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this tree will always tell you a bedtime story – home

 this tree will always tell you a bedtime story - home

Trompe Loeil  – Fiona Treebed Green Draped !NEW! @ FaMESHed

Sway’s [Willow] hanging candle glass . colors !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

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tea house – home

 tea house - home

+CONVAIR+ Tea House

Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden (gacha) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

pile of stones (c)

single rock (c)

meditation stones (c)

bench (c)

wall (c)

bridge (c)

lantern (c)

yoga sand waves  (c)

rake (c)

 water leaves (c)

 bamboo (c)

base RARE (c)


Tagged: CONVAIR, Fantasy Gacha Carnival, gacha, new, secondlife, Sway's

gas station – my view

 gas station - my view

garage - home

sunny - home

please, love me.

/// offbeat /// please, love me. prefab !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Soy.  Old Hut [for overground] !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Soy.  Wooden fence (group gift)

Soy.  Old van backseat (Brown leather) !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Soy.  Old van frontseat (Brown leather) !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Soy.  Tires with stand !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Soy.  Tire table !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Soy.  Motor oil can [metal]/green/yellow !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

oyasumi / gas stand set !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

oyasumi  / metal cup / silver !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

oyasumi  / folding chair / RARE (gacha) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

oyasumi  / folding table / RARE (gacha) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

oyasumi  / breakfast plate (gacha) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

oyasumi  / toast rack (gacha) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

oyasumi  / pepper grinder (gacha) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

7  – Lightbox Letters !NEW! @ collabor88

junk. gas pump shelves. blue. !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

floorplan  gas pricing sign !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative


Tagged: collabor88, floorplan, gacha, gift, junk., KUSTOM9, mesh, new, offbeat, oyasumi, Seven Emporium, Soy, The Liaison Collaborative

Fiona Greenhouse – home

 Fiona Greenhouse - home

Trompe Loeil  – Fiona Greenhouse Exclusively @ FaMESHed

[we're CLOSED] pillow stool 2 sand @  Cosmopolitan Sales Room 

tarte. suitcase stack (fall) !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

.:revival:.  pallet lounger !NEW!

floorplan  route 66 leaning sign !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

floorplan  gas price numbers basket !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

junk. bartlet rug. one. !NEW! @ The Mens Dept

junk. bartlet wheel table. worn. !NEW! @ The Mens Dept

junk. open book. mutual. !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

[ keke ] slides in a box  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

[ keke ] slides  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

[ keke ] flash calculator  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Tagged: Cosmopolitan Sales Room, FaMESHed, floorplan, junk., keke, KUSTOM9, mesh, new, revival, secondlife, tarte., The Liaison Collaborative, The Mens Dept, Trompe Loeil, we're CLOSED

hot summer days – home


Enfant—Miko_Makeup5(Black)_teeth_W2 !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

{S0NG} :: Toki Eyes !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

tulip. Ella hair  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

*MishMish* Little Apricot (head) (GROUP GIFT)

Lark  – Dreamers Necklace – Lavender !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

(Milk Motion) embroidered tee !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

(Milk Motion) plumetis pleated skirt !NEW! @ the dreamers factory


Hayabusa Design Elegant Plane Tree Wind effect M6

{what next) Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart  with decor – Blue V2

[we're CLOSED]  grass field green








Tagged: Enfant, gift, Hayabusa Design, KUSTOM9, Lark, mesh, milk motion, MishMish, new, S0NG, secondlife, the dreamers factory, tulip, we're CLOSED, what next

just rest with me now – home


Scarlet Creative Safari Bed with Blinds !NEW!  @ collabor88

Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Mesh House

{what next} Maison Drapes (long length)

PILOT – Flower Mirror [Coffee] !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

PILOT – Not Poisoned

Tagged: collabor88, KUSTOM9, mesh, new, pilot, Scarlet Creative, secondlife, what next

i see the light there – home


Sari-Sari  - Upcycled Brass Bucket Lamp !NEW! for the neighbourhood

Sari-Sari  - Upcycled Metal Bucket Lamp !NEW! for the neighbourhood

Sari-Sari  - Upcycled Funnel Lamp !NEW! for the neighbourhood

Trompe Loeil - Rivershire Chair with Pillow !NEW!  @ collabor88

7  - Easel (tropical texture change)

floorplan  librarian cart / rusted


Tagged: 7, collabor88, floorplan, mesh, new, Sari-Sari, secondlife, Seven Emporium, The Neighbourhood, Trompe Loeil

wild things – cloudland


Sway’s [Wild Things] ShelfSeat . giraffe RARE  gacha !NEW! @ Wild Things Summer Gacha Event

Sway’s [Wild Things] Rack . whale RARE gacha !NEW! @ Wild Things Summer Gacha Event

Sway’s [Wild Things] Stool . elephant aubergine gacha !NEW! @ Wild Things Summer Gacha Event

Sway’s [Wild Things] Lamp . snake candy gacha !NEW! @ Wild Things Summer Gacha Event

Sway’s [Wild Things] Stool . jellyfish berry gacha !NEW! @ Wild Things Summer Gacha Event

‘FenFens Colorful Case RARE gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

‘FenFens Pinky Bed gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

‘FenFens Pinky Wardrobe gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

flowey. cone throne / neapolitan RARE gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

flowey. cone throne / very cherry RARE gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

flowey. cone throne / rainbow sprinkles RARE gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

flowey. cone throne / choc chip mint  gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

{vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/cloud express RARE gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

{vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/icarus RARE gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

{vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/heart on wire gacha !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland – Home Cloud !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland – Sleeping Sun Cloud !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland – Ladder !NEW! @ the dreamers factory



Tagged: 8f8, FenFens, flowey, gacha, mesh, new, secondlife, Sway's, the dreamers factory, vespertine, Wild Things Summer Gacha Event

orange fan room – home


Scarlet Creative Carriage Main House

LISP – Mesh Blinds

Trompe Loeil  - Aeronaut Chair Black

ANE SLON SET – Rug  (color change)

Kuro – Butterfly table (carpenter)

Soy. Fun [orange] !NEW! @ Okinawa Summer Festival

Soy. vintage boom box [Metal] RARE (gacha)  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Soy. TAPEMAN [Black] (gacha)  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Hideki – Record Crate

HIDEKI – Pile of Stuff

Tagged: ANE, gacha, HIDEKI, Kuro, KUSTOM9, mesh, new, Okinawa Summer Festival, Scarlet Creative, secondlife, Soy, Trompe Loeil

New Uplands Fold House by ROOST ❤


ROOST - Uplands Fold Standard House !NEW!

ROOST - Uplands Fold fence kit  !NEW!

ROOST - Uplands Fold Trees !NEW!

ROOST - Brown Plain – Urban Road Kit

Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Blinds

{vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/poet  (gacha) !NEW! @ the dreamers factory

Trompe Loeil - Cortona Bench


Tagged: gacha, mesh, new, ROOST, Scarlet Creative, secondlife, the dreamers factory, Trompe Loeil, vespertine
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