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Love U

I am Glad☺

Head-The Mesh Project-MeshHead- 'Babydoll'
Skin-- CHEOS - Lamia Universal MeshHead-
Hair-little bones. Glow - Hair Fair-New♥
Top-* KITJA CHERIE * Criss T-Shirt-The Seasons Story-New♥
Skirt-* KITJA CHERIE * Criss Suspender Skirt-The Seasons Story-New♥
Shoes-_CandyDoll_ Sexeh Stilletos
Bag-=Zenith=Phonebag (Black)
Bitty Pygmy Goat -+H-Dr+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat - Cloud Unicorn-The Seasons Story-New

Happy weekend

Head-The Mesh Project-Babydoll
Skin-- CHEOS - Lamia Universal MeshHead -New♥
Dress-Spirit Store - Nadin dress-The Seasons Story-New♥
Bag-=Zenith=Lion head Bag -The Seasons Story-New♥
Shoes-Spirit Store - Diana sandals-The Seasons Story-New♥
Earrings-MG - Earrings - Singapore Swing


Skin-- CHEOS - Lamia Universal MeshHead-New♥
Dress-Orion - Zoey Dress - Golden Brown-Cosmopolitan Sale Room-New♥
Bag-.ANE Messenger Leather Brown Bag
Shoes-N-core GLANCE

Charming little fairy

Skin-{AIMI} Belle -New♥
Hair- little bones. Lose Count -  Project Limited!-New♥ Open 10 July
Hairband-MeshedUp-The Cosmopolitan Sale Room-New♥
Romper-[hh] Ria -Romper-Cosmopolitan Sale Room-New♥
Wings-.: Buttery Toast:. Butterfly fly away -Cosmopolitan Sale Room-New♥
Shoes-Perch - CSR -Cosmopolitan Sale Room-New♥
Cat-.Birdy. Sushi Kitties - Salmon 2-The Chapter Four-New

My Summer time

Skin-New Faces - Solange-The Chapter Four-New♥
Hair-tulip. Keira
Hairband-_CD_ Ohh My Gatcha -New♥
Ring-_CD_ Ohh My Gatcha Rings -New♥
Top-[ BarmaleY ] T-Shirt_Polo_Blue-New♥
Shorts-(fd) Scallop Shorts - Blue
Polaroid-*Tentacio* My polaroid green-The Chapter Four-New
Ice-cream-{Imeka} Sweet Ice Cream
Shoes-Bens Beauty - Tropicano High Heel-New♥

Go to Swim♥

Body-The Mesh Project (BETA) Body-New(FREE)
Hair-CATWA FLEXI Lana-The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair-New♥
Outfit-OrsiniRed Mare Blu Outfit Cloud-New♥
Tube-VCO - Happy summer picnic 

Choose from three miracles

Skin-- CHEOS - Lamia-New♥(Only The The Mesh Project and Slink)
Hair-little bones. Year in Lists-The Chapter Four-New♥
Tunic-tulip. Loose Tube Top-The SummerFest 2014-New♥
Skirt-tulip. High Waisted Mini Skirt -The SummerFest 2014-New♥
Shoes-Bens Boutique - Valerie -New♥
Bag-ANE Blair Bag - Brown Leather Aztec
Candy fox-*katat0nik* (fox) Ice Cream Bar
Necklace-MG - Necklace -Daisy Chain

Candy mind♥

Head-The Mesh Project-MeshHead Babydoll
Skin-- CHEOS - Helga Universal MeshHead-New♥♥♥(Only head The Shops and Slink)
Dress-* KITJA CHERIE * Vanessa Tunic-New♥
Hair-TRUTH HAIR Blythe -New
Shoes-N-core EMBRACE "Pure Black"-FameShed-New♥
Hairband-_CD_ Ohh My Gatcha -New♥
Ring-_CD_ Ohh My Gatcha -New♥

My Sweet Dreams……..

Skin-Lara Hurley-Ivy Tan for TheShops
Hair-CATWA FLEXI Clara-New♥
Dress-_CandyDoll_Delya Dress-The SummerFest-New♥
Shoes+socks-_CandyDoll_ Windie High-The SummerFest-New♥
Tofu choko-*Tentacio* Num Num tofu choco
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