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Is It Time To Play Yet?

We decided to drag out all the toys, mine included today and do a huge post! I have so many things to mention. First, the Home and Garden Expo began yesterday and I’ve got a few more goodies from the event plus direct landmarks where you can find the items I’m showing today. Secondly, I wanted to mention that I finally got around to opening a marketplace store and the pose I’m using I have up for FREE here. I’d love you to try it and let me know what you think. Third, Plethora’s newest release for The Liaison Collaborative includes 12 gacha planterbots which are more adorable than any robot or plant could actually be especially with their clever little names. (*ANGELICA) recently released a set of lipsticks with and without teeth and a set of eyes, both in separate gacha machines for The Gacha Mania event. I’m wearing two of the rare winnings in the photos below. I’d like to tell you about much more but I’ll let the credits do the talking now!




Shabby Tabby – Chalk Lights 7 LI (HGE)

Serenity Style: Dreams Hang RARE (HGE)

NACH: Inspirational Words Decal 1 LI (HGE)

Apple Fall: Stepladder Table 1 LI (Arcade)

Apple Fall: Rose Bouquet 1 LI (Kustom9)

Plethora: Diver Clock Lamp 1 LI (Kustom9)

Plethora: Planterbots Doctor Cilantro, Foil Of Kings RARE, Aloe ‘Ello 2 LI Each (TLC)

Intrigue Co.: Plushie Pals Henrietta The Hydra 1 LI (Arcade)

tarte.: Dreamer’s Bed Brass 10 LI

Boogers: Snooze Bear 1 LI (Arcade)

Serenity Style: The Vain Little Mouse (HGE)

Hanaya: Storytime Rhyming w/Holding Animation (HGE)

Floorplan: Merci Serving Tray 1 LI

Apple Fall: Teacup Rose 1 LI (Kustom9)

Apple Fall: Blueberries 1 LI (Kustom9)

Apple Fall: Pocket Watch 2 LI (Kustom9)

Apple Fall: Teacup Pearls RARE (Kustom9)

junk.: Splatter Rug 2 LI (Kustom9)

Intrigue Co.: Plushie Pals Krista The Kraken 1 LI (Arcade)

MadPea: Wind-n-Watch 1 LI (Arcade)

ROOST: Let’s Play Noah’s Ark 1 LI (Arcade)

Alouette: Dewey The Robot 2 LI (TLC)

Build: Trompe Loeil – The Dreaming House 60 LI For Full Version (C88)

Pose: Sweet’n’Salty Poses – Hold Me Close (FREE On MP!)

On Me

Skin: (*ANGELICA) – Suzy HoneyPink No Brow (Group Gift)

Eyebrow: MUDSKIN -Deanna Red Eyebrow

Eyes: *(ANGELICA) – Clear Eyes #Azure RARE (TGM)

Eyeliner: !Imabee – Florentien Eyeliner 1

Freckles: MUDSKIN -Freckles Hard (Free In Store)

Lips: (*ANGELICA) – Milky Lip Chop #Cherry w/Teeth RARE (TGM)

Hair: Lelutka -Cadence Hair AurburnHaze (C88)

Nails: Love Soul – CandyDrop Manicure Slink Appliers

Dress: offbeat – Hello To My Sweetie 1 (Kustom9)

On Kiddo

Skin: Amitomo – Love Tone 2

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Sugar Rush Gingerbread

Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes Ice

Freckles: MUDSKIN – Freckles Hard (Free)

Bubblegum: LaGyo – Morgan Bubblegum Strawberry (C88)

Ouchies: just kidding – Biking Accident RARE

Outfit: peekabee – Sammi

Socks: Snips & Snails – Floppy Socks TwoTone A

Kitty: LVS KIDS – KittyCats – Lil Anna RARE (Woodland Treasures)




Home And Garden Expo Preview.

The Home and Garden Expo 2014 begins September 16th and runs through September 28th. This is a Relay For Life Event and the funds raised from the Relay For Life vendors will aid in financing cancer research. The event is spread over eight sims with more than eighty-five creators participating this year. Below are some of the new items being offered. For more information visit the Second Life Home and Expo official blog here. For a larger image, once again, please see my flickr. Landmarks available soon!



Build: by Dorian – Tumbleweed 15 LI (Soon @ HGE)

!!FollowUs!!: Home Sweet Home Sign 1 LI (Soon @ HGE)

Vespertine: Rocking Chair Reddish 2 LI (Arcade)

Half-Deer: Forest’s Tale Mrs. Nuttington Squirrel 2 LI (Arcade)

Striped Mocha: Kettle With Candles 6 LI (Soon @ HGE)

Thaino Designs: Standing Pumpkin Decor 3 LI (Soon @ HGE)

Thaino Designs: Pumpkin Seat 11 LI (Soon @ HGE)

Vespertine: Hanging Paper Ornaments 3 LI Each (Arcade)

Thaino Designs: Pumpkin Flower Bed 10 LI Each (Soon @ HGE)


Let The Leaves Fall.

I’m in the process of redecorating my home for autumn and I’m really starting to love it. Sari-Sari will be releasing a perfectly relaxing little autumn set for Kustom9 on September 15th. Secondly, Plethora also released an autumn decor set for this week’s round of The Neighborhood. I thought they both paired very well together and I now have a new little corner of warmth to relax. For my shoe lovers, L. Warwick will be arriving at My Attic on September 19th with these shoes for both Slink and Belleza mesh feet. Please see my flickr for a larger photo.




tarte.: Wagon Wheel Light Walnut 2 LI (The Arcade)

Sari-Sari: Twig Chair A 4 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Fashionably Dead: Cat 09 Ready To Pounce 4 LI (The Arcade)

Sari-Sari: Twig Table w/Radio, Books, & Vase 5 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Plethora: Fall Table Lamp Maroon 1 LI (The Neighborhood)

Sari-Sari: Twig Chair B 4 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Plethora: Apple Basket Upright 1 LI (The Neighborhood)

Plethora: Apple Basket Tipped 2 LI (The Neighborhood)

Plethora: Bowl of Autumn Branches Forest 1 LI (The Neighborhood)

Floorplan: Autumn Blocks 1 LI

Vespertine: Fabric Bird Sleepy Owl 1 LI

Vespertine: Fabric Bird Chickadee Emerald 1 LI

On Me

Skin: MUDSKIN – Jade7 w/Lip6 Tone4

Body: Slink – Physique Mesh Body w/MUDSKIN Applier

Hair: Little Bones – Glass Leaf Browns (TCF)

Top: Rowne – Alexia Dress Royal (C88)

Shoes: L.Warwick – Elation Platform Heels Cranberry/Brown (Soon @ My Attic)

Pose: Sari-Sari w/Chair



Future Reflections.

So Many Styles created this celestial jacket for The Dressing Room and I figured I’d throw together some of my other new items and float around in space for a while. Of course space kitty wanted to tag along with me. How could you say no to that face?

Future Reflections.



Head: Slink – Visage Mesh Head w/The Skinnery Xiao Applier

Body: Slink – Physique Mesh Body w/The Skinnery Applier Champagne

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Upshaw Hair Straight Bangs A (C88)

Ears: BOOM – Jet Set Ear v2 Grape (The Arcade)

Gum: Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum!

Gun: BOOM – Piyo Piyo Gun Mint (The Arcade)

Jacket: So Many Styles – Bomber Jacket Galaxy 2 (TDR)

Bodysuit: Tee*fy – Tiffany Bodysuit Purple (C88)

Boots: BOOM – Jet Set Boots Grape RARE (The Arcade)

Kitty: Pixicat – Space.Companion Tabby (The Arcade)

Pose: Kirin Poses – Cloud 3 V1


Into The Depths Of The Ocean.

I took a much needed dive into the ocean with some of my new items from We Love Role-Play. First, the Skinnery released two fantasy versions of Xiao. Each has optional appliers, brow and cleavage options. Empyrean Forge also released this headpiece complete with a resizer and color change HUD. Plus, Reckless released a brand spanking new tattoo for The Thrift Shop, which opened today. For a larger image please click the photo.



Skin: The Skinnery – Bare Face Mermaid NB CL2 (We Love RP)

Eyebrows: Adored Bodyshop – Downtown Brows Red 01 (Swag Fest)

Eyes: Buzzeri – Voodoo Eyes Frost

Hair: Mina – Jasmine Dark Reds (We Love RP)

Headpiece: Empyrean Forge Aurora Diadem Gold (We Love RP)

Necklace: ANE – Athena Armor Necklace Gold (We Love RP)

Tattoo: .Reckless. – Baxton Faded w/Slink Applier (The Thrift Shop)

Mermaid Tail and Top: Cynefin -Mermaid Form Ningya Black

Pose: !bang – Mermaid 4M

Location: Binemist



A Little Solitude Does Wonders.

I wanted to decorate a space that is a lot less girly than my usual and hopefully a place my husband might actually enjoy hanging out in. I’m using mostly new items from several different events going on at the moment. All items have a landmark listed below to the event where they’re currently available.


oyasumi: Cage Lamp  2 LI (Uber)

Cheeky Pea: Louis’ Chair A & B Adult 5 LI Each (FaMESHed)

ISON: Deer Plate 1 LI (Arcade)

oyasumi: Pipe Wall Light (The Mens Dept)

Cheeky Pea: Louis’ Star Light 2 LI (FaMESHed)

junk: Half Man(nequin) 3 LI (Arcade)

Baiastice: BJD Collection Woods 2 LI (Previous Arcade)

oyasumi: Cinder Block Table 2 LI (Uber)

fashionably dead: Cat 07 Sitting Down 3 LI (Arcade)

oyasumi: 24th Street Sign 1 LI (Uber)

8f8: La Petite Joie Cafe Hat Rack 2 LI (Arcade)

Zigana: Stacked Envelopes 1 LI (Arcade)

8f8: La Petite Joie Cafe Cigarettes Secret 5 LI (Arcade)

On A Lark: Bayou Table Wide Version Color Change HUD (The Fantasy Collective)

Buckbeak – HAIKEI: Vintage Rug #4 1 LI

Build: Trompe Loeil -The Chatham Loft Skybox 50 LI


The Skinnery At Collabor88 & A Jewelry Fair Preview.

Collabor88 began today and The Skinnery is a guest for the very first time this round bringing you a new skin, Kim. She’s available in two makeups with three tones to choose from along with three cleavage and two brow options. I also wanted to let you know the Jewelry Fair begins September 13th and will showcase new and exclusive jewelry from over fifty designers across the grid. I’m wearing a preview of one of Zenith’s creations for the event. Hope you enjoy!


Skin: The Skinnery – Kim Tropicana Honey DB (New @ C88)

Body: Slink – Physique Mesh Body w/The Skinnery Applier

Hair: Truth – Clover 2 Browns

Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes Angel (Kustom9)

Lashes: Beetlebones – Starstruck Black Mesh Lashes

Nails: Bamboo Nails – Golden Set Slink Nail Appliers

Jewelry: Zenith – Rita Spent Lace Collarbone Ring/Bracelet Set (Soon @ The Jewelry Fair)

Pose: By Me


(*ANGELICA) Group Gift

I’ve got a few new goodies to show off today. First, a lovely new group gift skin by ANGELICA. Her name is Suzy and she comes complete with a set of eyes, three brow choices, teeth and no teeth options plus Slink hand and feet appliers. I’m also wearing a new two piece outfit from Monso that you can find at FaMESHed. A HUD is included with the sweater and there are several options including color change shirt, tie and the option of wearing only the sweater. Happy Sunday! <3


Skin: (*ANGELICA) – SUZY HoneyPink Rosy Brow (Group Gift)

Hair: Sweet Thing – Mari Hair C Blonde Pack (The Big Show)

Eyes: (*ANGELICA) – Glassy Eyes #pink (Group Gift)

Glasses: The Sugar Garden – Shy Megane Silver

Ring: Yummy – Gumball Princess Blue (Arcade)

Nails: (*ANGELICA) - Slink nail polish Leopard (The Showroom)

Piggies: Birdy – Wilbur Light & Pale Pink Static Pose (TCF)

Sweater: [monso] -My Preppy Sweater Navy (FaMESHed)

Skirt: [monso] – My Preppy Skirt Pink Check (FaMESHed)

Pose: KIRIN – Sakura Pose 8


Let’s Go Bobbing For Apples!

The Mens Dept began today and Cheeky Pea created this Dipper Bar Set. The screen has a place to drag and drop eight photos into. The haystack is available in both adult and pg versions with twelve single, five couple and nine adult animations. One sequence set is included in the adult version. Plus, you can even bob for apples with the choice of three cute animations! I also wanted to mention L.Warwick is participating in Fifty Linden Fridays this week and has a cute pair of autumn flip-flips for only 50L. They have both male and female versions along with a Belleza version. Last but not least, The Chapter Four began yesterday and The Skinnery has created a light-skinned beauty named Estelle. She’s available in milk and champagne tones along with cat eyeliner and blush.



Cheeky Pea: Louis’ Batty Lantern 3 LI (FaMESHed)

Cheeky Pea: Louis’ Star Lantern 3 LI (FaMESHed)

Cheeky Pea: Dipper Bar Crates 1 LI (TMD)

Cheeky Pea: Dipper Bar Food 7 LI (TMD)

Cheeky Pea: Dipper Bar 2 LI (TMD)

Cheeky Pea: Dipper Bar Screen 3 LI (TMD)

Cheeky Pea: Dipper Bar Apple Bobbing 3 LI (TMD)

Cheeky Pea: Dipper Bar Haystack 2 LI Adult & PG Versions (TMD)

Cheeky Pea: Apple Cider Cup From Louis’ Hot Apple Cider Goodies (Worn) (FaMESHed)

Fashionably Dead: Cat 10 Scared 3 LI (Arcade)

Build: Frogstar Woodcutter’s Cottage (We Love RP)

On Me

Skin: The Skinnery – Estelle Champagne w/Blush (TCF)

Hair: Clawtooth – Fade Into You w/Hat Wheat RARE (Arcade)

Glasses: BOOM – Minimalist Glasses Titanium

Shirt: Emery – Love Music Sweatshirt Blue (FaMESHed)

Jeans: Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans Slim Light

Shoes: L.Warwick – Flup-Flops Autumn (FLF)

Pose: an lar poses – Stand Down

A Cozy Autumn Day.

It’s time for more Arcade goodies! The first photo is a rare gacha win from tarte at the Arcade this month, a cozy weathered autumn cottage perfect for those without a lot of prims to work with. In the second photo I’m showing another new release by tarte that’s available now at Fameshed. It’s a little reading nook with two versions available plus a chair with three animations. I really enjoyed how my bedroom nook turned out.

tarte-rare-cottage-blog tarte-blog-1-blog


Pic 1

tarte.: Autumn Cottage Rare 20 LI (Arcade)

MishMish: Chipmunk w/Butterfly & Lantern 1 LI Each

Forest Floor: Beech Lush Trees 3 LI Each w/Seasons HUD

Zigana: Autumn Leafy 1 LI Each

Pic 2

tarte.: Little Library Old 7 LI (FaMESHed)

tarte.: High Chair 3 LI (FaMESHed)

tarte.: Books & Tea 1 LI (Arcade)

tres blah: Workspace Pencils 1 LI (Arcade)

MishMish: Capricorn 1 LI (Arcade)

Floorplan: Vintage Travel Poster 1 LI

tarte.: Picture Frame Mint 1 LI (Arcade)

tarte.: Tin Vase & Twig 1 LI (Arcade)

tarte.: Rotary Phone 1 LI (Arcade)

tarte.: Old Wood Table 1 LI (Arcade)

Lark: Imaginarium Librarium 2 LI

junk.: Birdcage Candle Three 1 LI

ISPACHI: [Florian] Flipflops Pink 1 LI (Arcade)

fashionably dead: Cat 11 Sitting 4 LI (Arcade)

tarte.: Worn Trunk 1 LI (Arcade)

ISPACHI: [Florian] Breakfast Tray 2 LI (Arcade)

What Next: Maison Drapes Long 5 LI

Apple Fall: Old Roman Bed 9 LI (Arcade)

tarte.: Old Floor Lamp Bronze 2 LI (Arcade)

tarte.: Hanging Wall Art 1 LI (Arcade)

tarte.: Small Wall Art 1 LI (Arcade)

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