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I Want To Be Royal Too…

Hello again my lovelies!  Have you missed me?  The very last round of Zodiac opened today,  which makes me just a little sad.  But it also makes me happy,  because I have blogged for HCE for year now.  It’s been a wild ride,  and I am still looking forward to everything that comes next!

So anyway,  I was talking about this round of Zodiac.  The last round is Leo,  because our fearless leader Ruby is in fact a Leo.  I have always been fascinated by lions,  so the Leo sign intrigues me a little.  The Covert Crop Top I’m wearing happens to be from Cracked Mirror.  It comes in 4 pretty colors and this fantastic Leo version.

Before we get to the lovely crown I’m wearing which inspired this post,  we’ll talk about the cute jewelry from lassitude & ennui.  It’s appropriately called Lion’s Paw Torque Jewelry.  It comes in 4 awesome metal colors,  and comes with a necklace and a bracelet for each wrist.

Okay,  now onto my isnpiration for this post.  I totally saw this Crown from Pilot and thought “OMG, that needs to be on my head”.  But then I realized that it was in fact meant to be decor,  for my house.  So I was all “Nope, I will make this work”.  With a little adjusting,  and making the shadow transparent,  I was able to wear the fabulous decor on my fancy head!

Be sure to check out my blog and check back here for more posts including all the awesome things you’ll find at the Final Round of Zodiac.  Happy Shopping!

With Love and Cupcakes,


It’s All In The Details…

Cracked Mirror - Covert Crop Top – Leo Zodiac

Cracked Mirror - Disclaimer Skinny Jeans – Faded Dark

Pilot - Crown (decor) – Aged Zodiac

(Yummy) - Boho Ring Set – Black

Mandala - Motsumame Ring – Black/Silver

lassitude & ennui - Lion’s Paw Torque Jewelry @ Zodiac

[Gos Boutique] - Eva Slingbacks – Black Leather

Glam Affair - Cleo – America

ISON - Ruby Hair @ Hair Fair

Ikon - Ascension Eyes – Green

Redgrave - Eyelashes 39 – Luscious

Slink - Mesh Hands – Casual

Aitui - Notes Tattoo & Simple Galaxy Tattoo

Vestigium - Lady Muerta Tattoo

Poses from Label Motion

Pictures taken @ ISON

Why are you so Crabby?

Hello again my lovelies!  I couldn’t resist the urge to go full on dork today!  This month’s round of Zodiac is in full swing,  and you can find all the Cancer (the ever so loyal crab) themed items waiting for you!

I saw these Crabby Hands Poses and Mesh Claws from HopScotch,  my dork gene took over.  I had fun making a ridiculous face with the Anypose HUD (click here).  I was determined to prove that I can wear a cute dress (like this Striped Tank Dress from PaperDoll which is also at Zodiac),  and still pull off dorktastic!

Sadly,  after this month there is only one more round of Zodiac.  So don’t forget to go check out all the other awesome stuff and stay tuned for next month as we go out with a BANG!  You can also check out my blog for more cute Zodiac things.

With Love and Cupcakes,


What I’m Wearing:  PaperDoll - Striped Tank Dress @ Zodiac,  Slink - Ilena Sandals & Mesh Feet,  Glam Affair - Cleo – America,  Wasabi Pills – Suger Rush Hair NEW!!

Everything Else:  HopScotch - Crabby Hands Poses & Mesh Claws @ Zodiac,  Pic taken @ It All Starts With A Smile,  Anypose – Expression Hud

Hold On For One More Day…

Hello again my lovelies!  I wanted to share with you one of the awesome poses from Hopscotch at this round of Zodiac.

This pose is called Hold On,  and I thought it represented the duality in Gemini very well.  I grabbed my lovely friend Siobhin Shippe to pose with me,  we even wore the same shirt in opposite colors with an opposite style!

There is still a couple weeks left to check out this round of Zodiac if you haven’t already!  Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!

With Love and Cupcakes,


On Maci: Erratic – Mindy T-Shirt – Awkward (white), Cynful & Lil’ Lace – Bell Bottoms, Maxi Gossamer – Everyday Tiara – Pearl Heart, (Yummy) – Featherweight Necklace, Slink – Aussie Thongs, Glam Affair – Cleo, Lelutka – Addison, Slink – Mesh Hands and Feet

On Siobhin: Erratic – Mindy T-Shirt – Awkward (black), HOC Industries – Pleated Skirt, Strawberry Fizz – Ruched Leggings, HOC Industries – Goto Glasses, Izzie’s – Wood Bangles, Fusion – Silver multi earrings, Fusion – Horn Cord Necklace, HOC Industries – Emo Flats, *League* – Isla, Magika – Blame, Slink – Mesh Hands

The Mismatched & Lazy Gemini…

Hello again my lovelies!  In just a few hours the newest round of Zodiac will open it’s doors!  This one is definitely my favorite round,  because I happen to be a Gemini!  With my birthday just a few days away (May 25th) I am so excited to see all of the awesome things this round of Zodiac holds!

One of those things being this awesome Gemini Arbor from Solange.  I couldn’t resist putting out this beautiful Mesh Arbor in the yard to hang out under today.  The detail is absolutely fabulous.   I put out a couple of random things from Collabor88 too (see bottom for credits),  and my cute bunny!

How could I not grab these super adorable Soliel Moon Socks from LouLou&Co?  They come in three colors,  and each color has two patterns.  My being the dork that I am had to wear two different patterns!  I’m also wearing the awesome Gemini Constellation Necklace from Noodles!  It comes in 4 different pretty colors,  all of which are amazing!

There are lots of other super amazing Gemini themed things waiting for you at Noon SLT at Zodiac!  See you there!

With Love and Cupcakes,


It’s All In The Details…
The Outfit…
{mon tissu} - Oversized Shirt
Blueberry - Alice Mesh Skirt
*LOULOU&CO* - Soleil Moon Socks for Zodiac out @ Noon SLT
Noodles - Gemini Constellation Necklace for Zodiac out @ Noon SLT
Noodles - The Gentleman Ring
Cae - Alchemy Ring FaMESHed
[Gos Boutique] - Flip Flops - Paint Only @ The Boutique
Izzie’s - Asia Skin – Ginger Edition
Exile - All Over You NEW!!
Ikon - Vanity Eyes
Redgrave - Eyelashes
Slink - Mesh Hands
[Gos Boutique] - Mesh Flat Barefeet
Everything Else…
Solange – Gemini Arbor for Zodiac out @ Noon SLT
Floorplan - Step Stool Seat Collabor88
{sa} - Beach Player @ Collabor88
Happy Mood – Standing Rabbit

When Pigs Fly…

Oh hello again my lovelies!  Zodiac has been in full swing for almost a week now,  and I wanted to show you a few more things that I found adorable!

I was all excited to see these awesome Pollock Tanks from Pink Outfitters!  There are a handful of colors,  all of which are awesome.  I really liked the different tones of colors, and how they fade into each other.  It’s perfect for summer,  with shorts or super cute capris!

This new Taurus Skin from Essences  is out just for this round of Zodiac!  There are three different versions,  each with super pretty makeup.  I really like that they all have 4 different brow options!

The Bilss of Dionysus jewelry set from Collisions is adorable!  The necklace is a tiny little bottle of sand or something,  and the earrings are super cute little spirals,  just like the links of the necklace!

There are still so many other awesome items waiting for you at this round of Zodiac!  See you there!

With Love and Cupcakes,


The Details…

Pink Outfitters – Pollock Tank @ Zodiac

Tram – J.I Cardigan

Drift – Weekenders Capris

Collisions – Bliss of Dionysus Jewelry Set @ Zodiac

[Gos Boutique] – Flip Flops

Essences – Taurus Skin @ Zodiac

Magika – Pretty

[Gos Boutique] - Mesh Barefeet

Label Motion (poses)

Pics Taken @ It All Starts With a Smile

Grab The Bull By The Horns…

Hello again my lovlies!  It’s Zodiac time again,  and I am a day late to the game!  Oh well,  it happens and I have a fabulous outfit to show you,  that should make up for my lateness (I hope)!

This dress…. Seriously,  I adore it.  It’s the BullsEye Dress from SySy’s and it comes in 6 awesome colors!  I think I look pretty hot in the dress,  and apparently Mr. Pervy McStegosaurus behind me was checking out my bum.

Of course what is an outfit without accessories?  *LOULOU&CO* came through with the perfect accessories for this dress!  The Libertad Horns and the Andorra Necklace (a collaboration with Virtual Insanity) match perfectly!

Oh and lets not forget the FABULOUS,  yes fabulous poses from !bang.  I’m using the Taurus Poses,  but there is another pose pack from them that is equally as awesome!  There are 5 poses in each mini pack,  and both are must haves.

You should totally go buy everything at Zodiac,  you really won’t be disappointed.  Happy shopping my lovelies!

With Love and Cupcakes,


The Details…

SySy’s - BullsEye Dress  @ Zodiac

*LOULOU&CO* / Virtual Insanity - Andora Necklace  @ Zodiac

*LOULOU&CO* - Libertad Horns  @ Zodiac

*BOOM* - Minimalist Glasses  @ Collabor88

Slink - Lulu Stiletto

Izzie’s - Asia Skin – Ginger Edition

CaTwA - Katniss Mesh Hair

Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eyes

Redgrave - Eyelashes

Slink - Mesh Hands

Slink - Mesh Barefeet

!bang - Taurus  @ Zodiac

Pics Taken @ Tableau

The Art of Fashionable Silliness…

Oh hello there my lovelies!  Oh the cuteness I am about to show you,  you might wanna look away if you have a low tolerance for cute things!

Because I adored the absolutely adorable Lunchbox poses from Elymode that are at the Pose Fair right now,  I asked Amy if she would pose with me.  There are 6 awesome poses in the pack,  as well as their mirrors.

The Lunchboxes are also super cute!  There are a gacha specially for this event,  there are 13 different designs and 2 of them are rare.  Amy happens to be holding the Lady Bug one (which is rare),  and I have the Sakura one.

I had so much fun acting like dorks and taking pics with Amy at the Vespertine Sim!  She was such a great sport dressing up all dorky in the Fashionably Dead Doll Heads we got at The Arcade (sadly it’s closed now).  To see her post check out her blog Pixel Vanity!

With Love and Cupcakes,


On Maci: (fd) BB Doll Head – Tongue (previous arcade item),  Auxiliary – Bunneh Hoodie,  *BOOM* – Everyday Tank,  [Decoy] – Dana 76 Jeans,  .evolve. – Wellies,  Glam Affair - Zara,  Magika – Little

On Amy: (fd) BB Doll Head – Bandaid Wink (previous arcade item),  Jane - Hoodie (juvenile),   Zaara – Classic Jeans,  2Real – Glyderz Shoes,  Glam Affair - Zara,  Truth – Twilla

Listen To My Heart Beat…

Happy Sunday my lovelies!  I have another awesome pose from the Pose Fair to show you!  I asked Billy really sweetly to come pose with me again (the man is my hero, really),  and he was happy to oblige.

The very sweet and sensual pose we are using is from nDisPose called Heart Beat.  It’s just one of the MANY new poses from nDisPose at Pose Fair 2013.  It was really hard to pick just one to show you,  if I had more time I’d have taken more pics.  You still have a week left to go check out the Pose Fair,  and I hear it’s not too laggy right now.  Happy Shopping!

With Love and Cupcakes,


On Maci:  Drift - Bandeau Top (New!),  Drift - City Pants,  Mandala - Omochi Bracelet,  Maxi Gossamer - Lydia Lattice Pearl Neclace,  Noodles - The Gentleman Ring,  Maubray – Petite Fleur Ring,  Izzie’s -Asia – Ginger Edition,  Truth - Elisha (New!),  Slink - Mesh Hands,  [Gos] Boutique - Mesh Barefeet

 On Billy:  FATEwear - Zach Shorts,  Maxi Gossamer - Custom Engraved Love Tags,  *Birth* - Thor,  Exile - AJ,  Slink - Men’s Mesh Barefeet

The Props: !!Follow Us!! – California Dream Bar for The Challenge

Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde…

Oh hello again my lovelies!  I have another awesome pose from Pose Fair 2013 to show you!  This time from the fabulous store Ilaya!

The pose is called Bonnie & Clyde 1,  for obvious reasons right?  It comes with the awesome Pistols Billy and I are holding,  one set is transferable (which is awesome).  When I saw this pose I knew Billy and I had to snap a picture using it.  It’s really sweet with a hint of danger,  which is why I like it so much.

You should totally check out this pose,  and so many other couples poses and singles poses from Ilaya at Pose Fair 2013.  Of course while you are there check the other awesome stores!  As always happy shopping!

With Love and Cupcakes,


On Maci: ColdLogic – Joslin Jumper,  Hucci – Kayla Pumps,  Blitzed – Chorus Breacelet,  Noodles – Moon Of My Life Necklace,  Noodles – The Gentleman Ring,  Izzie’s - Asia Skin – Ginger Edition,  Lelutka – Brigitte,  Slink - Mesh Hands

On Billy: FATEwear – Edward Suit,  Hoorenbeek – Allen Shoes,  Noodles - The Gentleman Ring,  *Birth* – Thor,  Entente – Fincher

Talk To Me…

Hello again my lovelies!  I am one of those people who talks on the phone A Lot!  So these Talk To Me cell phone poses from Embody made me super happy!

The pack comes with adorable poses,  each with a cute cell phone prop.  I decided to use just this one since it was my favorite,  and what girl (I know there are a lot) doesn’t like to lay on her bed gossiping  for hours with friends.

You can pick up this set and a bunch others from Embody and many other stores at Pose Fair 2013!  It’s open till April 14th,  so you still have plenty of time!

With Love and Cupcakes,


What I’m Wearing: 1bp – Chenille Sweater Blouse,  J.H.C. – Truly Mesh Skinny Jeans,  Glam Affair - Zara,  Magika - Rewind,  Slink - Mesh Hands,  [Gos] Boutique - Mesh Barefeet

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