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Ears: CheerNo - EarsBASE_ CHEERNO B260714 (NEW)
Hair/Hat: Entente - Le Soliel Hat & Hair in Dark Brown
Hands: CheerNo - Hands_M#4

Outfit: Lushish Catz/Men - Aztec in Blue @ Trend Fashion Fair Begins August 1st
Shoes: CREDO - Classic Boots in Black @ Trend Fashion Fair Begins August 1st

Bag: Mr.Poet -Leather Backpack
Glasses: Mr.Poet -Half Rim Eyeglasses
Watch: Mandala - Hokusai in White

Bear: Serenity Style - BulbBee Green @ Miyagawacho Gacha Fair Begins August 1st
Books: [what next] - Pile O' Books
Cabinet: oyasumi - dream cabinet @ The Dreamers Factory
Chair: oyasumi -  dream chair @ The Dreamers Factory
Coffee: ATLASH - Buck's Steaming Hot Coffee
Plant: oyasumi - vase /w plant @ Kustom 9
Plate: (Elate!) - A Posh Picnic - Plate with a Sandwich
Radio: Tartessos Arts - Bohemian Radio
Rug: oyasumi - dream rug @ The Dreamers Factory

Now playing: Leaving Tonight by Jennifer Hudson ft Ne yo

[.....if you don't know by now....]

Beard: Egoisme (Evian) Skins - Beard #2 in Black
Ears: CheerNo - EarsBASE_ CHEERNO B260714 (NEW)
Hair/Hairbase: Unorthodox - Fizz Curls in Noir
Shape: Fa Tru - Outlaw
Skin: Mr. Bloch - Zayne #3

Shirt: CheerNo - Garden Shirt (NEW)

Bag: Cashmere Keane - Epitome Backpack in Black
Glasses: S O R G O - ALCAZ Shades / GOLD @ Kustom 9

Pose: Unorthodox Animations - Breezy #20

Now playing: Look Up by Daley

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Alana Addens Blog Post
Thank you Alana Addens for inviting me this afternoon. Fellas, take a look at Alana's blog - Lust Styles - to find the latest styling and shopping leads for your lady or female friend.
Pose: . Infiniti . - Between The Raindrops (gift)

Location: Brandy Wine Island

[....the reckoning....]

[....the reckoning....]
Beard: Fe Style - Facial Hair 8ED/2
Beard: Vika Design - Mesh beard w/ Hud
Face: Market of Gor - Dirty face tattoo

Pants: n-creation - jeans with belt black

Badge: PxdToxic - Detective
Belt: Epia - Army Belt
Glasses: Epia - Military Glasses (black/white)
Gloves: DECO - Mesh Islander in Coal
Gun: Vampyre Fhang - M4A1 Carbine with Accessories
Vest: Epia - Military Combat Vest (NEW)

Pose: Unorthodox Animations - Keef

Location: Insilico East
Now playing: Survival by Eminem

[ there's no turning back now...]

[ there's no turning back now...]
Hair: Unorthodox - Truth Noir @ Hair Fair till 7/27th
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Relax Hands
Shape: Fa Tru - Outlaw
Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins - Marcello Espresso

Top: Delirum Style - Jimmy Casual Long Sleeve (NEW)
Shorts: Delirium Style - Unisex Baggy Bermuda
Shoes: BMX - Sneax One in Black
Bag: XIAJ - Dreamer Backpacks Olive (gacha) @ Dreamers Factory

Pose: Unorthodox Animation - Executive #3

Location: Frisland
Now playing: Its Not Over by Daughtry

[ Save the Date]

Trend Fashion Fair Promo Ad
Event Opens August 1st. 
Website: HERE


Beard: Unorthodox - Guapo Chin Strap
Hairbase: Entente - Black & White pack
Hair: Unorthodox - Fizz Curls Chocolate @ Hair Fair till 7/27th
Skin: Mr. Bloch - York #5

Boxer: Asylum - Demented Draws Whyte
Jacket: FATEwear - Jeff (NEW)
Pants: Muschi - Hot Boys Jeans in Blue
Necklace: Mandala - Inari

Pose: Unorthodox Animation - On One #1

Location: After the Fall

[.....aye, come on over ...]

[.....aye, come on over ...]
Bag: CASHMERE&KEANE - Epitome Backpack(red)
Bed: XIAJ - Sunday Morning Bed (rare) @ The Seasons Story
Bench: Alouette - Window Bench - Black
Cat: StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Naptime - Siamese q
Ceiling Fan: HC Creations - Retro Hanging Lamp blue
Chair: XIAJ - Cara Wooden Chair Sunday Morning Gacha @ The Seasons Story
Chest: [what next]- Book Set  Decor (purchase box)
Clock: Simply A - Harmon Wall Clock
Desk Books: [what next] - Pile O' Books
Frames: XIAJ - Wooden Frames Sunday Morning Gacha @ The Seasons Story
Lamp: XIAJ - Fic Wall Lamp Sunday Morning Gacha @ The Seasons Story
Magazines: Soho Corner - Molly Magazines Set
Plants: ROXY houses - 3 plants in baskets (modified) (gift)
Rug: XIAJ - Modern Rug Sunday Morning Gacha @ The Seasons Story
TV Stand: XIAJ - Luana TV Table Sunday Morning Gacha @ The Seasons Story
Structure: XIAJ - Skybox (ultra rare) Sunday Morning Gacha @ The Seasons Story

Now playing: Come Over by Aaliyah

[No time to waste]

Delirum Style
Ends: Tuesday, July 15 @ 6pm SLT
Taxi: HERE

[If I close my eyes forever... will it all remain the same?..]

[If I close my eyes forever... will it all remain the same?..]
Beard: Okara - 2K14-12
Feet: CheerNo - Feet V.3 Fit Mesh
Hands: CheerNo - Mesh Set #1
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Dreadlow Hair
Shape: Mr. Bloch - Alex

Shirt: XIAJ - Laced Tee in Navy @ Mens Dept.
Pants: Apple May Design - After Shorts in White
Bear: Serenity Style -  NaiOwl Yellow @ The Gacha Mania
Bracelet/Watch: MANDALA - Sitennoah

Location: Brandy Wine Island
Now playing: September by Daughtry
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