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In the quiet house

The Boobies Planet .:[NMD]:. Huggable
The 100 Block Fashion Fair Elephante Poses Spring Fever
Silly Spoiled Whore for THE COMIC FASHION FAIR Kitty Kawai gacha
HOT STUFF  Celia skin April  GROUP GIFT
The Boobies Planet ! BD ! Temptress
Mayfly Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Twilight Steel Shadow)

The Comics’ world (featuring The Comic Fashion Fair)

Hi, this is me.
Some friends say Im a freak cause Im always thinking about crazy stories... fairy tales... comics...
THE COMIC FASHION FAIR begins on april 15th:
*Siria's Design* AAArg! Ballerina + Bow
Furniture from  Backwoods mafia

But I think everybody has dreamed of being a fairy tale or comic character. Their adventures took us to fantasy worlds, and we learn to love and admire the good ones, and we are scared and hate the bad ones...
Dyer Maker
 - Superheroin pose

If i could choose, I would be a dangerous heroin, you know, one of those 'dont mess with  me'.
Oh yesssssssssssss!
THE COMIC FASHION FAIR  begins on april 15th
Captivity Co. - A Game - pose
[sM] BOOM! & ZAP!  Rings
Brii underground wear  COMICS FEAR COMPLET OUTFIT
-Silly,Spoiled,Whore- GACHA  Kitty Figaro head

But I have an interesting theory i wanna share with you.
Have you ever  wonder how all these characters are when you close the book and they stay in their fantasy world, away from our eyes?

For exemple, would princesses be fighting to be the prettiest?
And would it be a fair competition?
THE COMIC FASHION FAIR  begins on april 15th
Lugoi Devotion  A Modern Fairy Tale - Collection Rapunzel - Bella - Jasmine
Cause, think about this, how would things be in a world were everybody is 'super'?
(to be continued)
THE COMIC FASHION FAIR  begins on april 15th:::SUGAR:::  Flower Outfit
fi*Friday Empire Galleria - Vestige poses  Lily pose set
EYELURE Electro Lips  and perfect lashes

(The stores i couldnt find the exact LM in the fair are sent to the central place of the sim)

Rain lover

Loordes of London L'Experience Haute-Trench
OPOPOP  Baticho V#2 // Mesh Shoes
Xen's Hats Checotah hat
-Luckie- -Luckie- Boss Bitch Tote 
 Tameless Hair Mercedes

I know you boys think there is nothing that we girls cant find inside our bags.

And usually its true. Except... when its raining.

Oh how i hate to be in the rain,  without my umbrella!

It was getting late and I stood at the bus stop watching few cars and trucks, hurrying home.

Yeah, waiting there, my coat and boots all wet, my feet and hands so cold,... where the hell was the bus?

I didnt want to disturb mom, but i decided to call her and see if she or End could come for me. Then of course, my mobile had run out of battery. GREAT. I was so pissed off that i didnt noticed someone was sitting there till he talked to me.
He smiled and asked why i didnt like the rain when obviously, rain was one of the best things in life...
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige Morris poses
He made me laugh with his speech, and oh my, i had to pull him under the shelter when he began to jump in the rain!
Loordes of London Montpenier Peacoat-Black
+HUHU+  City Skinny pants and Illegal sneakers
He is crazy and fun, and i was grumpy and depressed... so when he invited me to have something hot ('and I mean a coffee, love, dont be scared') I said, yes!, and we ran laughing in the pouring rain.
Wetcat poses 
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Toxic man shirt
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige Morris poses
CURVES Zack skin

Raining all over the world

fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige poses
fi*Friday Empire Galleria
Loordes of London-Jubilee Earrings  and Tuzia Mini dress
Vestige poses
Loordes of London The Crown Jewels bracelet
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige poses
Krave Inc Freestyle Urban Fair ::HEYDRA:: Sacha Dress
HEYDRA Savatage Boots
HEYDRA Unisex Yanick Boots 
( M ) Mystery - Pink Jeans W/PhatAzz Appliers
Lushish Catz - Mesh Denim jacket
{NanTra} Pose

Bad girls stories

EYELURE MiniCrop Top
Sugar & Cyanide   Jessie Shorts and stockings
{NanTra}  Poses
FASHION WARDROBE blah.BLAH.blah Annabelle Full Outfit
::BAD:: Sweet Tooth Purse
Wicked Elite Barely Legal - Lil' Bit Disasterous  
{NanTra}  poses
Xen's Hats Akins Cowboy Hat
ROCK ATTITUDE FASHION FAIR 2014 .:Panda Punx:. Gabriella skin w/ All Appliers
OPOPOP // Baticho V#2 // Mesh Shoes 
The Boobies Planet   Xxxtasi Country Gurl w/appliers

Picnic party

Feeb's Rascals St.  ::HEYDRA:: Darienne Leggings Brown
Life Of Style Loordes of London-Vercelli Jacket
Loordes of London L'Experience Haute-Burnt Sienna
TAMELESS Hair Zaida 
Awwww i love it when to prepare a party you need to celebrate another little party! And thats what we did to get things ready for LOla's day.

We met at Ree's terrace and had a fantastic 'urban picnic' while we showed the boys the gift we had finally chosen for our friend.
The Kollective Aphrodite Spring picnic exclusive item 
The Kollective  APHRODITE Spring Picnic Blanket w/poses
After a final fight we had decided between Ree's favorite,
Krave Inc Freestyle Urban Fair HEYDRA Easter Bunny 2014 

StoraxTree Vintage Plant Stand Plant 
and something sweet and stylish as Umami said...
Finally Umami won, specially cause Loulou would never allow Ree to win any competition and voted for Umi's idea. 
::LiES:: Ramona [Mesh] Complete outfit
The Kollective
Shadow Moon Camo FluidMESH Male Complete Hoody Outfit
It was a fun picnic afternoon, and it was great when Ree didnt want to allow us helping to clean it up. Marlow and her would take care of it all.

The Kollective APHRODITE  Spring Picnic Blanket w/poses

cHoOse Me!

The Boobies Planet :.::Hot Stuff::.: Paris Pearls
The Kollective ::Purple Candy::April Lust  
StoraxTree Furniture
Sugar & Cyanide Pattern Stockings
::Designer Circle::.
*ANNA SHAPES* Christie
*Vixen* Cherry Mini Dress 

A perfect gift for our friend

::BAD:: Sweet Tooth Purse
D.A.  Kamila Outfit
 Tameless Hair Mercedes
The boys are helping with the decoration of the bar, and the girls have to find a nice farewell gift for our friend LOla.

Ree, Umi and I went together, and Sugar Suz went to pick up Loulou and they went shopping too.

It was not easy, of course, cause everybody had a different idea about what to buy,

Umami wanted to buy her something sweet, like a deco for her new home.

I wanted something nce but practic, so she could use it and think of us.

And Ree was desperate to convince us about getting some sexy nightgown to better enjoy her honeymoon .

On the other hand, Sugar Suz and Loulou called us saying they hoped we had a good idea cause they were lost, but Loulou was suggesting to buy her a pet. Nooooooooo. It was not possible to agree, and we decided to separate and meet in 1 hour, each one with a picture of the best gift we had found and then vote and make a decision.
And there we went...

::Designer Circle::. .::PINK CHERRY::. Turtleneck Dress "Allegra"
Loordes of London Canterbury boots
Krave Inc Freestyle Urban Fair Loordes of London-Chieti Earrings
Loordes of London-L'Experience Haute-Trench

La bella LOla

Lushish Catz Charli - Grey
POMPOSITY - Diva Knuckle Rings
{le fil casse} La vie a paris necklace
Jamman Jewels & Accessories

Do you remember our friend LOla, the owner of the little bar we use to meet after class?
She is getting married!!

We are happy for her, but very sad cause she is closing her bar, and we will miss her and her place.

Her boyfriend is a very successful businessman. She moves to live with him and she has also got a job in her new town, she says she is like living in a dream :)

So we will have a closing party this weekend, and we are helping her to prepare everything.

As she has been working as model, she knows some of The Atelier and The Glamour girls, and she says they may come to the party too.

I dont know if thats a good idea. Vanity seemed to like Marlow too much last time we saw her, and Ree wont allow her to act silly around him.

The Boobies Planet 
Lushish Catz -Precious Gold -Bathing Suit- Jewelry - w/appliers
And also, there is that war between the two teams of models, and it could be a a bit risky to have them all here... Ok ok, we will see.

The Kollective Stars!  Bloomettes jewelry set
The Boobies Planet ::Pearl Fashion::Lya Pink
Krave Inc Freestyle Urban Fair Loordes of London-The Idol boots

A new beginning

THE PIER Loordes of London Pachia purse
ROCK ATTITUDE FASHION FAIR 2014 Tameless Hair Mercedes

Oasis{Dirty Camo Jacket Oasis}
The 100 Block Fashion Fair BabyDoll. Coquette Skirt
OPOPOP Dawa V#2 // Unisex // Mesh Shoes
Label Motion  A new beginning 

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