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Your favorite darkness

Couple pose - Alley Catch (Group Gift) (new) - Del May Poses 
Lark - Canine mask and feline mask (new) (Romp)

What’s been said and done

Ispachi: Lemonade Stall   (L'Amitie Summer Market)

Poche - Tropical Drink Gacha - (Okinawa Summer Festival)
XIAJ - Summer Bento gacha (Okinawa Summer Festival)
Moo Milk Carton
Wooden Picnic Table
Usagi Bento RARE
Neko Bento RARE
Panda Bao

vespertine - fruit treats (previous Arcade)
*ionic* - Eureka! Boat RARE (The Chapter Four)

Later doesn’t always come

Hair: lamb - Nothing (Hair Fair) (new)
Pose: Del May Poses - Despondent

Flamingos: !Ohmai (Summerfest)
Backyard Drive-in Theatre - Consignment (The Season's Story)
 Bucket and spade - Tentacio -beach season. play bucket green (OhMyGacha)
Heated Pool sign - 7 (The Arcade - March 2014)
Culprit - MeoWoof Doggeez RARE (Retired)

Location - Home

Sometimes I can see right through myself

Skin: Aeros - River - Cream
Hair: Action  - Joe
Hoodie: Pumpkin - Urban Hoddie - Plain Black
Eyes: Ikon - Destiny - Oak
Ears: Mandala - Simple Ears
Location - Roche

Welcome to the second act

Skin: Aria - Olympia - Natural (@TTSE)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Sorrow Eyes - Blue (Group Gift)
Hair: Iruco - hair25 (black)

Shape: Mine (as always)

I don’t know what’s real…

Hair: Ink - Homie ::Ginger (new) (TMD, June)
Dragon - -Pixicat- Oriental (Dragon) RARE  (new) (The Arcade)
Pose: Del May Poses - Daggers male  (new) (soon)
Eyes: Ikon - Promise eyes, Turquoise

Now the darkness comes….

Some stuff from the Dark Style Fair
Skin: Pink Fuel - Drow (We <3 Roleplay) (new)
Ears: []Trap[] - Vamp Ears (new)
Scarf: Contraption -  Compass Tech Muffler (new) (DSF)
Claws: Goth1c0 - Reckless Claws (new) (DSF)
make up: Lovely Disarray - Haunted Souls (Eye shadow and left tear)  (new) (DSF)
My right - SU! - Scarlet Eyes, Black (new) (DSF)
My Left: Dead Apples - Phantom Eyes - Snow

Bide your time

The Pose Fair opens tomorrow, so here's the last one from Inertia.
Inertia - out on a limb, gazer 1 and gazer 2. (new)

Clockwise from left to right... perched, beachbum, lookup, boots and twisted. 

Get your sea legs

A new set of poses from Inertia for the Pose Fair, starts Friday.
Inertia - Sea Legs

It’s a good day to die

A new couple pose from Inertia at The Pose Fair soon!
Inertia - The Dead Drop

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