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#Look 1026 TudoToisBrasil

On Raphael Cyberstar

[Hat] Legal Insanity - monster! hat yellow  NEW@ The Mens Dpt July Collection
[Shades] ieQED wright.shades.black  NEW@ The Mens Dpt July Collection
[Vuvuzela] SdC039 Vuvuzela w/sound+ani Brasil - by SdC AlexJamia Pinion
[Tattoo] .Reckless. - King  (Fresh) 2  NEW@ The Mens Dpt July Collection
[Flag] <kal rau> Body Flag - Size 001NEW ( Group Gift )
[Pants and underpants] not so bad . WESLEY jeans . xs . stonewash NEW
[Sandals] (Milk Motion) double straps sandals - M  - black leather  NEW@ The Mens Dpt July Collection


Sponsors Sorry, unable to connect in a neighboring wifi, I'm doing what I can, I change to a new home
I ask patience and return soon ... maybe in 3 week, and i pray for this. I want everyone's understanding.
Have a nice week and beautifull!

TMD is NOW OPEN, be sure to stop by and check out the fantastic items this month! 

[Cap] L A U - Washington Fitted Cap . NEW
[Tattoo] .Reckless. - Tomahawk   (Fresh) 1 NEW@ The Mens Dpt July Collection
[Beard] Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
[Tee] [Bay Harbor] Patterned Tee M NEW@Event The Chapter Four
[Bag] :::LP::: Chameleon_Bag M - Toxic/Bottle [UnRigged] NEW@ The Mens Dpt July Collection
[Pants] [ BarmaleY ] jeans_BG_M_M NEW
[Sneaker] MAX CRYSTAL L (Male size) NEW@ The Mens Dpt July Collection 
[Cigarette on the floor] [NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (03) NEW@ The Mens Dpt July Collection 

#Look 1018 Unconditionally

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair/Hat ]. Liquence . - F7 in Dark Blonds 
[Eyelashes] Eyelashes -25- Dragqueen *REDGRAVE*
[Blush] .Pekka. Blush cheeks 2
[Lipstick] Pink Acid City Girl Lipstick - City Barb  NEW@ The Appliers Expo Exclusives
[Tattoo] [-S-] Ibiene Tattoo NEW@ The Big Show 
[Top] NS::  Fitted Straped top
[Bracelets] [Stickyz] Spiky CuffZ  NEW@ Suicide Dolls 
[Piercing] Cute Poison - Aperient Piercing
[Pants] MoDANNA [LOLFBGH] Dark Jeans  NEW@ Fat Bottom Girls Hunt 
[Shoes]  EMPORIUM -High Platform Ankle Straps  NEW@ Panda Care Gacha Fair
[Bag] Open 1995 - Clutch COCO - Black/Gold 

On Raphael Cyberstar

[Hair] ~Tableau Vivant~Toshihiko Hair (Male fit) - FatPack
[Glasses] ~Tableau Vivant~ Aviator glasses (nose)
[Tattoo] .Reckless. - Warrior  W/Neck (Faded) 4
[Watch] -Formal-  (GOLD METAL) [MANDALA] Hokusai Bracelet /BLACK
[Short] [ BarmaleY ] shorts_samurai_M_M
[Stocking] [ BarmaleY ] Stockings_samurai_M_M
[Slip On] ::GB:: Slip-on black_L
[Pose] :: Focus Poses Male Set 16_4 ::

#Look 1016 I Need Your Love

On Raphael Cyberstar

[Skin]  -Labyrinth- Rider Skin [Light] - TheDipper+HB NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Hair] [taketomi]_Arata_Blacks
[Beard Prim] Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
[Facial Hair] Beusame::Facial Hair V6.3
[Tattoo] .Reckless. - Remember The Dead (Faded)  NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Jacket] * KITJA CHERIE * Charron Jacket M (m) BLACK NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Pants] Spirit Store - Lav unisex pants [M] male NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Boots] [NikotiN] SplitRock

[Dog] Alchemy - Doge -  French bulldog - Snow  NEW@ The Arcade-June

[Pose] *PosESioN* Dahriel 3 NEW MOH4June 1st to June 15th)

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] . Liquence . - F7 in Dark Blonds
[Eyelashes] Eyelashes -25- Dragqueen *REDGRAVE*
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Shimmer Vday Lip Gloss - Strawberry
[Glasses] Pink Acid Kitty Cat Mesh Sun Glasses - MOD Tropics  NEW@ The Hello Sunshine Fair 
[Dress] Indented---->Monkey.Business
[Watch] [DDL] Savior (Red&Gold)
[Bag] Indented---->Shocked l Red Common

#Look 1014 Go Brasil

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] . Liquence . - F8 in Dark Blonds
[Makeup] :CovertNoom: Brasilian woman face
[Eyelashes] Eyelashes -25- Dragqueen *REDGRAVE*
[Blouse] Brasil Football
[Shorts] London People HQ - Rio 2014 Brasil hotpants
[Ball] Millo Copperfield -Soccer ball
[Whatch] (Simple/CHAIN) [MANDALA]SITENNOAH_brown
[Shoes] Chuck GREEN

On Raphael Cyberstar 

[Skin] Clef de Peau:Mathias:T2 HB NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Hair] Beusame::Daxx Black01 NEW
[Sunglasses] (epia) - 'Sunny Glasses' (wear > left click) NEW@ The Arcade-June
[Beard] Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
[Facial Hair] Beusame::Facial Hair V6.3  NEW
[Tattoo] .Reckless. - Warrior  W/Neck (Fresh) NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Shirt] - S  BRASIL  - Home T-Shirt - Men NEW
[Boardshort] flow . Boardshort KS - Brazil - Size
[Sneaker] Adjunct - Afterlife Men's Hi-Top Sneaker  - Black/Gold NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection

Pose Couple: Poseology - Too Cute F  NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection

#Look 1012 Seek Bromance

[Skin]-Labyrinth- Thorn Skin (Med) - TheRuffled NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Hair] ILLMATIC :: Savee - Chocolate City  NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Hair Base] AITUI - Etched Hair Base - Triple Stack, hairline 
[ Beard ] Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
[Facial Beard ] Beusame::Facial Hair V6.3   NEW
[Sunglasses] -David Heather-Lotus Sunglasses/Mahogany NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Tattoo] .Reckless. - Guadalupe (Faded) NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Nail] (Hand size25/R/Simple/MANDALA mens SINRA NAIL/samurai black
[Tshirt and ShirtAroundWaist] Howl - Rui Summer OUTFIT [Black M] NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Short] After Shorts (M) - White NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Sneaker] ::{u.f.o}::Intro run slip on - black -   NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection

[Pose] Poseology - Kent 6 NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection

#Look 1011 The Mens Dpt, The Arcade , MOH4

[Skin] -Labyrinth- Thorn Skin (Med) - TheRuffled NEW@ The Mens Dpt Jun Collection
[Hair] [taketomi]_Kuzuri_Black01
[Beard] Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
[Facial Beard] Beusame::Facial Hair V6.3 NEW
[Shades] [Z O O M] Weed's Wood Sunglass  NEW MOH4June 1st to June 15th)
[Tank] flow . 92 Loose Fit Tank Top - 08 NEW@
[Bag] AITUI - Beach Bag - Sea Urchin   (Click for Options) NEW@ The Arcade-June
[Pants] [ BarmaleY ] Pants_Allur_M_S NEW
[Sneakers] FLite.-Flytop.001 L Blue Canvas

#Look 1008 Shut It Down

[Hat] [ JP ]:dsg. Heritage CAP-01
[Facial Tattoo] Obscure - Black Army Tattoo - Option 2
[Beard] Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
[Tattoo] [ZENTRO] Sun & Moon tattoo NEW@SHE & HIM EVENT
[Tshirt] [Deadwool] Marlon T-shirt - white/fuchsia - v1 (no susp.)  NEW@ The Mens Dpt May Collection
[Pants] not so bad . WESLEY jeans . s . stonewash  NEW
[Bat] Boink Bat (Red)
[Boots] [NikotiN] SplitRock 

#Look 1007 Im Back

Hey, was busy due to rl, but I'm back and  I must inform you only have a couple of days left to hit up the  THE MENS DPT May event before it shuts down and we get ready for JUNE.

But The 4th edition of Men Only Hunt (MOH) has arrived! June 1st to June 15th

MOH4 designers list and info SLurls & Hints 

[Hair] [taketomi]_Arata_Blacks
[Necklace] =Zenith=Coin Nacklace A+B (Golden) M NEW@ The Mens Dpt May Collection
[Facial Tattoo] Obscure - Black Army Tattoo - Option 2
[Tattoo] [ZENTRO] Sun & Moon tattoo   NEW@SHE & HIM EVENT
[Stache] Beusame::Stache Black01  NEW
[Beard] Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
[Ring and Nail] (Hand size25/R/Simple/MANDALA mens SINRA NAIL/samurai black
[Pants] D R O P . Denim Sweat Pants (Light Blue) -Size M- NEW@ The Mens Dpt May Collection
[Sneaker] ::GB:: sneakers_blue  NEW@ The Mens Dpt May Collection

[Library] Second Spaces - Solomon Library file cabinet - blue metal NEW@ The Mens Dpt May Collection
[Pose] Pics 2: *PosESioN* Dahriel 3  NEW MOH4June 1st to June 15th)


[Hair] *Dura-Boys&Girls*39(Black)resize
[Teeth] ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth - Normal[M]
[Scarf] DOZZE - Striped Scarf w/Hud  NEW
[FaceTattoo] [NW] War face tattoo black
[Outfi] (epia) - 'Candy Coat' Outfit [M] NEW@ The Mens Dpt May Collection
[Bag] Faenzo Leather Messenger - Obsidian (Hand) MA LE NEW@ The Mens Dpt May Collection
[Shoes] DECO Trail Boot - Black
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