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LOTD 15.11.13

Hi guys! Finally i switch into winter / autumn mode, i created this look because i have so many things on backorder from blogging, in fact, the things weared aren’t just out but are still great items to buy. I state that i love the loose, comfortable sweaters, U.F.O has recreated one of these. Very wide and long sleeves with a waist belt to not look like a sack of potatoes. Really cute.

I believe every woman has the ugg boots to wear when it gets really cold, sometimes they are unsightly but really warm. In this case seem less ugly than usual and they look good as a whole.One thing that I matched perfectly and the backpack Teefy, realizate perfectly with excellent shadows and textures. Oh I forgot, the skin I wear is a Gift of Rozena, will run from today for the next 3 days including today.





Skin: ROZENA ~Yuri~ 2013 November Gift Skin
Shape: <3
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Mina -  blondes
Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes – Brown
Lashes: (= potcha. eyelash no.001 *** cecilina
Eyeliner: [okkbye] Eyeliners


Sweater: ::{u.f.o}::novella knit sweater – skyblue
Pants: Monk – Leather Pants white
Hat: tram -cat beret- fur*A
Necklace: LaGyo_Lost crystal necklace Gold
BackPack: Tee*fy  Leather-Made Goat Head  Backpack  Fiesta
Boots: (r)M~Shoe “UggStyle Boot” ~ No.01
Pose: Label Motion – Lollipop

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LOTD 14.11.13

Sorry guys if this week i blogged a little, but i had a lot of RL things, finally found a job! *-*

After so many look very elaborate i just want something simple that doesn’t demand too much time to change me and that i can easily modify and add new details. Here’s today’s look is exactly like that. It was so long that I wanted to blogging the new hair made ​​from Chemistry, They are made really well and give the possibility to choose the length as well as having a large assortment of colors, they are a bit more expensive but in my opinion totally worth the effort.

I hit the news a lot of H.O.F with the new leather pants, make it really well, especially at the level of texture that shape perfectly avatar’s ass, it seems true. That Ass <3

One day I decide to buy a whole pack of skin Glam Affair, was very good about giving a look very simple and sophisticated at the same time even with very showy tricks as in my case. This skin I bought some time ago and was expecting such an occasion to exalt it.




Skin: -Glam Affair - Neva skin – Europa 04
Shape: <3
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Tamora – HUD.1
Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes – Brown
Lashes: (= potcha. eyelash no.001 *** cecilina
Eyeliner: [okkbye] Eyeliners


Sweater: The Secret Store – Short Sleeve Sweater – Snow – !NEW! Collabor 88
Pants: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Leather Pants[Black] !NEW! Collabor 88
Necklace: [tea.s] Bow Necklace – Onyx
Bracelet 1: Izzie’s – Belt Bracelet (r) gold buckle
Bracelet 2: LaGyo_Aiko bangle
Earring: LaGyo_Plumes earrings
Shoes: SOLSTICE by Steffen Garcia, Pink
Pose: Label Motion – Nyu

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LOTD 06.11.13

Hi guys, today I feel particularly inspired for a new look RPG. Some of the pieces are not even expensive so was very cheap. I recreated one of my favorite characters, an elf, I staked everything on the green. The thing I like the most is obviously the face with all decorations created by May’s Soul and LaGyo. What makes it special are the makeup of Nuuna that are suited to this type of character. And finally, the more detail and cute teddy bear in her arms.




Skin: .Birdy. Ashley Skin ~Toffee~
Shape: <3
Hair: (r)M Hair No.15’13 ( o.1 F a n t a s y )
Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes – Brown
Lashes: (= potcha. eyelash no.001 *** cecilina
Tattoo1: +Nuuna+ Ku-My Makeups
Tattoo2: +Nuuna+ Meta makeups
Ears: :[P]:-Secret Garden Ears- Noir


Dress: [Teri] Tridea Dress – Deep Forest 25L$
Crown: (epoque) Jagged Tiara – Gold !NEW!  We <3 Role-play
Shoulders: ieQED dragon.pauldron.gold !NEW!  We <3 Role-play
Shoes: the Lounge – *Exclusive* Camel Celtic Calf Boots
Bear: .Birdy. Snow Cub VIP gift <3
HeadPiece: LaGyo_Aura headpiece for oldTDR
FaceChain: *May’s Soul* Sahara chain 25L$
Pose: Label Motion

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LOTD 31.10.13

I think I found another skin to be included in my package of super favorite. The skin of which I am speaking is produced by Birdy, I think this brand has been around for some time, I have discovered only now … unfortunately. My choice fell on one of those dark though they are not my passion, made really well done especially with the lights on the nose, mouth and cheeks. The only flaw so if we want to call instead, is the part of the body, shoulders, back, front, are not well defined and the detail is not similar to that of the face. Overall it’s enjoyable. Because the breasts are not excessive and designed relate well with a breast shape with the right size, like mine.

A very pretty and special boots are produced from Eudora. They are in steampunk style, with all the details of chains and gears on the back. They are the ones that give a pleasant vision as a whole. In my opinion it would be better to insert a compatible set of socks with these shoes. And that’s what I did, I took the socks sculpt of Maitreya and I put them literally inside the shoes, and the effect is really pleasing to the eye with these rolled-up socks on the end of the shoe. ♥

Ps: Yaay I got to 200 look, at least since I number them. Technically it would be on the 300 and passes.



Skin: .Birdy. Ashley Skin ~Toffee~
Shape: <3
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Daisy/ Regular Pack 2
Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes – Brown
Lashes: (= potcha. eyelash no.001 *** cecilina


Highneck: fri. – Basic.Turtleneck (Salmon)
Sweater: tulip. V-Neck Sweater (Mud) !NEW!
Pants: ::C’est la vie!:: cropped trousers(black)
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks  * ColorSet 2
Neclace: LaGyo_Santa Fe necklace golda
Headpones: (fd) Radio Headphones – Salmon
Boots: Eudora Smoking Boots BRS ( Steampunk Boots )
Pose: Pekka

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LOTD 29.10.13

Today I visited the Fantasy Gacha Fair, and I basically burglarized, because there were a lot of really nice things, didn’t exceed 75 L$. I think I will need more posts to show everything better.

My first purchase is the dress of The Library, which didn’t have a demo at the gacha, so I chose by going to luck. I have noticed that there are a lot of accesories for the face, but really a lot more with the same type. I was expecting a much wider variety. :/
One thing I really like is the hair, I made it look like you are going to get around so it’s really fabulous, I should try to redo the high-definition photos will be beautiful!




Skin: Izzie’s – Lucie Skin natural
Shape: <3
Hair: (r)M Hair No.14’13 ( o.9 F a n t a s y )
Eyes: .ID. City Lights / Mint
Lashes: (= potcha. eyelash no.001 *** cecilina
Freckles: MONS / Makeups – freckles&marks (more freckles)


Dress: .~The Library~. Antigone – Blush Fantasy Gacha Fair
Jacket: TENDANCE by Steffen Garcia, Charcoal
Cape: PFC~The Hunter – Grizzly Fantasy Gacha Fair
Neclace: Izzie’s – Leaves Necklace gold
Gloves: [Ascent] Armored Gloves  04 Fantasy Gacha Fair
Bracers: [The Forge] Viking Bracers, (Black/Gold) RARE Fantasy Gacha Fair
Headband: [The Forge] Celtic Headband, (Worn Black), Common Fantasy Gacha Fair
Wings: RO – Elysium – Black -
Pose: [ng]

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LOTD 28.10.13

Hi guys! As you can see I have renewed the look of the blog, sometimes change is good.I present to you today is not anything new but only nice things for what it’s worth it to spend. The thing I really like is the hair of Magika, the cap I had to change to adapt to the color of sweater. I pulled out my very old glasses Tontastik but they have an annoying flaw, have integrated ç.ç light effect. in the image that they give me the red halo around it. The thing I’m very proud of is my new bracket, it is not the most appropriate look to show it but I’m too happy to have taken it, I’ll use it for my RPG outfit.

Ps: I’m sorry for the link to the shop of Potcha, unfortunately the store currently doesn’t have a mainstore :( If you want the lashes that I mentioned,  you need to contact directly the creator CECILINA Resident



Skin: Izzie’s – Lucie Skin natural !NEW!
Shape: <3
Hair: Magika [01] Clumsy
Eyes: .ID. City Lights / Mint
Lashes: (= potcha. eyelash no.001 *** cecilina
Freckles: MONS / Makeups – freckles&marks (more freckles)


Sweater: welldone.atelier/ High neck sweater/Red
Jeans: tulip. Madeline Colored Jeans Gray
Necklace: .Tokame. Pufpuf Necklace !NEW! The Chapter Four
Ring: *Tentacio* Satan eye for halloween !NEW!
Goggles: TonkTastic – Fragmentation Goggles
Staf: [The Forge] Aura Staff Common (Crystal White) – Yard Sale
Shoes: ::{u.f.o}::monmon tennis shoes – red -
Pose: Label Motion

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LOTD 17.10.13

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening!

Not knowing what time you read the post I greet you all :3

Today I’ll talk about a skin that really struck me, is the new release of Vive9! I think it’s one of those who prefer up to now produced by this brand. Within the PACKAGE you will find: The Appliers from Slink for Hand/Nails & Feets, L.inc Phat Azz, Lola Tango texture for the breast. A peculiarity is that there is possibility to change the type of nipple, from the classic dark to the light available for both Lolas or in texture. I love the light nipples!  The skin makes me look a bit more mature and serious, giving a typical look of supermodels with a clear complexion and sculpted face.

The jacket I wear is a must to be in our inventory, and in fact these jackets can match with anything. The sleeves are rolled up the detail that I like very much.


One thing I want to tell you also, are my new lashes. They are really special and I don’t think’ve seen them anywhere else. Are produced by Potcha and don’t have the typical shape that tends upward but are Straight, as the real eyelashes before being curved. From the picture seem, those of a Japanese anime series, and is one of the reasons why I like them a lot. <3



Skin: .: fiore :. LATTE Skin in SPF25 !NEW! Cosmetic Fair
Shape: <3
Hair: BUFFY by Herve Faenzo, Fades (Marilyn)
Eyes: .ID. City Lights / Mint
Lips: [PF] Elly <Sugar> Juicy Gloss/Teeth (Nectarine)
Lashes: ( = potcha. eyelash no.001 *** cecilina
Freckles: MONS / Makeups – freckles&marks


Shirt: The Secret Store – Lua’s Cropped Shirt – Coral -
Jacket: The Secret Store – Structured Blazer – Mint /Cuffs -
Jeans: bahia.belle.high.waist.jeans light
Necklace: Essences: A Shift in Time Necklace
Bracelet 1: [tea.s] Link Bracelet – Kiwi -
Bracelet 2: Izzie’s – Hole Bangle
Sunglasses: .:villena:. – Smiley Face Cross Eyed Glasses
Bag: Faenzo – SOOKIE by Steffen Garcia, Black
Shoes: N-core IBIZA
Pose: Label Motion

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LOTD 16.10.13

Finally, here I am back to post my favorite looks. I announced my return to blogging on flickr, but before blogging I wanted to redo my inventory, separate the new things from the old ones, and so on.

The look of today I particularly love! I used the brown that is typically autumn and then turn it on with other hot colors like pink and plum. I really like the matte finish on the lips, infact is trend of rl and sl. The new jacket produced by Ison give you the possibility to be combineded with any type of look and allows to change color to the tank that is located below, very helpful. I paired the fantastic boots H.O.F because there were a similar palette color, and didn’t want to put too much of clothes so I completely removed the lower part. One thing that surprised me in a pleasant way is the hair made ​​by Tulip. Having been away, I thought I would create just the clothes, instead look here that wonderful hair! An excellent texture and above all resemble those in my RL!

Hope you like it. <3



Skin: Essences ~ CHO ~ peche
Shape: <3
Hair: tulip. Lydia
Eyes: [theSkinnery] Maple eyes – Sapphire !NEW! Cosmetic Fair
Lips: PIDIDDLE Cosmetics – Vintage Series – MagentaMagic


Jacket: ISON – leather asymmetrical jacket (brown) !NEW! Collabor 88
Tights: Izzie’s – High-Waisted Tights (Basics)
Head decoration: LaGyo_Bizarre flower headpiece Autumn
Ring: LaGyo_Siroune ring Gold
Bag: ::{u.f.o}::minkomink bag -flower RARE
Shoes: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Silla Boots[Natural] !NEW! Collabor 88

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So you wanna clean your Inventory?


Who among us has said the famous words “I have to clean the inventory” followed by a deep breath, and then send it back saying “I’ll do it later, is not so messed up.

A force to postpone things, you always have less desire to do it but when enough is enough and in the end we rolled up ours sleeves to begin your epic cleaning, but don’t know where to start.With this tutorial I want to help and simplify your titanic enterprise to make it faster and less stressful than usual, because let’s face it, 80% of what we have in the inventory for us is a mystery, and we discover only on these occasions.

I will use my inventory as an example that has 36k of items, is not much compared to many of you who are between 100k and 70k but the technique that I propose will help you to fall in number (so it will load faster) and to make things much easier to find according to your needs. I also do an appendix for bloggers who are the category most affected by the disorder of inventory ( sounds like a disease XD ).

 screen1 screen2 (click to zoom img)

I’m using Firestorm 4.4.2 in Italian (the folders that I will already be in Italian but the examples will be made in English). The first step is to clump all objects in a single folder that I called! ” !ALL! ” (uppercase letters and exclamation points, make sure the folder will always be first, than the other).

The following step can be divided into 2. The first is for those who have never organized their inventory, and the second is for those who have already done so but he found himself again overwhelmed by things.

1 – For those who have never cleaned their inventory suggest you open all your folders and move all the contents in the folder! “!ALL!“.

2 – For those who already have a base of organization relate better advice to those folders by selecting the articles that interest us than not. Already doing so we eliminate a lot of our inventory and we simplify future work.

The next step is to release the Objects folder. Personally I prefer to open them all to be sure not to throw away something useful, but if you are sure that all those objects you have already elsewhere you can proceed with the cancellation.
Ps: We can often get packages even when we are off-line, so I say it is best to check even if you lose a lot of time.

Now we start from the folders as fixed Clothing and Body Parts. We begin to organize them as in this screen. The division I made it according to my inventory, you can use it as an example for yours.


Once you have created subcategories can select one of them and if you want you can further subdivide into more specific categories, such as color or fabric.


Once subdivided you just need to open the second window of the inventory, and start trying everything you have in the folder !ALL!











I recommend when you try things, don’t be too indulgent, if something you do not like don’t hold because for sure do not use it. Avoid phrases as “It will be used in the future” were justifying an object that you probably forget for the end of days. Certainly sorry to throw things away ( i’m the first us to keep every stupid, but then I find myself with things that I never used).
Don’t lose heart because this work seems to never end, it took you months and years to have all these items and for sure will not go away in a couple of hours. Better to do things slowly, leaving no stone unturned rather than doing things by halves.

Another point to thin your inventory are certainly the Notecard, it often happens that cleaning that folder go away about 1k (this is subjective), so highly recommended.

Another trick that I discovered is using the Search inside Inventory by eliminating unnecessary items within our folders, such as scripts and animations that are found after opening a box. They are quite annoying and weigh in a a relevant way inside the inventory.

Just enter keywords like:

Remove Me
Unpack Script
Hold bag Anim *
Hold Script *
Load Anim *

* Becarefull don’t delet important scripts


For bloggers recommend instead of creating a folder that collects all the new items they receive, so as to be always in step with the outputs, and be able to blogging on time all the news without getting lost in the chaos.

A subdivision as simple as this will be just fine then you can customize as you like.

- Dress

This is my method of organizing inventory, what’s yours? How long does it take to do that? I use it day, because I’m very undecided about what to keep and what to throw away. Let me know if the tutorial was useful at least in part.

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Hi guys, it’s a long time since you do not feel but I do my best to blog and be present. Today I present to you a bit of news before all the newest hair [Monso] are truly special and I really like the bow. Another thing really special and this shirt completely asymmetric realized by Tulip.

I also want to present a brand new Eudora 3D, I am very happy to be able to blogging and show his creations, because they are really excellent quality of both mesh texture. This brand consists of several creators, so the detail is really high not only products but also as add-ons such as HUD and scripts manicured with a really nice and easy to use.





Skin: Essences – Cancer – Light Rose – Blonde !NEW!
Shape: <3
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Amy/ Cookie Pack – Brown1 !NEW!
Eyes: .ID. Shine v2/Light Blue


Top: tulip. Buttoned Tank Salmon !NEW!
Cardigan: (TokiD) summer nights cardigan (dark)
Pants: (Goucci) Charcoal French Trousers
Necklace: Izzie’s – Anchor Necklace
Bracelet: [tea.s] Claw Cuff Bangle – Rose Gold
Earring: (Goucci) Onyx Pearl Earrings
Bag: *Tentacio* Working bag black edition2
Shoes: Eudora 3D Blaze Hi-Tops  ( Mesh Sneakers ) 1.0
Pose: Label Motion

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