Stories by Sasy Scarborough

Becky @ Slink West

Today I was showing some pics to Mel, that I had taken yesterday in my studio…this was responded to with ” You never do depth of field pics “. This is actually very true, but Mel is persistant, so if I was going to do some location shooting I got prepared. First off attaching my […]

Visage Ellie

Such a HUGE start to the weekend. Slink has been enticing us all with Visage sneak peaks over the past weeks, and they produced with not only one head, but two fantastic mesh heads. Emma was the head all the trailers showed, and then out of nowhere we got Becky as well. The options are […]

Raining on my parade

I got told today that I was not wearing my usual “uniform’ by that they meant my Boom bikini that I wear under everything in case of alpha or mesh load failure. Because of this I tend to just wear it on its own much of the time, because it is just much easier to […]

More than a Memory

“Really Big Ostentasious Ring” should be a category in Marketplace, but I didn’t need search, I knew exactly what store to hit up, and that was Paper Couture. Regardless of age, sculpts, prims, or mesh, the Paper Couture collections hold up over many years past, and will for many more in the future. This ring […]

Blogger, Blogga! Bloggrrr

In the 8 years I have been an Second Life Resident, only a few months of that time was I not blogging. I didn’t start out Fashion Blogging right away, I actually didn’t know that existed as a thing until I was already in world 4 months, but I was blogging pretty regularly on my […]