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2 New!

Hi everyone!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I’ve got two bits of information to share today.

[e] Luisa Ad [e] Marnie Ad1. New hair!!
I’ve got 2 new hairstyles today. Both are rigged mesh, so please try on a demo before making a purchase. They are released under the sale price…so yay!  Remember, the rezday sale ends August 22, 2014!

2. I’m currently accepting blogger applications!

Over the past few years I’ve gotten many requests to blog my items…and I’m finally going to do it. There is an “application process”…and depending on the response, it will determine how I approach the list of bloggers.

More specifically, I plan to have about 20 bloggers at any given time. If there is more than 20 people interested, then I will incorporate some sort of rotation schedule every quarter. If there’s less than 20, well…then its less work for me and everyone is on the list!! YAY! Lol.

So if you’re a blogger and are interested in receiving complimentary items from me, please apply here. Please do not send notecards in-world. Thank you!

Have a great week everyone

<3 Elika

3 New Hairstyles

[e] Gia Ad [e] Kendal Ad [e] Reva Ad

Hi everyone!!

Happy Monday!  If you’re in the U.S. and have the day off too…yaaay!  I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day as well (if you celebrate it).  Anyway, there are three new today.  All are rigged.  Please be sure to try on a demo before making a purchase.  I hope you like them.

<333 Elika


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3 New….again!

[e] Arabella Ad[e] Odette Ad[e] Perrie Ad


I’ve got another 3 new hairstyles for release today.  Two of which are non-rigged mesh.  Please try on the demos before making your purchase.

Happy Monday and have a great rest of your week!

<333 Elika


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3 New!

[e] Elika Ad[e] leighann Ad[e] Claudine Ad

Hiya everyone!!

First of all Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and happy new year celebrations.

I have 3 new hairstyles today.  ”Claudine” and “Elika” are rigged mesh, while “Leighann” is mesh, but isn’t rigged.  Please try on a demo before making a purchase.

I hope you like them!

<333 Elika


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3 New!

[e] Brenna Ad

[e] Richelle Ad [e] Stevie Ad


Well, I’ve been distracted by real life again…and with good reason!  The hubby and I welcomed a new family member.  So obviously I’ve been a little distracted.  But today I’m releasing some hairstyles I’ve had stashed away…just so you all don’t forget about me :P

There’s 3 new and they’re all rigged mesh.  They all have a color changing accessory which is controlled via HUD.  I hope you like them!

Note: I’ve been getting lots of notes and emails regarding the VIP group….it is still closed to new members.  I will let everyone know when it’s open again…but for now it’ll remain closed for some time.  Also, if you previously purchased the “Jana” hairstyle, there was an issue with it that I fixed.  So feel free to redeliver it to yourself (using a redelivery terminal located in my store).  The fixed version will be sent to you.

I hope you are all having a great week so far!  Have a great rest of your week and an even better weekend!


<333 Elika




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A small preview…

[e] Allie Ad [e] Appear Ad [e] Enjoy Ad [e] Jana Ad [e] Jennie Ad [e] Malia Ad [e] Tallulah Ad [e] Tinsley Ad [e] Victoria Ad [e] Youth AdHi everyone!

Long time no see.  I’ve been busy with real life this past year with puppies, wedding stuff, out of town guests and other major life events!  So, ya that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it :P

In between all that I tried to find time to work on all the projects I had created for myself and am finally nearly complete.  I had hoped to reopen with my remodel and all my new things last month (during my 8 year rezday anniversary…omg 8 years), but once again RL got in the way and I wasn’t home to do that.

Anyway, what’s going on now is some newness!  7 new hairstyles and the re-release of the 3 hairstyles I had created for The Collaborative Liaison event back in May.  All of which have my new HUD system implemented!  They are all mesh, but some of them are not rigged.

I had been working on and planning this HUD system for over a year….I know, I work slow.  But I finally have it available for preview.  All hairstyles will now include a HUD in order to change the color of the hairstyle.  No more packing your inventory full of countless numbers of “wigs” and also no more having to resize each one in order to fit your head (not applicable to rigged mesh, obviously).  This is not only easy for you, but for me as well.  It’s so nice to have a lighter inventory by not having to have a wig for each color!

Additionally, I’ve tweaked the textures.  They are essentially the same as the previous ones, with a few tweaks to the texture and also a few colors were adjusted.  The majority of the colors stayed the same, but they got a new name.  Unfortunately, I stupidly did not make note of which old color coordinates with the newer version.  I told myself to do it, but I forgot.  Hopefully, if you were attached to a specific color, you’ll be able to find it’s equivalent amongst the new ones.  Also, with the updated textures comes some new ones!  A couple of new shades in each HUD and a set of “dip dyed” versions.

Some details about the HUD.  There are 18 total color options in each HUD.  12 solid color and 6 dip dyed color options.  Also, if the hairstyle includes an accessory you’ll be able to change it with the same HUD. There will be a button that will take you to the accessory options so you can choose the color you desire.    Each HUD only controls the hairstyle for which you purchased it for.  BUT if you purchase multiple HUDS for the same hairstyle you can delete the extra “wigs” since each HUD will control it.  For your convenience each HUD has the picture and name of the hairstyle it’s meant to control.

With these HUDs I decided to combine the hair colors into big groups to save on space.  Rather than a light blonde and dark blonde “pack” I decided to just group it all into “blondes.”  With the merging of packs I have increased the prices.  They were originally L$250 per pack of 5 hair colors and now they have increased to L$350 for 18.  There is also an “Essentials” HUD with a little bit of everything for those of us who like to switch it up now and again.  I tried to stick with the same colors as my previous Essentials pack, but again I didn’t make note of which old color matched the new color so, there might be a few that are different.  Ultimately, I just chose the ones I would like to see in a variety pack.

Since this is a preview…the location is temporary.  My store is still under construction and I don’t have an exact time frame for that to be completed.  I have chosen to release only 10 hairstyles, but there are more that are waiting to be released sitting in my inventory (I had been working on this for at least a year so there are items that have been hoarded :O.  I also have other things coming like shoes (that fit the SLink feet..wee!) and some odds and ends!  It is a slow process for me due to my new busy schedule in real life, but hopefully it’ll be within the next month or two that my remodel is complete.

Oh also!  The hairstyles that would look better with a hair base….has them included.  Finally!  These hair bases will not match any previous hairstyles since I have given the new hair textures darker “roots”.  These new hair bases match (as best as I could) the roots color of the texture on not the main color.  So they will not match any older hairstyle.

A note about the retired hairstyles.  Yes they are retired and no they are not available for purchase…even if you contact me directly.  They are however re-deliverable.  If you happen to lose or delete or maybe you just now noticed you never got one of your purchases, you can redeliver it to yourself via the redelivery terminals in the store.

And finally, news about SL Marketplace.  I do plan on listing everything on SL Market.  Unfortunately, I never made the switch from old Magic Boxes to the new system so I have literally 100s of listings to manually delete.  I can only delete one at a time and there is a bit of a delay in between each.  So it’ll be a long and tedious process, but once that is done I’ll be able to add my new items.  That probably won’t be available until I’m 100% finished and my main store is opened with all of my new releases.

Okay, phew that was very long winded.  I apologize for the babbling, I wanted to share with you a lot of things and give out some information regarding the changes.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at: support@elikatira.com.

Hopefully you like the new HUD system and the new/updated textures.  I know change sucks, but I felt for me it was necessary and hopefully you like them.

<3 Elika


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Retirement Sale Extended

Due to requests (and some real life goings on) I am going to extend the sale until March 10th.  I have some out of town guests until then so that will be when I can come back around to shut down my store and start the demolition project.  I’m not sure how long it’ll take for my project but hopefully it won’t take a year or something lol.

I won’t be around much for the next couple of weeks as I entertain my guests for a pretty special occasion IRL, but I will try my best to check in to handle customer service. But please contact us via email at support@elikatira.com. The emails are sent to both me and my store manager, Willow Zander, so she can handle anything I can’t get to and vice versa. My IMs cap easily due to script IMs so IMs are not guaranteed to reach me once I log in. Also a lot of redelivery issues can be handled even when I’m offline so having an email to reference helps expedite a resend.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great upcoming week.
<3333 Elika

Retirement Sale

Retirement Sale 2013Hellooooooooo,

Yes you read that correctly, I’m having a retirement sale.  I didn’t plan on having a(nother) sale nor did I plan to retire anything, but after some consideration I decided if I were to move forward with my current projects and plans for [elikatira] I should retire my current inventory of items….yup I’m doing that again.  The majority of my hairstyles are made of sculpties and I’d like to continue moving forward with mesh…so this will be the last of the sculpts for me.  While I didn’t plan on retiring everything…I think this is what I need to do (this includes my current mesh hairstyles as well).

Details about the sale: Sale begins today, January 23rd and ends on February 23rd. This gives everyone an entire month to pick up items that will no longer be available. All items are discounted by 70%! A L L items. Store credit may be used to make purchases, but credit will not be earned during the sale.  Once the sale is over these items will no longer be available for purchase in-world nor on SL Market.

What happens after the sale?  Well, first of all, all items currently in my store will be retired and no longer made available.  Second, I will be closing my store and island for a few months in order to finalize my projects and get them all set.  Considering I have a lot going on in real life….I’m hoping it will only be for a “few” months and not “several”.  But as time allows I will be working on getting the new [elikatira] up and running.  I’m excited about what’s to come.

What about the VIP group?  If you’re currently a member please stay in…it will be worth your while once I finish and re-open.  Obviously, if you need the group slot and wish to delete it, then go for it.  Unfortunately, to re-join later in the future you will have to pay the fee to join (unless you’ve saved a copy of your transaction history).  The group is currently closed for new members and will remained closed until a few weeks after my re-opening.

Will there still be an anniversary sale in the Fall?  I’m not 100% sure, but I’m leaning toward no.  I said a couple of years ago that I would only have one sale a year.  Even though this sale wasn’t planned and sorta just happened, it still counts for me as a sale in 2013.  I guess I’d like to get some feedback from everyone if you’d still like to have a sale in the Fall during my anniversary.  I guess a lot of it will depend on when I actually get finished and re-opened lol.  So for now lets stick a pin in it and say “to be determined”.

Thank you for your continued support and I can’t wait to move forward with my plans for [elikatira].  Enjoy the sale and remember….once it’s over, these items will be no longer available for purchase.


Have a great rest of your week and see you soon!

<3 Elika


The Only Sound

[e] - Only Ad[e] - Sound Ad

It’s been a while!!  First of all, H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ! ! !  I hope you all had a very joyful holiday season and happy new year celebrations!  I can’t believe it’s 2013 already and it also hit me that it’s going to be my 8th anniversary this year in SL….OH EM GEE.  I’m not as old as some people….but man, that’s a long time.  Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  Today I have a new release…2 new releases to be exact :D

Both are mesh, but “Only” is non-rigged so you can do some minor adjustments to get it to fit your head size and shape.  ”Sound” is rigged mesh so please try on a demo….actually try on a demo for both to make sure it fits your shape and taste before making a purchase.  I hope you like them.

Have a great weekend!!

<333 Elika

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So there’s just one new release this week.  I hope you like it.  It is rigged mesh, like they all have been lately, so please try on a demo to make sure it fits the way you want it.  Because you can’t modify it.

With RL and the holidays approaching (oh and the fact that I’m tending to and training a new puppy)…my time in SL has been limited.  I had lots of plans and projects that I wanted to see finished by the end of the year, but it’s looking like that’s not happening.  I’m sure Willow can attest to the fact that I’ve been wanting/trying to complete these projects for about a year and a half now….I’m just too slow I guess.  Anyway, I will try to be around more…for customer service especially.  But please if you don’t hear back from me immediately please contact Willow Zander via email at support@elikatira.com.  We actually both receive these emails so if I don’t reply/resolve the issue then she will.  I appreciate your patience with me…especially my VIP group.  I appreciate your support more than you know and there are many gifts to come once these projects are done.  Speaking of which…unfortunately the VIP group is closed and will remain so until I am able to send out gifts (no point in paying a join fee when you don’t get anything)….yet.

I hope you all have had a great week and are enjoying the beginnings of winter.  I know that I’ve personally missed the cold air.  I also wish you all a fun and happy weekend!

<333 Elika

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