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if tomorrow never comes – home

if tomorrow never comes - home

Cheeky Pea First Fall Bench – Aged !NEW! @ No21

Cheeky Pea Mr Tomlin’s Parcels !NEW! @ No21

floorplan.  tomorrow marquee / white !NEW! @ No21

floorplan.  a plethora of axes !NEW! for flf @ mainstore

floorplan.  lumberjack print !NEW! for flf @ mainstore

7 - Wonder Wheel  #3 !NEW! for flf @ mainstore

7 - Mini Music II Jukebox !NEW! for flf @ mainstore

.:revival:.  beer crate 1

.:revival:.  beer crate 3

.:revival:.  bar light

[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner bottle’s box

[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner bottle / Lager (frozen)

[ kunst ] - Kunsteiner bottle / Lager (natural)

[ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 / Grunge wood #3 !NEW! – more infos HERE

oyasumi / bar stool / blue

+CONVAIR+ Pipe Chandelier #1 long

:HAIKEI:  My vintage art studio / Gacha {RARE}

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i see your true color – home


tarte. dresser bench (rustic) !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

tarte. old floor lamp (bronze)

tarte. pillow stack

junk.  fireside chair. light. !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

junk.  cobblers bench. light. !NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative

Sari-Sari  - Autumn Bowl and Sign

Sari-Sari  - Apples

floorplan.  the floral fox


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my sweet weeni – home

my sweet weeni - home

On me:

*(OO)*YUKI_Weeni Mesh Head !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

{S0NG} ::Yuki Eyes !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

=Zenith=(Rose)High neck knit dress !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

=Zenith=Babo Bear Bag (brownish tan) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

{Imeka} Bessie –  Pose 2 !NEW! @ KUSTOM9



dust bunny. maple cottage door

[we're CLOSED] old fence 2 !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

Toro. Racer Bicycle Wallrack {Basic colors} RARE !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

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drink coffee and create – home

drink coffee and create - home

PILOT – Barrel Coffee Table,Book and Tablet Stack,Coffee Mug [Copper Lipstick],Coffee Mug [Silver],Book and Tablet Stack  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Cocoroni : Instant Camera Gacha LightGreen (wearable)  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

[ keke ] berries – white  !NEW! @ KUSTOM9


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the sewing room – home


:HAIKEI:  blue door of Old apartment !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Soy. Pipe table [wood],Itoguruma [Spinning wheel],Stool [No.728],Yarn with wooden spool [White],Yarn with wooden spool [Beige],Iringa Basket [round], Iringa Basket [square] !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

floorplan.  hanging string light,the solar woman !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

PILOT – Coffee Mug [Silver Lipstick] !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

[ARIA] Gretchen blanket and pillows crate

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no time to sleep – home


Trompe Loeil - Zophia Bed White Messy !NEW! @ collabor88

Trompe Loeil - Wingback Chair With Pillow Natural

floorplan.  bunny clock / white coming soon to the kawaii project! nov 15

floorplan.  sassy daisy vase / multi

floorplan.  dour wolf print

floorplan.  leaning book stack / monotone

[ keke ] winter table !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

[ keke ] berries – white !NEW! @ KUSTOM9

Cheeky Pea  Homemade Picture Frames Light !NEW! @ TMD

junk.  step ladder shelf. plant.

dust bunny . maple cottage (outside)


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music keeps me alive – home

music keeps me alive - home

oyasumi  – sumikorg  black,pre amp, cd deck,mixer black, dual speakers,music table  (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

oyasumi  / record player + headphones

junk.  pulley light.

junk.  repurposed wagon light.

junk.  ashtray.

Cheeky Pea  S’mores Camp Coffee

[ kunst ] – The Brick

 Scarlet Creative  Lavender Brown House Prefab !NEW! @ collabor88

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autumn princess’s throne – my view


Alouette – Autumn Princess’s Throne !NEW! @ Fit For a Princess!

Sway’s [Enchanted Branch] Lantern (gacha) !NEW! @ The Fantasy Gacha

[we're CLOSED] grass field dry 02 – random


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rising sun delicates – home


oyasumi / japanese house / RARE (gacha)

oyasumi / japanese table (gacha)

oyasumi / zabuton / blue (gacha)

oyasumi / tea pot & cup (gacha)

oyasumi / paper lantern (gacha)

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Shoyu – Togarashi (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Taro with Kuro Goma (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Umeboshi Onigiri (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Kyuri Cups (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Furo Fuki Daikon (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Nori Maguro Maki (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Wakame Miso-Shiru RARE (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Chakin & Fukusa Zushi RARE (gacha) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

{Imeka} Yummy Halloween Bento !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival


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pretty things – kawaii

pretty things- kawaii

+Half-Deer+ Minimalist Foxes !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

+Half-Deer+ Pretty Things Shelf – Light !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

Lark – Kokeshi Dols !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

*Tentacio* Snow boots !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

fri. – floor.pillows (smile) !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

*MishMish* Mochiboo !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

B.C.C School canteen food-Shopping Backpacks RARE B !NEW! @ Xiasumi School Festival

Sway’s [Sweet] Sofa . candy corn

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