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New Jewelry & Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

Released this week is Sandra a Mesh jewelry collection including 3 piece jewelry sets and watch & bracelet sets, and to Texture Change non mesh sets, Madison Knot and Rosemary.

Sandra is a Mesh Jewelry Design with clover shapes with Gemstones and Moonstones. A Classic Style which can be worn on any occasion, formal or casual released in 2 set options, Necklace & Earrings Sets in gold or silver and a texture change set, or a Watch and Bracelet Set, again in gold or silver and a texture change option.

All sets are offered to group members at over 50% off this week.
The single colour sets at L$140 each and the Texture Change Set at L$180.

The watch and bracelet sets in gold or silver are L$130 each and the texture change version at L$160.

The 2 Texture Sets released are Madison Knot with 35 Pearl choices and 8 Metals

and Rosemary Choker Necklace & Earrings Set with 21 gems X2 and 8 Metals

Both are offered at greater than 50% off at L$ 180 each for Members.

For all discounted offers and Group Gifts, Please Join Virtual Impressions Retail & Wear the Tag whilst buying from the group stand (inside the door on the right).

Lastly there is a new free gift for all, by the stairs.

Landmark to Virtual Impressions 

New Jewelry and New Year Free Gift at Virtual Impressions

New This week is Safira a New Mesh 3 Piece Set and 2 Texture Change Sets, Taylor and Gail.

Safira is a mesh cascade of flowers in a v shaped necklace to the chest with sparkling photo real diamonds on precious metals. The Necklace also comes with a single flower earring to match.
There are 3 colors in the collection Diamonds on Gold, Diamonds on Silver and in Black and White Diamonds on Dark Metal.
Group Members may buy each set for less than half price at only L$150 each.

Taylor is an elegant and unique jewelry design with pearls, now with a choice of 21 pearl shades, 21 gemstones and 8 metal colours. This makes the necklace and earrings very versatile to match most outfits.
On offer to the group at less than half price at only L$180.

Gail is a large jewelry set with art nouveau shapes and hanging gemstones, now offered with a choice of 21 gems X2 and 8 metals. This set and the one above are low lag with one script per object.
This set also is offered to members this week for only L$200 which is less than half normal price.

To buy the discounted offers or to get the Group Gifts please Join Virtual Impressions Retail Group & Wear the Tag whilst buying from the group stand (inside the entrance on the right)
Lastly there is a new year special free gift. Come get your copy.

Landmark to Virtual Impressions

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