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Way back into…whatever state I was actually in

"I've been sleeping with a clown above my bed".  I'm all deep, me.  And even if I am not I can fake it pretty well.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm currently in mental flux, deciding on next steps in many parts of life and that SL may or may not be part of that.  This may be one of those things that is over in a week, or it may not.

Either way, I will poke my head into Plurk at points and probably won't resist going inworld, but the blog has to take a back seat.

Be well.

Wrestlemaniac – the birth of a new hero

I looked around at the lights, and wondered how on earth I found myself, dressed like an evil clown in a gold bikini, practising my clotheslines and piledrivers in an empty arena....

Earlier, I was sitting in the huge wrestling stadium thinking about how any journalist worth his salt should try to get to the truth behind a story.  So rather than just watch...I needed to participate.  Properly.

Hence the birth of "Anonymonster! The Evil Nightmare Clown!"   My outfit? Shiny pink boots, shiny jockstrap, balaclava, off-putting flower ornament stapled to my head.  My character?  I fight dirty and cackle like a maniac throughout the fight, building pratfalls into my ring movement like a drunken master.  Everyone finds clowns creepy right?  So a half naked clown with a balaclava? Win, ain't noone want to grapple with me dressed like this.

I even have a special move using my patented device - called "The Tickle of Doom" - guaranteed to leave my opponent begging for mercy and cringing with embarrassment.  Sadly as you can see from the picture below, even in an empty practice arena, I ended up down and out.

SKIN -NIVARO- James Skin - springtone - hairy_stubble_bald
MAKEUP & NOSE TonkTastic Freebie
EYES Poetic Colours

BIKINI PANTS VITAMEN Men's Micro Bikini - Limited Edition for The 24 event
GLOVES ::: B@R ::: Nhaki ME Gloves
BALACLAVA !gO! Balaclava -frm (24 gatcha item)
BOOTS (fd) Bossy Boots Large - Metallic Pink (Old gatcha item)
HEAD ORNAMENT tomoto, corsage tanabata2013 bk (Old gatcha item)
ARMOUR [The Forge] Basic Bracer, Right (Silver) (Old gatcha item)

MY EVIL TICKLE CLAW OF DOOM was at I Love Donna Flora by Intrigue Co
POSES by Lib

The shots were taken at Slam City: home of the DCWF.  Despite my total failure above, this is a long running, pretty amazing venture in SL that I for one had no idea about.  I intend to report more on SL Wrestling at some point....because frankly it looks pretty damn fun.

High Fashion. In the box. Sorta.

I'm a big fan of fashion shoots taking place down on the docks. Or building sites. Or in cargo containers.  Just thought I would share that with you.  I'm wearing all sorts of things that are new, how amazing is that?

The outfit, hat, umbrella are all from The 24 event.  I liked parts of this, thought that some things were expensive for what they were, oh and sadly I hated the build.  I kept on walking into the water, which may not be physically possible for most people.  I blame my motor skills but also the crazy neon lights everywhere.

It only has 2 more days to run, so go grab stuff - the full list of menswear items are here

I am also showing a new release from Lucien Marcelo - croc skin bags are fine in SL as no lizards were harmed making them.  As far as I know, though it's possibe that the designer could have a RL terrapin and mock him for his size and shell patterns.

SKIN -NIVARO- James Skin - springtone - trailhair_stubble_hair
HAT JfL crushable denim hat camo special edition at 24 (gatcha item)
EYES Poetic Colours

OUTFIT INCLUDING BOOTS Gabriel at 24 Event (limited item)

UMBRELLA Energie - Umbrella Clock 24 (gatcha item)

POSE/PROP by Pretense (Cajsa Lilliehook & Gidge Uriza) available at Area 51
Their mainstore is here

From the Arcanum – new Magik for a better tomorrow.

Today I can share some recently-discovered spells from the definitive "Arcanum of Magik"

AlooaGobi - summoning charm for potatoes and cauliflowers within a 1 mile radius
Avada Nagila - Makes people really happy for a time followed by intense guilt and kvetching
Crochetio - Unravels knitting and makes people itch
Locomotor KylisTushi - makes people dance around like a train while waving their gluteal muscles
ShaWaddiWaddiWasi - ejects small objects from holes, while playing retro 50s music.

This is another of the FATEplay releases - based loosely on a school of wizardry kinda genre.  Full details on the outfits and the magic spells are here

SKIN Daniel by Nivaro
HAIR Plenty by Magika
EYES Teal Lark from Matte (freebie)

OUTFIT Henry from FATEplay in Hufflepuff
SHOES City Walk shoes by Shiny Things
TACHE Skinny Stache and Flavour Saver by Jaryth

TOP 2 PICS POSES by Adorkable (closed)
BOTTOM PIC pose is part of the outfit.....INCENDIO!

Pretty Average Soldier

Drinking heavily by moonlight
Watching TV by daylight
Always running from a real fight
He is the one named Sailor Goon

Damien Fate's FATEplay brand just released some great back-to-school outfits, all with a magical element.  There are 4 outfits (2 for guys, 2 for women) with full details available here.  They all come with a wand or magical staff including a special spell...as shown below.  More to follow on these as they are all great fun!

OUTFIT including boots: Rena from FATEplay: Marketplace / InWorld
SKIN by Kento
HAIR Honest by Magika

Lapin dangereux

There are many reasons for this particular outfit, but right at this moment, none of them occur to me.  I'm thinking something along the lines of "wabbit west and wecweation".

Possibly it's that I'm quite a nerdy kinda guy in general, so whenever I wear something butch or militaristic I tend to need to deflate it by...well...also being a rabbit.

The clothing release includes the outfit & boots is from EPIA, Every Pixel is Art.  It comes in a few different colours and is customisable through scripts for things like cuffs and hood, as well as in male and female versions...so pretty flexible really!

HEAD *DC*_RabbitAvatar_Head2 from Doll Coco
HAIR  Uw.st    Noah-Hair   (Resize)   Silver wolf (Uncle Web Studios/Men's Department)
COMBAT UNIFORM INCL BOOTS (epia) - Versatile Combat Uniform WOODLAND

GLOVES Dexter from Fatewear
BUBBLE PIPE from Thrift Shop Event
SCARF Adjunct - Sail Away Scarf - Stripes

Wandering at Kittens Heaven

I rather liked the Kittens Heaven sim the last time it was opened - actually I loved it because it reminds me of very happy times with someone great.  Anyway it's back as of this evening SLT and definitely worth a look.

Nowadays I'm like the Incredible Hulk, wandering the earth alone and leaving sweat marks on the beautifully made furniture.

My rather natty top is from papermoon - its out at the Genre Event.  I am also wearing an awesome new release from Deadwool - the Trauermarsch boots and a pair of shorts from Egoisme that were a Menstuff hunt gift.  Oh and another new Dura hair release (squees)

SKIN -NIVARO- James Skin - "MD Beard Edition" - hairy_bald
HAIR *Dura-Boys&Girls*46(Dark Brown)resize
EYES Poetic Colours

TOP *pm* Thai Flame Mens Pullover at Genre Event
UNDERSHIRT Mike from Mayden Couture
SHORTS Egoisme Cargo - MENShunt item
BOOTS [Deadwool] Trauermarsch Boots (brown)


Pergola and Hammock by Cheeky Pea
:CP: Alice Pergola (Simple) + :CP: Lilith Hammock

Log fire and cuddle log by Cheeky Pea
:CP: Chestnut Cuddle Log (PG)
:CP: Chestnut CampFire

Pigs are by Jon Haskell

Summerhouse by Lisp

Chair and table by PILOT
Deco Dining Chair [Black]

Games - TA Tahur Poker Set


A Boojum is a Snark of the worst sort - you can't catch one but it is attracted to thimbles.
In order to track one, it's important to wear leg warmers and underwear and to drape your antlers with string.

Yeah, I got sort of lost with this - I was attempting to make a shape as a homage to Kake Broek...and it ended up dressed like this with absolutely no theme or meaning behind it, which isn't at all the point, as his pictures tend to have depth, political or social commentary and so on.

And then I realised I was on a Snark hunt - something I would never manage to achieve in the way I intended, but that it also did not matter.


SKIN -NIVARO- James Skin
EYES Poetic Colours
HAIR booN GFR834 hair purple
MAKEUP A:S:S - Glam-rock-glitter - silver

TATTOO ::Para Designs:: Rockabilly Black Light

UNDERPANTS Retro Square Cut Briefs by Lazybum
LEGWARMERS Emy Warmers at Fantasy Gatcha
HORNS { Q } Antlers - Spring Fling (cannot find LM right now, will update when I can)
NECKLACE etham - Royal Cross Necklace
PIERCING t - Twisted and reckless at the Thrift Shop event

BINDI Air_BINDI from old Gatcha event

Shoetopia Journal – Part One

Cobblerologist's log: 4th of Choo in the year 1783. (see this earlier blog for background)

"It was after many hours of watching and waiting that I saw my first inhabitant of the archipelago of islands known as "Shoetopia", specifically on the smaller atoll called Magli by nearby natives.

I was crouched down in the native grass when he came out to graze and preen.  I was able to observe his complex regimen of rubbing his head protuberances on the soft down of the many Blahnik bushes to buff them up......"

"....Unfortunately the light caught my lens and within a few seconds he had rushed up to me with his heels spiked out, chanting "Ong! Ong! Ong!" the distinctive battle-cry of the Maglian.

I had to beat a hasty retreat, hiding behind the red-trunked Louboutin trees while distracting him with a velvet shoelace.  I'm now back at base camp and waiting for my pictures to be developed with shaking hands....."

SKIN -NIVARO- Emerson Skin - FROST
EYES .ID. Two-Tone Eyes - Pink/Violet
HAIRBASE .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ Tintable Hair Base
LASHES *YS & YS* Tintable  Eyelash 001
BEARD -NIVARO- Beards - macho_tintable

MAKEUP Essences Blush
TATTOO XWD - Facial Tattoo - TRIBAL - Tattoo Layer - Light/Tintable

PANTS VITAMEN Monthly Freebie July2011_Pink-02
SHOES/HAT/GLOVES [Gos] Desire Ankle Boot (old hunt item)
TIE A:S:S - Bootleg tie - Pink

BOOTS [Gos] Rigged Wellington - Tall - alpha - wear me


Miyagawacho Hanamachi

When I saw Achariya's blog about this Sim on It's Only Fashion I was hooked.  I have spent very short periods of time in RL Japan and go through obsessive periods about its food, art, music, theatre and history. The Miyagawacho Hanamachi sim is a wonderful way to sort of begin to understand some of my love for the place.

It has been meticulously designed - there are definitely better pictures out there than these, which I snatched while sipping on tea with my very engaging guide (whose name I have stupidly mislaid).  Despite her clothing meaning she could only take little steps I found myself running like an idiot to keep up as we toured the beautiful gardens, streets and temples on the sim.  It really is very beautiful.

It is in fact a RP sim with various roles and tasks involved - probably too much for my limited time.

The LM is here
An official Website/Blog is here

Fashion creds for me are as for THIS BLOG