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1141 say goodbye to the end of November

1140 Tuesday morning

1139 Must be the feeling

1138 …this is not my fault

1137 … сыграем?

1136 Sunny October

original mesh. 8 colors. 250L$
separate hud available for purchase.
hud changes dress shirt, shirt button, jacket buttons, and strings
Hello friends :) a new suicide dollz round just started yesterday october 5th, and i´m joining with 2 new stand couple poses, both are available in transfer(50L$) or copy(100L$) perms up to october 17th in Suicide Dollz (after this event will be available in Dyer Maker Pose Store
модный женский блоггер

1135 Where is my love?

1134 … наконец то выходной

1133 Hate Me

1132 …кажется я простудился

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