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"D!va" for March Collabor88

Hey, hey, hey D!vas!

It's time for another round of Collabor88 and new from D!va for the March round -

""D!va"" Hair "Flora"

The theme for this month's Collabor88 is 'New Romance'.


"Flora" is a soft up do adorned with hairband with ribbon and flowers.  All accessories can be toggled on and off or choose from 17 ribbon colours and oodles of flower colours.
Note : Ribbon can also be toggled on and off.
""D!va"" Hair "Flora" for Collabor88 includes 'A' and 'B' versions at the special collabor88 price of L$188 per colour.  The 'Red Amber' colour is a limited release and will not be sold after the conclusion of this round.  Don't miss it! 
"Flora" is Copy/Mod ok No transfer and is also resizable via the pop up menu on touch. Please try the Demo before purchse. 
There is an all new Collabor88 build and fantastic releases from all the other Collabor88 creators so grab a tp on down.

""D!VA"" Main store
""D!VA"" @ Collabor88
""D!VA"" @ Mimi's Choice

"D!va" Digest Feb 24


Heya D!vas
It's a very frosty February that we find ourselves in the middle of.  But there are little touches of Spring, here, there and over there as well!
""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi3" in Citrine
If you haven`t been to the February round of Collabor88 you are missing out on the little slice of Spring to be found there!  Mayumi3 is still available at the special Collabor88 price of L$188 per colour.
Mayumi3's delicate little daisy chains and vines are all colour change.  The main part and bun vines can be toggled on or off too.

Skin Mother Goose's | Top - Tram

And a reminder about D!va at Mimi's Choice.  There are a few select styles available at this location and a group gift for Mimi's Choice group members. The group joiner is right beside the D!va display. Vivianne in Ruby is adorned with vines and daisies.  Perfect for the upcoming season so be sure to drop by and have a look see at all the fabulous, hand picked stores and goods on offer there.

""D!VA"" Main store
""D!VA"" @ Collabor88
""D!VA"" @ Mimi's Choice

"D!va" Digest – Gift, Lucky Boards and New in store Release.

Hello D!vas!

"D!va" Hair "Kalli"

A full release of January's Collabor88 release "D!va" Hair "Kalli" is now in store. 

Kalli Types A & B can be purchased separately or as a set.  Please try a demo before making a purchase.

Lucky Boards

With the in store release of Kalli, the "D!va" Lucky Boards have been changed out! Lucky Board Limited Ruby tones of Kalli and Asami are now in the boards.

Make sure your group tag is activated and when your number or letter comes up touch the panel to recieve your prize. You`ll find the boards at the back of the store.

""D!VA"" Main store

Mimi's Choice

D!va is honored to have been invited to be a part of Mimi's Choice.  The Mimi's Choice mall showcases brands handpicked by owner, Mimi, herself.  There are seven styles avalable from the D!va branch store at this location.

You will also find a Group Gift.  The gift is a very sweet, Mimi's Choice limited edition of Vivienne. To claim the gift, please join the Mimi's Choice Group and make sure your tag is active before touching the panel.  Isn't this a gorgeous gift?

""D!VA"" @ Mimi's Choice

""D!VA"" Main store
 ""D!VA"" @ Collabor88
""D!VA"" @ Mimi's Choice

New from ""D!va"" for February’s Collabor88

Hey D!vas! 

Welcome to the February release from ""D!va"" now available at Collabor88.

"D!va" Hair "Mayumi3" is a elegant but cute updo.  Flyaway wisps and delicate flowers woven about the hair bring this style right into spring.

There are a few different ways you can customize and colour the flowers. Choose from 12 flower colours and three different vine colours.  

The crown and bun vines and daisy chains can each be coloured differently or either crown or bun vines toggled on or off. Simply touch anywhere on your hair to bring up the menu.

Toggle crown and/or bun flowers and vines off and on.
Large, small flowers and vine can all be coloured differently.

"D!va" Hair "Mayumi3" is currently only at Collabor88 for the special Collabor88 price of L$188 per colour.  Both bangs versions, A & B are included. The Red Amber colour is an exclusive colour and only available for the duration of February Collabor88.

"D!va!" Hair "Mayumi3" is copy, mod ok, non transfer. It can also be resized via the menu. This is not a mesh style, however, please be sure to try out the demo before purchase.

""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

""D!VA"" Main store


First ""D!VA"" Release for 2013.

Hello D!vas!

How's the new year treating you?  Still keeping with those resolutions? :p

""D!va"" Hair "Kalli" is the first release from D!va for 2013 and for the January round of Collabor88.  This month's round is already in full swing so apologies for the delay, but it was absolutely worth the wait. 

Kalli is a soft, wispy windblown style.  Hair is down and swept over the shoulder.  Kalli is not mesh, but please try out the demo before purchasing.

There are two different bangs styles and both are included in the pack.  You can grab each colour for the special Collabor88 price of L$188.   Don't forget, the Red Amber version of "Kalli" is exclusive to Collabor88 and will not be available after the end of  the January round.

This month's Collabor88 theme is 'Trending', with a metallic, shimmery and shiny palette.  Visit Collabor88.

""D!va"" Hair "Daria" is now avaliable instore. (Type A) & (Type B) versions can be purchased separately or together as a pack.  There are 21 ribbon colours and designs to choose from. It can also be toggled on and off if you so prefer.


""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

""D!VA"" Main store


Happy Holidays from "D!va"

Warm Holiday Wishes to all our beautiful D!vas!  Hoping that this season, however you celebrate it, is filled with love and joy. 
Two new styles, "D!va" Hair "Zaara" and "Nayomi", are now in store.  These were both created for contestants in the 'Miss Virtual World 2013' and have now been released for general sale. 
 'Zaara' and 'Nayomi' are gorgeous and elegant updos.  Both are sure to compliment any gown and beautifully show off the neck and nape.  You can find these right below the lucky boards, just walk straight to the back of the store.

 These styles are prim styles and come Copy/Mod ok, No Trans.  Both styles can also be resized via the pop-up menu on touch.


Also now in store are full releases, "D!va" Hair "Norma", "Jina" and "Daria", previously only available at Collabor88.  This month's round of Collabor88 is still in session.  "D!va" Hair "Asami" Type A & B are both included for the special Collabor88 price of L$188 until
January 7th. 

~From Marisa and all the D!va Staff we wish you Safe and Joyous Season ~

""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

""D!VA"" Main store


New from ""D!va"" for December Collabor88

Hello lovely D!vas!

December is upon us and so is the December round of Collabor88.  This month's release from D!va is extra special and lots of fun.  There are three parts to this release.

 ""D!va"" Hair "Asami" includes (TypeA) and (TypeB) bangs versions. The base style is an updo with a slightly off centered bun with signature D!va wisps framing the neck and face. The bun can be toggled ON and OFF via the menu. Simply 'Touch' anywhere on the hair to bring up the menu. Select Bun -> Off .

 The third part of the Asami package is a rigged mesh pony tail attachment.  After toggling the bun off, wear ""D!va"" Hair "Asami" (MESH part) for a completely different look.  To avoid losing any other head or mouth attachments you might be wearing, right click the ponytail in your inventory and select, 'Add'.  

The rigged mesh part is NO mod and can not be re-sized or moved. So be sure to try a demo before purchase.  All other parts of Asami are modify, copy ok and can also be re-sized and adjusted via the pop up menu.

The Demo for Asami is in a single colour this time round, however..... to make up for this Marisa has left out a fully wearable and free colour sample of a previous group gift ""D!va"" Hair "Marie".  You'll find the colour sample right beside the Asami display.

The theme for this month's Collabor88 is 'FROSTBITE' and it's a huge round with absolutely fabulous release from the Collabor88 vendors. This round will end January 8th.

Watch this space for news later this month on new styles and instore releases of previous Collabor88 releases from "D!VA". 

""D!va"" Digest

Happy Sunday Beautiful D!vas~~

As of today there is only one month left til Christmas.  Eek! My how time has flown this year.  Winter is almost here but the trees still have a few leaves to lose before the dreary grey sets in for the season. I do hope you are all staying warm!

The November cycle of Collabor88 has two more weeks to run.  If you have yet to pop down there, well what are you waiting for?  :) 
D!va Hair - Daria Type A (Amber)|Dress from C'est la Vie | Necklace from Magic Nook
""D!va"" Hair, Daria awaits.  It's a cute side braid, tied up with a bow with a huge 21! colours or patterns to choose from.    I just love the little twirly curl on the side. 

 The bow comes in two pieces and can be toggled on and off via the menu on touch.

Skin by :) BCC | Poses by Marukin | Pictures taken in Kagurazaka

Hair is Copy/Mod no Trans and is also modifiable via the pop-up menu on touch. 
The Collabor88 pack includes Type A and B bang styles for the special price of L$188 a colour.

""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

""D!VA"" Main store

""D!VA"" New Release for Collabor88!

I`m soooo excited about this month's release from ""D!va"" for Collabor88.  It's just so pretty!

 ""D!va"" Hair Daria is a wavy and wispy up do with side plait twisted up into a bun and tied off with a ribbon.   Daria comes in with two different bang styles, A and B. 

 Choose from 21 colours for the ribbon or toggle it off completely if you so desire. You can also just toggle off the ribbon tails if you like and leave just the bow.

Toggle Ribbon

Ribbon Texture Change

""D!VA"" Hair "Daria" is currently only available at Collabor88. Each colour contains both 'A' and 'B' types for the special Collabor88 price of 188L$.  Don't forget that the 'Red Amber' version of 'Daria' will only be sold @ Collabor88 for the duration of the November Cycle.

""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

""D!VA"" Main store

""D!va"" Digest – Norma & Jina

Hey D!vas!!
The October round of Collabor88 is still going strong.  If you haven't swung by yet you absolutely *must* do so to pick up this months releases from ""D!va"".   Norma & Jina. 
 Two styles each with two different bangs options.  Norma is just a little bit shorter and spunkier than the elegant Jina.  Both have gorgeous curls bouncing over the shoulders. Yes bouncing! These are non mesh styles so there is a little sway and bounce. 

Hair - ""D!va"" Hair "Jina" (Type A)(Red amber) | Cardigan/Top & Pantskirt - u.f.o @ Collabor88 | Suitcase - tee*fy

Remember that the Red Amber colour will only be available for the duration of this round.  The October round will end November 7th.  

Marisa has been really busy lately, but she is always thinking of all her wonderful D!va customers and thinking up ways to spoil them when she has a little more time.  But for now, enjoy the month of October and drop by Collabor88 soon.

""D!VA"" Main store

""D!VA"" @ Collabor88