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destination 857432 – room for him


Trompe Loeil  - The Chatham Loft Skybox Dark

Trompe Loeil  - Spotlight Lamp

floorplan. sailor’s loveseat / leather !NEW! for The Neighbourhood

floorplan. sailor’s sofa / leather !NEW! for The Neighbourhood

floorplan. sailor’s chair / leather !NEW! for The Neighbourhood

junk. old school cabinet. !NEW! @ The Mens Dept.

junk. fan light. bronze.

junk. repurposed wheel light. bronze.

junk. pulley ceiling light. !NEW!  @ the seasons story

junk. salvaged tractor table.  !NEW!  @ the seasons story

junk. salvaged spring stool. !NEW!  @ the seasons story

junk. stiff little finger lamp. !NEW! @ Rhapsody

POST: Haarlem Deco Ashtray

7  - Arcade Rules Sign



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my sweet galadriel – home

my sweet galadriel - home

Essences - Galadriel skin !NEW!  @ the seasons story

tulip. Elena hair

{Imeka}  Cute Ear Mouse Hat {Flower} RARE !NEW!  @ the seasons story

{Imeka}  Delicious Ice Cream RARE 2 !NEW!  @ the seasons story 

{Imeka}  Rose Ring  !NEW! @ the chapter four

Mikunch     remake pokke cardigan with tank

Mikunch     organic cotton skirt(knee-length


Trompe Loeil  - Rivershire Waterwheel !NEW! @ collabor88

[we're CLOSED] old fence

tarte.  wagon planter !NEW!


Tagged: collabor88, essences, mesh, Mikunch, new, secondlife, tarte., The Chapter Four, The seasons story, Trompe Loeil, tulip, we're CLOSED, {Imeka~}

it’s raining outside – home


floorplan. oar towel rack !NEW! @ the seasons story

floorplan. ahoy plank !NEW! @ the seasons story

floorplan. coastal sideboard !NEW! @ the seasons story

floorplan. reference books !NEW! @ the seasons story

floorplan. buoy basket !NEW! @ the seasons story

floorplan. wire basket stack !NEW! @ the seasons story

floorplan. waves rug !NEW! @ the seasons story

PILOT – Nautical Piling Candles !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

PILOT – Maps Basket !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

Sari-Sari – Summer House – Driftwood Frame (natural)

[ keke ] winter branch in big bottle RARE

DIGS – Morris Chair – White [MESH]

Lark  - Beachcomber Shelf (6B)

 .:: ONE GRID ::. TicTacToe

BAZAR Arizona-Black board

AF Paris Loft Skybox RARE

Tagged: Apple Fall, BAZAR, DIGS, floorplan, gacha, keke, Lark, mesh, new, ONE GRID, pilot, secondlife, Summerfest '14, The seasons story

explorers tent – my view


floorplan. hemingway chair w/ pillow !NEW! @ collabor88

floorplan. explorer map !NEW! @ collabor88

floorplan. traveler’s chest !NEW! @ collabor88

Lark  - Safari Chair – Linen Olive !NEW! @ collabor88

oyasumi / crate (jars) / dark !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

oyasumi / crate (bottles) / dark !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

[we're CLOSED] bean bag 1 (group gift)

[we're CLOSED] dry weed S

AF Travel Drawers (Stained) (gacha)

:CP: Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium

[Con.] Fossil Hunter – Tent/Crate Chair/Jaws/Bag/Tools/Table (gacha retired)

oyasumi – maps/mini jars/jar mug/mag glass (gacha)




Tagged: Apple Fall, Cheeky Pea, collabor88, Consignment, floorplan, gacha, Lark, mesh, new, oyasumi, Summerfest '14, we're CLOSED

a perfect day for gardening – rivershire home


Trompe Loeil  - Rivershire Waterwheel !NEW! @ collabor88

Sway’s [Alice] topiary . natural A/B/C  !NEW! @  Oneword

Sway’s [playing card] step stones !NEW! @ Oneword

[DDD] Gardening Table

[DDD] Lil’ Garden Plot – Potato Plant

7 - Yard Mule Cart

7 - Old Mower

7 - Plant Pot Crates

7  - Garden Supplies Sign

tarte.  wagon planter !NEW!

[we're CLOSED] old fence

A.D.D.Andel! Potted Bush-Green

Hayabusa Design Elegant Plane Tree Wind effect M6 v1-1 t2 


Tagged: 7, A.D.D.Andel!, collabor88, Dysfunctional Designs, Hayabusa Design, mesh, new, Oneword, secondlife, Seven Emporium, Sway's, tarte., Trompe Loeil, we're CLOSED

Rivershire Waterwheel – my view

Trompe Loeil - Rivershire Waterwheel

Trompe Loeil  - Rivershire Waterwheel !NEW! @ collabor88

Sway’s [Weather vane] Girl with Umbrella !NEW!

Triple Maple with virginia creeper

Tagged: collabor88, mesh, new, Sway's, Trompe Loeil

old garage – home

credits later ..

junk. old school tube chair !NEW! @ The Mens Dept.

junk. old school tube bench !NEW! @ The Mens Dept.

junk. old school cabinet. !NEW! @ The Mens Dept.

junk. anarchy chest. !NEW! @ Rhapsody

junk. metal drawer chair. paint splatter. !NEW!

junk. recycled road sign chair. speed.

junk. recycled road sign chair. one way.

junk. recycled road sign chair. dumping.

junk. ladder shelf. dark.  @  KUSTOM9

7 - GirlsGirlsGirls Neon

7  - This Tall Sign (gacha)

7  - Gasoline Can

7  - Attention Pickpockets

7  - Bike Love Sign

7  - Pharmacy Sign

7  - Ice Machine

[19MC] D-Hello 1.10

[19MC] 2nd ORANGE 1.01

[19MC] Blue Barrel 1.0.1

Soy. Antique garden tile sink (WT) !NEW!

+CONVAIR+ Pursuit Plane Pedal Car. rusty !NEW!

[we're CLOSED]  dutch smoke barrel !NEW! group gift @ Noble “De Vesting”

The Loft – Urban Summer Hydrant !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

[Con.] Boneyard Soda Machine – RUST



Tagged: 19MC, 7, Consignment, CONVAIR, gacha, gift, junk., KUSTOM9, mesh, new, Noble "De Vesting", Rhapsody, Seven Emporium, Soy, Summerfest '14, The Loft, The Mens Dept, we're CLOSED

Chaise Musicale – home


Ma Vie & Lark - Chaise Musicale 1 for Atelier Kreslo 

Scarlet Creative  The Arcade Carriage Day Bed (gacha)

tb- Rotary Phone with Bow – Pink RARE/Decorative Fireplace/Fairy Whispers and Daisies (gacha)

::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 – mannequin with clothes/Swan Lake, Act1 – haning ballet shoes pink (gacha) 

[ keke ]   water mister – floral/pring candle tin – floral 

[ keke ]   bottled roses – pink @  KUSTOM9

oyasumi / kettle silver

Soy.  Scattered papers !NEW! Group Gift

ON*SU Starlight Penthouse



Tagged: Atelier Kreslo, gacha, gift, keke, KUSTOM9, Lark, Ma Vie, mesh, new, ON*SU, oyasumi, Scarlet Creative, secondlife, Soy, tres blah, u.f.o

sailor’s room (part two) – home

sailor's room (part two) - home

floorplan. sailor’s sofa / stripes PG !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

floorplan. captain’s coffee table / blue !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

floorplan. sailor stripe rug  !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

floorplan. navy tattoo prints !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

floorplan. hanging oars !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

floorplan. jute baskets !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

floorplan. sailor’s loveseat / white PG

floorplan. nautical flag !NEW!  for FLF (50L)

floorplan. oar frames !NEW!  for FLF (50L)

floorplan. recipe tin

Alouette - Menu Board (Blue/Light Grey) !NEW!  for FLF (50L)

Alouette - Mason Jar Candle w/ Wood Base

junk.  fan light. silver.

junk.  morrison cushion pile.

Trompe Loeil - Jar Chandelier

[we're CLOSED] Bahia chair bleached – blue  !NEW! Exclusive @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room 

[ARIA] Arlette  Sweet Pea bouquet !NEW! @ FaMESHed

POST: Haarlem Deco Ashtray

Soy. Shisha [liquid night]  (printed ver)

PILOT – Nautical Sade [White] !NEW! @ Summerfest ’14

MudHoney Zelia Plant (gacha)

*Second Spaces* backgammon set (gacha)

-tb- Rotary Phone – Blue (gacha)

BAZAR Pillows

L2 Studio Padre Island House (mesh) 



Tagged: Alouette, ARIA, BAZAR, Cosmopolitan Sales Room, FaMESHed, Fifty Linden Fridays, FLF, floorplan, gacha, junk., L2 Studio, mesh, MudHoney, new, pilot, POST, Second Spaces, secondlife, Soy, Summerfest '14, tres blah, Trompe Loeil

The Chatham Loft – room for him

The Chatham Loft - room for him

Trompe Loeil - The Chatham Loft Skybox Dark

Soy. Vintage pipe sofa (leather) gacha !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Soy.  old glass door A (dark wood) gacha !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Soy.  Floor lamp [Gourd tree] soon for TMD july

Soy.  Leather long bench soon for TMD july

Soy.  Rug for leather long bench soon for TMD july

7  - Attention Pickpockets !NEW! for FLF (50L)

7  - Arcade Rules Sign @ Level Up

7  - Flag – Checkered @ Level Up

7  - Square Frame Wall Leaners

7  - Floor Bulb

7  - Library Ladder (gacha)

floorplan. thirteen colonies flag !NEW! (only 1L)

Alouette - Happily Ever After Frame Set !NEW! @ Fit For a Princess!

junk.  pipe magazine rack. bronze.

HIDEKI – Record Player

Hideki – Record Crate

[Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / Vinyl (gacha)

Scarlet Creative Ceiling Wire Lamp


Tagged: 7, Alouette, Commoner, Fit for a princess, FLF, floorplan, gacha, HIDEKI, junk., KUSTOM9, mesh, new, Scarlet Creative, secondlife, Seven Emporium, Soy, Trompe Loeil
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