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New @ The Deck – My Attic

My Attic @ The Deck is now OPEN and Summer Loving is the theme. We all love Summer and our Designers have all shown you their way of doing so, whether clothing, poses, props, prefabs, hair, accessories or footwear you will find something to love too.

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Adam n Eve

July My Attic - Adam n Eve


July My Attic - Bushu


July My Attic - EMO-tions


July My Attic - Essenz

July My Attic - Faun


July My Attic - Flair


July My Attic - Gato

Has Been

July My Attic - Has Been

July My Attic - Has Been 1

House of London

July My Attic - House of London


July My Attic - Kaithleens


July My Attic - Koy


July My Attic - L.Warwick


July My Attic - Lacuna

Le Primitif

July My Attic - Le Primitif

Leri Miles Designs

July My Attic - Leri Miles Designs


July My Attic - Luxuria


July My Attic - Miseria


July My Attic - Nantra 3

July My Attic - Nantra 2

July My Attic - Nantra 1


July My Attic - Ploom

July My Attic - Ploom (2)


July My Attic - Pretense


July My Attic - Somnia

July My Attic - Soonsiki


July My Attic - Stellar


July My Attic - SySy's

Thalia Heckroth

July My Attic - Thalia Heckroth

Tutti Frutti

July My Attic - Tutti Frutti

W.Winx & Flair

July My Attic - WWinx & Flair


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New @ The Deck – Has Been

Has Been - Boardwalk Swimsuit Nautical Edition Has Been - Clam Bake Capri & Top Set Has Been - Its My Party Dress Has Been - Miss Molly Cheetah Dress Has Been - Nostalgia Dress Has Been - Prettified Top Skirt & Undies Has Been - Stroll Top & Skirt Solids & Dots Has Been - Stroll Top & Skirt Solids


Far from being a has been in these latest releases by Has Been @ The Deck. Gorgeous colour options and cotnrast looks, with the hud driven items.

Demos in the store.

Click to TP to Has Been @ The Deck



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Coral above the Sea


Today is the last day of Fashion For Life, and Cajsa and her team have done an incredible job, the builds, the stores and just the overall wellbeing. It has been a great group of chatters in there, so nice and excited leading up to and during the event, lovely to see. You can visit my store, and SySy’s who is on the same sim, as well as all the great stores surrounding us.

I went shopping at TLC the other day, Whimsy and I were in heaven, Bali heaven. She bought a resort, and I made myself a cozy little escape on our studio roof. I love this furniture by Junk, it is fantastic, the colours, the style, and that its mod, just made me so happy. The candle is smaller when purchased, but with some modification it became beautiful oversized lanterns. Also seeing as I rezzed three benches and the throw and cushion are not texture change, I was able to select face and tint those manually, to give them a little less samey samey look….


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Bubbles, One, Two, Three


I don’t have feet on, it is kind of bizarre. I also had to actually look for alphas and work that all out, seeing as my head alpha has feet and hands included, so I had to find the head with hands option only. I did all this of course while standing in the middle of an event, bald and having fun with SySy.

I had to take her over to Kustom9 as she wanted those adorable Mexican dresses from my post the other day. I wanted to go back and get the boots I had ummed and ahhh’d over and then couldn’t get out of my head, by Bleich. They are very cool, and I love the look of a real frock dress and then workers boots and pretty socks…what is not to love…..


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Down Mexico Way


Whimsy and I shopped up a storm yesterday. One event we hit hard was Kustom9, us and 71 other people, it was packed to the rafters, but well worth the visit. It has been a long while since I have done a three me post. I decided that with this dress from Mikunch at K9 it was a must. The dress is available in different versions, but each version comes with a texture change hud of four types/colours. I got the two on the left and I have dresses for all of summer now. This dress is my dream dress. Not only does it have the beautiful Mexican embroidery and detailing, but also has an option for petticoat trim on the bottom as an added attachment, so you get 8 dresses for the price of one, and honestly at the price it is, it is not even one IMO it is so inexpensive….


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I ran over to Faun to grab these fantastic gladiator sandals as soon as I saw them. They are really beautiful and I had to get a few colours, which worked out great as they look so wonderful in this nude colour with the cream glomesh halter from One Bad Pixel and the wonderful new open front wrap skirt by Tee*fy that is at C88….


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Fashion for Life 2014


Sasy and SySy
Unless you have been under a rock you are well aware of Fashion For Life being in full swing. It is an amazing event, the builds are fabulous, and the fantastic Cajsa Lilliehook and her team have put this wonderful Chariy event together. Unlike previous years, the donation collections have changed. Now every item in every booth is a donation item. So whatever you purchase a percentage will go to the American Cancer Society, so now is the time to get your shopping on, as it is not only NEW items, but the stores also have some of their favourite items from their stores, so you can grab items you may have been wanting and helping a charity at the same time.

I have a booth there on the Trek sim, and the whole build on that sim is aeroplane themed, and very cool. I am actually on a sim crossing border, so once you leave me, you get to enter an amazing jungle build. Wanderlust is the theme of the whole event, and I just loved going on a tour through all the different themed sims. Lots of great photo ops, and make sure you check out all the sponsors booths, because they make sure that the event can happen by paying for a huge chunk of the sims.

It was so hard to not just burst into love for the NEW The Skinnery skin that I have on today, but I controlled myself for two whole paragraphs, because Fashion For Life is a MUST get too and soon for everyone. For a start it is a perfect skin for those wanting a little bit more ethnicity in their look, but astounding how it can look so different on different people. You will see that when you look at the snapshot of SySy and I, she came over after I told her it was out, and we are wearing the exact same tone, and yet look nothing alike. I love that about these heads. I am wearing the Slink Visage Emma head and of course so is SySy……


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There are swimsuits for swimming and there are bathing suits for bathing, but honestly this suit should be called an Ogglesuit, because WOWZA! I did not take a picture of the back of it, because there are parts of me you don’t need to know that intimately. The suit is a stunner though, and it will definitely lift the ‘mood’ of your partner.

The chair I am sitting in is from Collabor88 as well, and it is a wearable seat, I love these, I have collected a few of them over the years from different creators, but this one by Flowey is perfect for this time of year. You wear it and it poses you into the seat, so you can visit any beachy location and you are ready for picture taking, or just enjoying the peace……


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Shine a light on me

Shine a Light on Me

Wearing Sunday hair on a Sunday for me, means that you get to shop today and wear tomorrow and still be on theme. Of course why would you want to limit yourself this hair is wonderful. Not only is the style great, but the scarf option and its texture change colours and prints just makes it so many options of wear. There is also an unrigged without scarf option, so just from the start it is two styles in one.

It is the last 10+ hours of My Attic for this round, and I will be sorry to see it end…I have met some lovely people at the event, as well as had some comical occurances. I of course have my own Flair items up, some being the Flair nails, and others being the combined efforts of W.Winx and Flair. We did a fun pose prop set, three of them actually with playing cards and pin up style poses, you can see ours, as well as everything HERE……


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Soft Serve

Soft Serve

I often wonder what would happen if I just did a credits only blog post. We joke all the time about it, how people would assume that there was more being said by me not talking, than if I was to talk, because I generally talk so much. I wonder about that, if people that do read my blog would be surprised if I just suddenly had no words, would you ?

I was hopping around today and came across this store on marketplace, Amiable. I really wanted to see if they had more than their MP listings though, because you can never really tell if someone keeps their marketplace up to date or not, without visiting in world on occasion, or being up to date with their released through subscribo’s or group notices. I also wanted to see if this divine dress had any more options, as I was sold on the white, but I was still trying to choose between it and some of the florals.

The white won me over though, as there is a need for this style of dress in all white, that every girly girl needs in her life. There is alpha loading in the dress, and even though my hair is long and rigged at the front, be aware that the alpha in the hair will mess with the alpha in the sleeves – I photoshopped mine – but you can just wear different hair, because the dress is just that beautiful, but pay attention when demoing….


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