tutti Frutti release has a colour change hud, and I just love the texture used for it. I am hoping it will have a white option in the future….


Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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New @ The Deck – Milk

butterflies catchingmermaids chinadoll fossil highendhippy starchild tokyo

NEW @ The Deck , Milk has great styles now available in the store. Come and try the DEMOS of these styles and find your favourites.


Click to TP to Milk @ The Deck



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Art upon a wall

Art against the Wall 2

Art against the Wall

Art against the Wall 3

Art against the Wall 4

So while we were on this huge shopping jaunt – this story will end eventually I promise – We met up with Cajsa and ran around the builds at Fanatik. I wanted us to no longer Platform Dwell, as many of us tend to do that in Second Life. Rez a floor in the air, and thats about it, then rez everything as we need it, unpack boxes and bags, and leave junk everywhere…or at least that’s what happens with Whimsy and myself. The only clean areas are our VR Studios.

I didn’t want a homey house, not for our shared space, it needed to be big, and spacious, but also have areas we could work either together or separate. We went back and forth, Cajsa, Whimsy and I, up and down levels in the sky and finally found the perfect build. It’s huge, and everything we need…we have an office that we share, areas for meetings for Hair Fair and the like, as well as comfy socialising areas, which you can see one of in the pictures. Whimsy made sure we had the seating halfway between her VR Studio space, and my VR Studio space, so that we could talk to our friends that come over for a visit. So far we have been really sociable, and it has been lovely.

The entrance area is huge, and long, and I really needed to break that up somehow, so with the help of the Taylor Screens from The Loft, I made them larger and they became artistic partitions. Once you make them bigger they will grown in LI, so be aware that if you do have a budget, you cannot always do such things with mesh. Other great things about the Taylor set from The Loft, is those great wall lights, they are not part of the build, but part of the set, and fit right in with the remodeled warehouse feel of the building. I love when you can easily combine items and creators in that way.

As you can see from the final pic as I sit all fancy on this wonderful sofa by Pilot, that is also a Collabor88 item…I have my VR Studio set up behind me. Now I cannot show you it all just yet, as the NEW Backdrop is going to be released at Pose Fair 2014, but there are some great changes, and its an update for all you already wise VR Studio users. I am so excited, as I got to play around with it a little earlier today and am so looking forward to the full release. The VR Foundry store is right next to W.Winx and Flair at Pose Fair, so you can visit us both at the same time….


Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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Ready for Tennis


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAJSA LILLIEHOOK ! A special day for an equally special lady. One of the most beautiful and admirable Women in Second Life…I hope you have a marvelous day ♥

This post has been sitting waiting to be done for over a week, I am not sure how that happened, I was so excited to be ahead of myself and then BOOM! everything just blew up. I have been busy though, not just slacking off. I worked hard with Whimsy Winx on getting our Pose Fair items set up and ready for people to enjoy. As well as setting up Flair at Cosmetics Fair, everything is happening this week.

If you want a sneak peak at what Whimsy and I made, you can see them here and here. As well as my Flair items here.

If you didn’t know already, Ploom has decided to separate her skins into a new brand called Paper Rabbit, which is exciting and such a cute name. She currently has her Visage appliers and skins set up at Slink West, and finally just released an add on eye make up applier set yesterday, so if you already have the lovely willow skin and appliers for the Slink Visage head, then run over, because she is beautiful.

I had some wonderful customer service over a week ago now, with the release of these adorable shorts and cami top by Mimikri. I ran over as soon as I saw the release, because it is just a stunning ensemble, and there are some really vivid print options as well. So I went to demo them, and SHOCK HORROR! No XXS in the sizes. I was mortified, now I am not tiny, and I didn’t go making radical changes to my shape when standard sizing came about, I was blessed, but I am xxs in pants and skirts and S in anything up top, depending on the style, sometimes xs is fine also. But pants wise, I cannot wear anything bigger than xxs unless high waisted…


Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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New @ The Deck – KOY , Ploom, Zimberlabs

Lots of Exciting items at The Deck sim. New stores and lots of New releases.



KOY is a fantastic NEW hairstore that recently opened at The Deck. They have this wonderful NEW Belle style that is a beautiful style rigged mesh with adorable curls hugging the neckline.


Click to TP to KOY @ The Deck





Next up this NEW Curly style by Ploom, adorable lolita inspired hair, that looks fabulous in one of the NEW Colours recently added to the great selection of hair textures available by Ploom.


Click to TP to Ploom @ The Deck 



ZimberLab Jail Cell Kit AZimberLab Door E   ZimberLab Window E3 ZimberLab Window E4ZimberLab WinDoor Script


NEW Full Perms Mesh sets by Zimberlab now at The Deck. Whether its for a home build, or a RP Jailhouse, you will find these kits suitable for all your mesh creations. These and more can be found on display at Zimberlab.

Click to TP to Zimberlab @ The Deck




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Big Bar Hair

Cross Me

“Big Bar Hair” If you are a fan of any of the incredible cast of “The Thing Called Love” you will remember that song fondly. It is one of my favourite movies of all time, and if you haven’t seen it, then I suggest buying this fantastic hair from Exile, and then watching it. It was actually inspired by Lorde, the hair, not the movie…so whichever way you roll with it, it is definitely worth having.

They aren’t 4 inch heels, more like 8 inch, or they definitely feet that way anyway. These shoes are sexy as all get out, and if you aren’t planning on getting out to anywhere in particular, then I am sure walking around in them naked might just make someones day. Speaking of naked, and now that I have your attention, this skin definitely brings out the want for that….


Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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Wheat Free



Yesterday following my own advice, I took a spin through The Arcade before it wraps up for another few months. Never fear though, as all items are usually in the stores still in Gatcha form, so you can keep on collecting that way, or of course the yard sales. Even though I do generally hit the sales – my way of giving people that spent back their money to go right back and spend more at The Arcade, I do like to have my spin so to speak……


Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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Beidh tú a bheith caillte


Birdy has made visiting yard sales for The Arcade an experience this month. If you have not seen the adorable Puggly accessories, then you have been walking around not really seeing. I thought I was going to be able to resist, but one look at them and it is all over, and if you can leave them sitting there on yard sale tables, then you are stronger than I am. It was all I could do not to take them all home, but then I have a real issue with animals in SL, they make me sadface just as much as they bring joy, because the idea of them sitting in my inventory makes me feel bad…..


Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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New @ The Deck – My Attic, Nantra, Miel, Flair

A reminder that there are only two days left of My Attic @ The Deck, so do not miss out on the great items for only 95L each during this event.

My Attic - March - Starts Midnight SLT

 Click to TP to My Attic @ The Deck




Nantra has updated their store @ The Deck, so come on by and try out all their great pose sets. Also don’t miss out on grabbing their two great items at My Attic.

{NanTra} Vignette Ad{NanTra} In Repose Ad

{NanTra} Defying Gravity Ad{NanTra} And the Winner Is... Ad{NanTra} Requiem Ad


Click to TP to Nantra @ The Deck  


Miel has released this wonderful mesh courier bag in their store at The Deck. This bag has a great range of options for colour change, so check it and all the other amazing items at Miel.



Click to TP to Miel @ The Deck 


Flair has added Ghetto Booty appliers to their Toeless leggings packs, for those that already owned them previously just use the redelivery terminal in the store.


Flair - Toeless Leggings- Brights w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Darks w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Electric w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Lights w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Mono w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Natural w Booty Flair - Toeless Leggings- Soft w Booty


Click to TP to Flair @ The Deck 




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