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Beard: Unorthodox - Tuff Clean
Hair: Damselfly - Alick

Sweater: [monso] My Hoody Knit - Khaki @ Uber
Pants: ILLI - 511 Jeans with HUD
Shoes: United Colors - Paneled Sneaker Boots Black_Gold (NEW)

Location: The Colder Water

[….who said music is good for the soul…]

Hair: Damselfly - (Colin)Mens @ TLC
Hands: CheerNo - Hand Mesh Set 1

Jacket: tag. - jacket unstoppable [ramones v.1] @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Pants: tag. male pusher pants (NEW)
Shoes: [NikotiN] - Sneakers Manhattan (gacha) NEW
Glasses: tag. glasses proud  [v.4]  (NEW)

Bear: Serenity Style- Mr. Foxy RARE @ Thrift Shop 7.0
Bear: silentsparrow - (Pink) Eli the Elephant @ Cirque de Seraphim
Bottle: [NikotiN] - Bong Bottle @ TLC
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - mk2 -  silver @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - new classic @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - portable amp @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin.- super-sl9000 navy RARE @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - studio table @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - vintage microphone @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - way2indie4u shelf @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. record chair @ Xiasumi School Festival
Rug: bauwerk/22769 - Sloppy Hemp Rug
Space Break Decor: bauwerk - Alien Ale/Snail Burger @ Geeks and Nerds Fair 2014 -11/24
Structure: Epia - Workshop Attic Skybox

[….. the wicked shall never rest]

Vest: C L A Vv. - Sandstorm Vest @ Kustom9
Pants: G I O M E N - Leather Pants Black

Bracelet: Mandala - Sankara
Mask: Sabotage - Skull Mask - Ghule @ Xiasumi School Festival
Machete: xin. Vengeance Combat (gacha) @ Xiasumi School Festival
Necklace: Divinity - Altered Reality Necklace @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Tattoo: [Ner .Ink] - JEN

Location: Neverending
Now playing: The Purge Anarcy

[….your flowers for mine?]

Credits for Taleah McMahon feature ....here
Hair: Soonsiki! -  Kaleidoscope Black
Hand: Slink AvEnhance - Relaxed
Shape: Fa Tru - Reckless
Skin: Mr. Bloch - Alexander

Top: D R O P . - Preppy Cardigan (Navy) @ Xiasumi School Festival
Pants: Just Because - MG Jeans Black
Scarf: GioMen - Aqua Scarf w/ Cardigan (not pictured) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Shoes: V-Spot - Velcro High-Tops Black (NEW)

Bear: [geek.] - Luftballon Pak White @ Cirque de Seraphim
Pose: Nu-na- x [143]clover @ Xiasumi School Festival

Location: Derailed

[…. block of 4th and Main]

Beard: Unorthodox - Fizz Facial Hair (NEW)
Hair: Unorthodox - Usher
Shape: Hostyle Shapes - Alex
Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skin - Marcello Chocolate

Shirt: Apple May Designs (AMD) - Lazy Day Blue Graphic
Pants: Apple May Designs (AMD) - Nemesis Pants Black (NEW) @ TMD
Shoes: Frontline - Supra SkyTop II Black/Gold
Bag: DECO - MESH Bolt Duffle Grey Thunder

Location: Missing Mile

[… on the right side of the "Law"]

Special thanks to Taleah McMahon for inviting me to take this cool picture. You know the saying that women can be bossy and especially if they are petite? Well, I will have to agree but she's still cool. Be sure to check out her blog,  Second Life Snapshots. She is an amazing photographer and its definitely worth following her fashion blog.
Sweater: V-Spot - Seattle in BRown @ Sad November Event
Jeans: hoorenbeek - Classic Jeans in Ocean
Shoes: hoorenbeek - Cambridge in Brown

[ …just my buddy and I]

Beard: dmb - Beard #3
Hair: Damselfly - Ronan @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hand: Slink AvEnhance - Relaxed

Sweater: American Bazaar - Remex Pull in Taupe @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Pants: American Bazaar - Kem in Blue @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Shoes: hoorenbeek - Cambridge in Tan

Glasses: SORGO -  Vader in Tort @ Xiasumi School Festival
Watch: Mandala - Billionaire Genius in Brown

Case: David Heather - Guitare Case/Decor/Mahogany @ Xiasumi School Festival
Food: 8f8 - Rising Sun Delicates - Philly Maki (gacha) @ Xiasumi School Festival
Pillow: fri.day  - floor.pillows (dream) @ Xiasumi School Festival

Location: Frisland

[…..another slow afternoon]

Hair: Due - Sam @ Xiasumi School Festival
Hand: Slink AvEnhance - Relaxed
Skin: Egoisme (Evian) Skins - Apollo Pale

Uniform: Cila - Cafe Prince in Autumn @ Xiasumi School Festival
Shoes: Gabriel - Slip on White

Book: Naminoke - 2014 #7 (gacha) @ Xiasumi School Festival
Soda: David Heather - Cafe Style Cola (gacha) @ Xiasumi School Festival

Location: Derailed

[… when she moves into the mancave..]

Bed: Epia - Dawson Bed Chocolate
Books: { what  next } Stack o' Books
Candles: [we're CLOSED] - log candles dark @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Cat: StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Naptime - Ginger Tabby Hydrangea
Chest: Epia - Toy Chest
Decor: 22769/bauwerk - Brutus Lamp
Decor: oyasumi - vase /w plant
Fireplace: StoraxTree - Chimenea Fireplace Bi @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Lamp: Serenity Style - Old Retro Lamp @ Monster Mash Event (free at event)
Plant: StoraxTree - Vintage Plant Stand Plant Pe @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Rug: StoraxTree - Woven Loop Rug b
Shelf: oyasumi - wooden shelf @ Kustom 9
Sign: 7mad;Ravens - Mancave handing sign @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Structure: Epia - Workshop Attic Skybox
Toy: Serenity Style - Serenity Style- Ellete Elf  (rare) @ Fantasy Room
Wall shelf: oyasumi - oyasumi / hanging shelf @ Kustom 9

Save the Date

Xiasumi School Festival + 3 November 2014
We are excited to welcome you to join our upcoming event Xiasumi School Festival. The event will be concept based on Japanese/culture school festivals. The festival will consist of ten themes: Haunted House, Maid/Butler Cafe, Food Stands, Sports, School, Shrine/Garden, Kawaii/Animals, Concert/Theatre, Dormitory, and Cultural.

There will be several activities held throughout the event, including: a talent show, sports obstacles, combat zone, haunted house, food stands, and a maid/butler cafe; in which you can hang out with some of your favorite designers.

We plan to donate proceeds from tips and donation items that our designers will create, to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children fund. Hardships do not stop after the natural disasters occur. There are many children affected by the disasters, children without family or homes. Proceeds will go towards helping these children in need. For more information, please visit the following link - HERE