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What I Is

Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self. ~Queen Latifah

I haven’t always been this, as I say, swave, self-assured Cao you see before you. Heck, on most days I am still a bit gangly and awkward in social situations. But I can say a big step in my growth to what is the now “me” was to stop worrying about the worst that could happen in social situations. Dimes to donuts, in my case at least, the worst usually happened anyway and no amount of fretting was going to put a halt to it. I mean, seriously, do you recall me dancing at that wedding in my fancy, outrageously sexy white spanx with my palazzo pants waltzing romantically about my ankles? My life is so fly, I can’t possibly make this chit up.


How did I learn to relax? Easy! You may be surprised, but once you realize that at some point you are going to do something like trip over you own two feet, land on your arse, whilst knocking over the bean dip so it lands with a plop in your lap during the party, the actual event when it occurs is anticlimactic, and face it, kind of funny too. Learn to laugh at yourself both when it happens and afterward. Turn it into a funny story that you can share with others. And trust me, my friends and family have a TON of “remember when Cao” stories. But making mistakes lets people know that you’re not perfect and makes you feel more at ease, too. I’ve even heard it’s an attractive quality for someone to be able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously!


October’s 4 Seasons skin, Keiko with makeup version *NEW*


Take from? Yes, if you want one. Develop and express your individuality. Whether it’s your sense of style, your quirky-ness, or even your manner of speaking, whatever “it” is, be proud of it. Value the person you are, follow your own style, love your own personality, and embrace your flaws; because we all have them. In fact, if we weren’t so obsessed with our own faults, we’d notice others have them too. And by choosing to be ourselves when you reach the point in life where you have options, you can have them because of whom the real you is, not because of pretending you are someone else. You will be able to consider them and enjoy them and know they are truly there for the real you and not for some made up personality of a person you are pretending to be. I reckon there would be a lot less “be careful what you wish for’s” if more people were honest from the get go, don’t you? Ah well, it’s just a little of my thoughts, take them or discard as you will, I just wanted to throw it out here because like my dragon besty likes to remind me, I like to live my life by word and peace.


Skin: October’s 4 Seasons, Keiko **NEW** @Rue A La Page beginning December 1st, 2014     LM Soon!

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I Is

If you look closely at a tree you’ll notice it’s knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully. ~Matthew Fox


You may not believe this, but some days it’s really hard being me. I am a self-confessed introvert, clumsy and on the best of days see everything a little left of normal. How do I deal with being me? Well, it hasn’t always been this easy, and I can honestly say looking back, I probably didn’t always handle it well, but I’ve learned some since the beginning, accepted the rigid parts, softened the pointy parts, and along the way, I grew used to myself. How? By defining who I am in my own terms. I took the time to dwell on what I value and considered what makes up the essence of who I am. Don’t get me wrong, as I grew in wisdom, I would have to occasionally reassess my core values, because if you are spiritually growing, your values may change, but the point is, I didn’t remain static and glued to one spot. We should always allow ourselves space to grow, to improve, to become wiser.

Most of all, be honest and open about yourself and your limitations. We’re all imperfect, if you feel ashamed or insecure about any aspect of yourself and you feel that you have to hide those parts of you, whether physically or emotionally then you need to come to terms with yourself and realize these are probably not flaws a’tall. Hug these oddities close because they are the gifts that make you the unique wonderful individual you are destined to be and are. Be honest with yourself, but don’t beat yourself up, there’s a big difference there. And while you’re at it, apply this philosophy to others, as well. There is a difference between being critical and being honest; learn to watch the way you say things to yourself and others when being honest. Just because you believe what you are saying or feeling is honest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not hurtful or even crucial that it be said. Or even crucial that it be said. I reckon that’s kind of a big point in all this. Is every one really entitled to your opinion? Just something to think about today, take it for what it’s worth to you because other than that, I got nothing but a huge wish that you all have a low gravity Monday.


Hair: Dura, Boy*53
Collar: Glam Affair, Edyta Bib Necklace  @Collabor88
Ear Wings: [LF], Guardian Ear Wings  @We <3 Role Play
Corset: Faster Pussycat, Linn corset **NEW**
Top: Faster Pussycat, Freya  **NEW**
SkinL: Glam Affair, Sia
Bracelet: [Mandala], Billionaire
Hands/Ears: SLink/[Mandala]


Twilight Rider

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.  ~Hans Christian Andersen
One need only to google “Pretend Play for Childhood ” to see scores of studies showing it’s benefits to early childhood development. Many people often think of play in the form of images of young children at recess engaging in games of tag, ball, using slides, swings, and physically exploring their environments. But physical play is not the only kind of play. We often use the terms pretend play or make-believe play (the acting out of stories which involve multiple perspectives and the playful manipulation of ideas and emotions), that reflect a critical feature of the child’s cognitive and social development. So why do so many choose not to “live with the heart of a child” when they grow up?

I mean, I get it. We as adults tend to hold back our joy for fear of being called immature. Just as we choose to judge and reject others without even getting to know them first. We’ve put our lives in abrupt forward momentum and constantly snap judge and micromanage every single moment of our day bringing on this vicious cycle of guilt about the past and worry about the future. How do we come from a place as children where we live and find happiness in the present moment, with little regard for what is looming on the horizon, to the constant angst of adulthood? In so many ways keeping the heart of a child is such a good thing. After all, it’s number one rule is to seek joy anywhere you can find it. Laugh at a rolly polly puppy whose only requirement for play is itself and the ground, feel tickling comfort from the warm fuzzy blanket as you pull it from the dryer, how can your heart not melt when a cat loves you so unconditionally that it leaves it’s motor-running when you are near? So often when we are looking backward with guilt and forward with anxiety we forget to actually live with all of our senses. We have five, why should any receive less attention than another?

The take from? Sure, I get it, we are adults and should worry a little about adult things in order to survive. But if you reflect deeply on this, if you spend your entire life guilting backwards and worrying forwards, when you get to the definitive end, your most finite forward, all you will have left in that split second of time is a last few moments to guilt backward, because that is all their will be, guilt for all you forgot to care about and find joy in. How I got from being an elf to this, I’ve no clue, but I do know I found joy in the moment of living as if I were an elf. And I reckon that’s what is important to a living life fully. At least that’s just my two cents worth on it.


Hat: Miamai, MetalWar Queen Bug Crown  **We <3 Roleplay** Event
Wings/Chestpiece: Miamai, Battle Fairy Wings **We <3 Roleplay** Event
Ears: [Mandala], Elf ears

Bodice: Aphorism  **Gacha instore**


Re-Finding the Words

One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter. ~ James Earl Jones
Thoughts Finally Uttered

I am going to say something and it may not be overly popular in some of my second circles.  Over the weekend I participated in a Fashion Show in Second Life and I wasn’t very happy. I was miserable actually. It wasn’t the show, the designers, or the agency, all of them did a fantastic job, it was me. Do you ever figure out a real truth in your life but as time passes you waver a little bit and jump in and then get slammed in the face with the realization you just made the same mistake… Again? Yeah, it was kind of like that. Anyone close to me knows I quit runway right after Miss Virtual World (was it 2011 (for 2012)?). I know some people thrive on the atmosphere, but for me it’s stifling, stressful, my arse gets numb, and I get bored, tired and cranky. Don’t get me wrong, I continued to walk some charity shows and shows with friends, but for the most part, I abstained. Wanting to stay a member of the agency, I signed up for the one show that was in a time that I could be available, only as the time rolled on, they changed the show to two hours later. Not convenient for me, I had a house full of friends wanting to watch pro football at that hour, but since I had committed, I held to it. Somehow along the way I had forgotten the amount of time it takes to prepare for a show, those of you who think it an easy  matter of dress and go, you are sadly mistaken. You have to dress, accessorize, adjust prims perfectly, pick walks and poses (I had five outfits with, at a minimum, twelve poses for each). Most of which I had to buy since I’d whittled away my poses in inventory to just those I use for pictures. In the preparation, I completely lost a weekend. I lost a blog post or two, and I felt like I lost my way. (thank you to the two besty’s who let me cry on their shoulders)
But today, oh how I love today. I am again officially holding the title of Blogger. Not runway model, just blogger and for the first time in three days, I feel free. Peaceful and free. When I note a change in my life I usually post the picture of me sitting on my traveling trunk, wearing a top hat and moving on, but not today. When I awoke this morning for work, I knew that picture wasn’t enough for today, because today I turn away from one area of my life to peacefully continue to grow in another. I jumped inworld, power shopped in five minutes, dressed, took a simple snap and cropped it. Retired again and moving on, I kinda like the feel of that. I hope your Monday is as uplifting as mine has turned out.
Hair: .Shi, Raven  **The Secret Affair**
Wings: Pure Poison, Broken Wings  **The Secret Affair**
Corset: [Haste], Anabel corset  **The Secret Affair**
Bottoms: *Boom*, Bikini bottoms
Ears: [Mandala], elf ears
Hands/Body: SLink, Physique and Relaxed V2
Skin/Appliers: Glam Affair Margot



Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. ~Henry Van Dyke
possession leonor3

    possession leonor1 possession leonor2possession leonorpossession hikaru

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A Poet’s Heart

A bell is not a bell until someone rings it, a song is not a song until someone sings it. Love wasn’t put in the heart to stay, for love isn’t love till you give it away.~Senora Roy
A Poets Heart
Not much to say this time, just a little something “off” that happened and I’ve been thinking about it all day. Taylor and I ran into one of my posse’s ex’s today as we were out lolly-gagging about. We talked for quite a bit and as we walked away, Taylor said , “have a great day Byron.” Taylor wasn’t in my original group of friends, remember? My mom introduced us. As a late comer he doesn’t know a lot of the history. Because, see, my friends ex’s name is actually Tom. Yep just Tom. My friend had nicknamed him Byron because her name is Rose and she was “Byron’s Rose.” (of the Lord Byron ilk).  I explained it to poor Taylor, who like a man is a bit confused about the entire arrangement. I don’t know, to me it just all felt poignant and tragic. Nothing more, just a random run of the keyboard.
MY love is like a Red Red Rose ~ by Lord Byron
O, my luve’s like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June
O, my luve’s like the melodie
That’s sweetly play’d in tuneAs fair art thou, my bonie lass
So deep in luve am I
And I will luve thee still, my Dear
Till a’ the seas gang dry

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my Dear
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun!
O I will luve thee still, my Dear
While the sands o’ life shall run



Hair: [sYs], Hanayo

Dress: Poet’s Heart, Leaf Lady  **Rock Your Rack**




I think I’ll be going to Heaven, because I had good intentions. But my actions are another thing. ~Curtis Jackson


I know! How bad of me! I said I was going to show some of the upcoming Rock Your Rack event items. I am such a bad, bad, Cao.. but! But! how could I? I haven’t shown you this new pretty from Leezu Baxter of Leezu! I knew you would be gravely angry with me if I kept this gorgeousness hidden away for just me, just me, my precious. Yikes! skeered myself there a moment, I kinda sounded like Gollum.


Such a softly feminine gown, the perfect necklace, “Nightingale”  from AvaGardner of Kungler’s Extra and a mussed easy style hair “Kalli 2″ created by Marisa Kira of D!va. Easy, but gorgeous style.  See? Now wasn’t that worth the wait until tomorrow to see the pretties from Rock Your Rack? I hope you have a wonderful night!



Cao~ bringing sexy back! ;)


I’ll even include the taxi, I’m kinda a nice like that! If I have to be… I guess..


Leezu!: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lombard%20Park/126/239/22

Kungler’s: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Accidentally%20Inlove/112/128/38

D!va: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CalanDiva/148/155/23


Spandex and Dental Floss

“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.” ~ Erma Bombeck
Every year about this time of year I do my once a year shopping for a bathing suit.

To me, living in Florida, especially living on the beach, make owning a decent bathing suit required equipment. I can’t help it, at times it’s just too plain hot and humid for regular clothes. But, of course, I digress. I always start to look for bathing suits now because in case you haven’t checked lately, they can be quite pricy at the beginning of the summer and the sales begin around now. Since my “equipment shopping” is a necessity of location, I should have held hallow the knowledge that it’s probably an annual event I should partake of while alone. Sadly, this year I did not. I had Dr. Ben with me. As we were wandering about the surf shop, he happens upon a mannequin wearing, I suppose technically you’d call it a bikini, but from my perspective it looked little more than a patch of cloth held together with dental floss. Looking at it, then at me he says, ““You’d look great in that! You want to try it on?” Thinking he’s lost is ever loving mind I answered, “Look at the mannequin, now look at me, do I look like I could possibly even get it on?” To which he responded, “I’m sure they come in bigger sizes.” You kind of have to feel sorry for a man who makes the error of saying THAT to his girlfriend. I let him live in his fool’s paradise and sadly, I found it in my size.


The bottoms are a thong, so living the latter slide to midlife I know this outfit is going to look like ‘ell to anyone other than a pre-pubescent teenage girl with bony hips. But then there is the added insult of the top. Two sparkly triangles held together by said dental floss, with no support for anything more than breasts the size of a walnut. Did I mention the pre-pubescent detail anywhere in this? Because I may be small by all standards, but to be honest, me, in this top, I think a small sneeze would lead to a wardrobe malfunction that would land me on the opening reel of some “Girl’s Gone Bad” video out there in cyber-space. Dr. Ben, always the hopeful sort says, “Come out and let me see, I know you look hot!” I thought about it a minute and then realized if this store caught fire right this second and this was all I had to wear out of this dressing room, I’d go down in flames with the building before I’d walk out of here.

The take from? Yeah, it’s here. Note to self; Dear Self, Never take a man on a crucial annual ritual shopping trip. Ever. Oh! And that oversized pair of sweat pants and floppy tee-shirt I ended up buying instead work really well when you decide to drown your sorrows in a pint of double chocolate moose tracks ice cream with a bottle of red wine. The real take from?  Getting old can be ‘ell. But that’s just my spin on it. Hey, I can’t possibly make this chit up, so it must be true.



Hair: Dura, BOY52,  **NEW** (love this! my new fave hairs! <3)

Dress: Baboom, Alegra  **NEW**  <3

Earrings: ieQED, Arraw

Bracelet: [Mandala], Billionaire  **Collabor88**

Shoos: Essenx, Malaga  **Rock Your Rack**  COMING SEPTEMBER 1st!

Bag: 1992, Spiked Bag **La Metallique**

Skin: Glam Affair, Rose

Hands/Feet: SLink

Ears: [Mandala]

Promises Made By the Light of the Moon

Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day.~ German Proverb

Promises Made By the Light of the Moon

Blame it on the moon. If you’ve not used it before, I bet you’ve at least heard the saying once or twice. Especially if you know an ER nurse or a cop. Who hasn’t been in rapture or torment at the sight of a moon? Depending, of course, if you are in the arms of a lover or overhearing the sound of a wolf. We know the moon effects the tides, being made of mostly water, why would it not effect us as well? Shakespeare certainly felt it did in “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.” He used the moon to represent both chastity and Sexual desire. The first when Theseus warns Hermia that becoming a nun will subject her to “To live a barren sister all your life / Chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon”, the latter in the references of Lysander often serenading Hermia “by moonlight” or the lover’s chasing each other in the woods “in the moonlight.”

Promises Made By the Light of the Moon

Lately I’ve been thinking Second Life has it’s own virtual lunar cycle, because I’ve met a few lunatics in there. It’s worth a moments thought or two. And don’t stick that head in the cyber dust, you know exactly what I mean. Oh! I almost forgot, the take from? I think I make a really hot Goddess Selene . But right now, you can too thanks to .Enfant Terrible. and the Fantasy Gacha Event. But heck, don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. Here, I even included the taxi for you. I’m kinda nice like that.

.Enfant Terrible. Moonchild gachakey

Jewelry: .enfant terrible., Moon Child **Fantasy Gacha Fair**
Eyes: VerseEye, Calypso jellyfish
Dress: .::DeadDollz::., Vita Chamber
Skin: Glam Affair, Rose
Hands/Feet: SLink
Hair: Tram, C407
Moon: Boudoir

The Door Left Open

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open. ~John Barrymore

The Door Left OpenHair: [Lelutka], Colleen **2014 Hair Fair** . Glasses: Glam Affair, Vintage glasses . Necklace: Ison, Safari Tribe **Collabor88** .

I am going to try to be succinct and to the point today, I’ve a banger of a headache. I was recently interviewed for a magazine article and a comment made in the inworld Miss Virtual World Academy group chat reminded me of one of my answers to a question and I think it bears repeating here. In the group an instructor admonished a conversation among models about not bad mouthing others and being professional at all times. To the conversing parties, I know you want to be an upper echelon model, or perhaps you are, I don’t know as this was never a goal of mine in Second Life, I’d find such a goal to be akin to wanting to catch a unicorn to ride to work, because face it, it’s not real. But this thought bears speaking of in regards to real life as well, because it is the foundation of living a happy life.

The Door Left OpenBag: David Heather, Bally Bag **L’Accessories** . Shoos: Miamai, Regan **L’Accessories** . Shirt: .:Vive Nine:., Helena **The Seasons Story** . Pose: BeBo, Just Pose HUD Bags .

Worry less about what other people think of you, a beautiful life is about spending your time passionately, being happy with who you are inside, and not worrying about everyone’s petty judgments. If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for everyone’s approval. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy or to follow your heart. Plan to outdo your past, not other people, because people, like rivers, constantly change. Deliver results, even when making excuses is easier. Quit taking shortcuts. Stop relying on quick fixes, or blaming others, or relying on “I’ll do it tomorrows.” Enough with the excuses, we all know them for what they are, whether we are giving them or hearing them. Refrain from feeling sorry for yourself. We all know what it’s like to go through a rough patch. The strongest, happiest, most successful people are not those who always win, but are those who don’t give up when they lose. They fail forward. So keep calm when everything seems to be going wrong. You may feel weak, but your spirit is strong. Be patient and don’t rush life. Practice patience and keep a good attitude while working hard for what you believe in and oft you will find though you might not be right were you expected to be, where you are is beyond your dreams.

The take from? Spend more time with the right people. And if you know the people around you aren’t the right people, you need to change the people around you. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Don’t expect to see positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people. And if you are the negative people, learn to change your outlook. Don’t give part-time people a full-time position in your life. Know your value and what you have to offer, and never settle for relationships that always bring you down. Forgive those who wronged you and move on, kindness isn’t a sign of weakness, nor is forgiveness a sign of acceptance, it’s merely a willingness to be a strong person, admit people make mistakes, forgive and move on. When life is good, instead of looking for the “next best thing” stop a minute and be thankful and enjoy what you have because happiness never comes to those who don’t appreciate what they have. It might not be what you want for your future but it’s all you need right now. Well looky der, my headache is gone. I am happy. Life is good.

Ear Worm: