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Ayashi + C.C.k

Hello flowers
in this post i show you two funny news created by Ayashi and C.c.k
for this round of Level Up!

<3 Berta

skin: Mojo
hair: Ayashi - Zombie maid - LU
dress: Ayashi - Zombie maid - LU
shoes and stockings : *{SeVered GarDeN}* Patty
pet: C.C.k - Zomberry army - LU

Truth + Epic + Tsg

Hello flowers!
In this post i want show you the new cute hair Cameo from Truth!
new Ecchi sporty dress from Epic created for Lubbly Jubblies
new Madame boots from Tsg created for Kustom9 ;)
My pose in from new Set from Severed Pose!
<3 Berta

skin: Al Vulo Celestial
hair: TRUTH - Cameo
dress: Epic - Ecchi - LJ
shoes: Tsg - Madame boots - K9

Interview with vampire…

Hello flowers
I really enjoyed working this shooting "interview with vampire " style
with the photographer Spyder Silverfall
I love his creativity and high quality of his work
and he has a really adorable avatar! so i "stole" him for this shot :P
you can see Spyder's work on flickr here ^_^

<3 Berta

on me:

skin: Essences - Whisper
hair: TRUTH - Tulip
eyes: Tsg - luminate
lingerie: Dirty Princess
collar,bracer,garter: RO - Melancholy - ARCADE
crown: RO - Necromancer
ballet strap: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* ALBA

Truth + Epic + CCk

Hello flowers!
for this gothic look i used three very pretty news!
new fluffy ponytail Posy by Truth , this corset dress by Epic for TBS and these horns by CCk created for fantasy room.
<3 Berta

skin: Essences - Whisper
hair: TRUTH - Posy
dress: Epic - Bachelorette - TBS
horn: CCk - Tangle - FR

Essences + Wasabi Pills

Hi flowers
I'm in love for this look so sweet ^_^
I wear new Linka skin from Essences created for TDRF available in 3 make ups with 5 brows and cleavage options.
My hair Mandy from Wasabi Pills created for FaMESHed@ make my face very pritty!

<3 Berta

skin: Essences - Linka - TDRF
hair: Wasabi Pills - Mandy - FaMESHed@
hears + crown+bracelet: Half-Deer - ARCADE


Hello flowers!
for this round of Uber Apocalypse Truth has created Rogue hair, comes in two versions and with gas mask with or without steam in 3 colors!
<3 Berta

skin: Essences - Emma
hair & mask: TRUTH - Rogue - Uber
face tattoo: Little Pricks
eyes: Tsg - Luminate
outfit: Defectiva

Al Vulo + Truth

Hello flowers!
Juicy news today! New skin from Al Vulo for TDRF comes with 2 brows and all appliers for slink, phat azz and TMP.
From Truth this two adorale hair Grande in two versions + optional bang and Freya ;)

skin: Al Vulo - Salina Dolly milk - TDRF
hair: TRUTH - Grande and Freya.
eyes: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* SeverEyes
tattoo: Letis - Rasalhague

WP + Tsg + CCk

Hi flowers,
in this post i show you new cute hair Rachel from Wasabi Pills,
new Megane glasses from Tsg and Leveau necklace from C.C.k. for TFC!

<3 Berta

skin: Birdy
hair: Wasabi Pills - Rachel
glasses: Tsg - Megane *Shy*
necklace: CCK - Leveau - TFC
dress + flowers: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Jamila

Fairy Berta

Hello flowers!
in this post i show you this new cute outfit from Epic created for Fantasy Collective event, available in 4 colors ;)
And i'm so happy to show you two news gorgeous hair from Truth: Lilith with cute headband add-on
and Nissa a lovable side braid!
<3 Berta

skin: Essences - Alex
hair: TRUTH - Lilith and Nissa
outfit & wings: Epic - Swamp Ivy - TFC
bracelet & necklace: part of *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Agiz

Truth + Epic

Hello flowers!
Today i show you two new hair from Truth,
Jinx cute ponytails and Clover come in two bang versions and with skull hand ornaments :)
My cute babydoll from Epic available in 11 colors, created for The Scene District!

<3 Berta

skin: Essences - Tila (+ loud mouth)
hair: TRUTH - Jinx (pic1) Clover (pic2)
babydoll: Epic - on eyed monster - District 5
eyes: Tsg - Summer
face band: C.C.k. - District 5
necklace: Atomic - OMG
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