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♥ 289 You have to be afraid of me, but not the ax!

POSE: PoSEsioN Tauro 4

Pose: PoSEsioN Tauro 2

Mask: [R3] Anarchists Mask [UNISEX] - V1
Jacket: TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE - Mens Emperor Leather Jacket
Nails and Piercing: SuPerBia MaLe NaiLs - *BanDs 2* (bag) & SuPerBia MaLe NaiLs - *PierCinGs 2* 
Short: <kal rau> Casual Shorts 
Ax: PFC~Edge of Despair On marketplace

♥288 Friends ♥

Thank You All Brands, these pictures are for you!!!
Thank You My friends, that in difficult moment are always near to me!! ♥

On Girl: 
 Necklace : *R+a* Necklace =SIZUKU= (on Marketplace)

On Right Boy:
 Eyes: Ibanez Hypnotic Eyes - Tombstone
 Beard: EMORTAL CONCEPTS Black Scruffy Mutton Chops combo 1 boxed (marketplace)

On Left Boy:
 Bracelets left: : Amorous : You (Bracelet Left) (on Marketplace)


Sorry All brands, But We have many problems to Real Life, Blog is  interrupted.

I m Sorry, but RL is first .... If  any brand Want delete our blog, is normale, we accept.

But For Now i must Interrupt this.

Sorry ;(

( I ask All brand when we turn on blog)

♥287 elegant murderess

POSE: *PosESioN* Sagitario 7

POSE:*PosESioN* Sagitario 5
Belt with Pistols: DDD Warlord Belt V1 (M)

♥ 286 Urban Or Nature?

Urban City :


♥283 Model!

Thank You at these brands, for giving me a fabulous style, at my avatar!
I hope that my pics you will like !!!

Pose Scorpio: *PosESioN* Scorpio 3
Pose Cancer: *PosESioN* Cancer 6

♥ 281 CaMo

Pose Left: *PosESioN* Aries 4
Pose Right: *PosESioN* Aries 6
Down Pose: *PosESioN* Aries 3

Tattoo: .:DP:. Grumpy Tattoo - Light marketplace!

♥278 Hugo ♥

Skin: HUGO tan H3 HB *Step inSide* New!
Hair: [Atro Patena] - Seven _Black / resize New!

Pose:*PosESioN* Geminis 1
[IC] MESH Wide Neck T-Shirt .::DarkCross::. S New!
Jeans:[IC] MESH Low Rise Skinny Jeans .::DeepBlue S New!

Bracelet: [IC] MESH Leather Wristbands .::CopperCross::. UNISEX New!
Nails :SuPerBia MaLe NaiLs - *BanDs 2* (bag)

Skin:  HUGO tan shaved HB *Step inSide* New!
[Atro Patena] - Arsen_Black New!

Pose: *PosESioN* Aries 7 New!
Tattoo:-- h i a t u s --  You Make Me New!

♥274 •Elegance•

On Nikuz:
Jacket + Tie (Hud Included): [R3] - Blake Sweater Black [V3] R3volt

On Farfallina:
Shape: :HF: - Aida Shape HappyFace

♥ 271 L♥v3Ly

                                  ♥ Farfa:     Tattoo: -- h i a t u s -- Follow Your Heart

♥ Nikuz:        Hair: [taketomi]_Akio_Blacks 

Tights: Q - inverse ombre sheer