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Olive Branch

Hi. I finally made it to Collabor88. It's such an amazing round, even more so than usual. But then again Odyssey is a birthday celebration round so I guess it figures. I'm pretty sure you're well aware of everything that's available at the venue by now but just in case you're not, check out the catalog.

As you can see I fell in love with Lamb's Pandora hair, Tres Blah's Athena dress and Zenith's Greek Leather Heels. OK, so maybe you can't actually see the heels but they're there. The antlers and ears are old, like 2009 and 2011 kinda old so they probably aren't around anymore. Sorry for that.

I'm also sorry for not fully understanding light and shadows. I know they should be added correctly when added but... yeah. I found a beautiful premade background stock and tried something different with it. I hope you like it regardless. Thanks for reading! -B- 

Antlers | Insufferable Dastard, Battle Antlers
Ears | ATOMIC, Winter Reindeer
Hair | Lamb, Pandora, Light Brown Pack (Collabor88)
Skin | Essences, Olyvia, light rose*
Eyebrows | Just Magnetized, Diva Brows, Brunette02
Eyes | Insufferable Dastard, Abyss Eyes, Silver
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, Light Gradient N2
Makeup (cheeks) | La Malvada Mujer, Blow Up #1
Makeup (nose) | Essences, CHO Nose Freckles, lait*
Mouth | Loud Mouth, Alli
Hands | Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands, Flat (R)
Dress | Tres Blah, Athena Dress, Cotton (Collabor88)

Background by Ecathe

*Review copies

In The Eye Of The Storm

Hi. I'm dying to get to Collabor88 but no luck thus far. So I decided to do something while waiting. It's yet another look that doesn't feature all that many items and the ones that are featured may very well be unavailable. I mean, it looks like the whole store I got the hair from has gone out of business since. The shoes I just couldn't find. I guess some of the stuff is old... I do like the way my face turned out here, though. Hope you dig it too.

That's it, really. Thank you for stopping by! -B-

Hair | trico, PAMELA, light brown2
SkinEssences, Olyvia, light rose*
EyebrowsJust Magnetized, Diva Brows, Brunette02
Eyes | S0NG, Hope, Storm Eye
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, Free Asymmetry, eyes B
Mouth | Loud Mouth, Alli
HandsSlink, Avatar Enhancement Hands, Casual (L) + Elegant1 (R)
Top | COCO, BandeauBikini_Top
JeansAuxiliary, Skinny Jeans, Ombre Yellow
FeetSlink, Mesh Feet, Medium
Shoes | Auxiliary, Heartbreaker, Blush

*Review copies

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Hi. My outfit today is very simple, just three pieces. All three are past Collabor88 items, two of which are ISON's. Yeah, so maybe not the most elaborate ensemble ever but it works, right?

But! Do you or do you not love TheGreekGoddess by Essences? I wore it once before in a different tone but the pale tone is even prettier to me so I had to do a close-up. I did change the brows 'cause I'm obsessed with them but other than that it's pretty much untouched. Ah, yes there are the moles but they're by Essences too so they don't count. Chose an older LeLutka hair for this one, still love it just as much as when I first purchased it.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading. Hugs and kisses (mhm, you just got kissed by a goddess...)! -B-

Hair | LeLutka, BIGGEST hair, Marilyn
SkinEssences, TheGreekGoddess, pale01, blonde*
EyebrowsJust Magnetized, Diva Brows, Brunette04
TopISON, crop panel tee, navy stripe (Old Collabor88)
PantsISON, nova zipper pants, yellow (Old Collabor88)
Shoes | Hucci, Calbe Pump, MidnightMoonglow (Old Collabor88)

*Review copies

Ahoy, Woof, Meow!

Hi. Oh shoot. I didn't mean to do it. Leave for a month and not say anything that is. But I did it. I was out of the country for 25 days (Miami, Orlando and NYC). It was great but now I'm back home, back to work and back to SL. I had this look ready way back in June but never had the time to post it. So I'm doing it now. Hope you like it! And I hope you've enjoyed your summer so far. -B-

Hair | Tameless Hair, Selma, Fades Roots*
Skin | Birdy, Imogen Skin, Porcelaine, Frost (Bare)
EyebrowsJust Magnetized, Diva Brows, Brunette03
Freckles | Just Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
Top | Nylon Outfitters, Knotted Tshirt, Floral Anchor
Shorts | SMC, DenimShorts
Nails | Nylon Outfitters, Art Nails for SLINK, Hello Sailor Nails
TattooLa Malvada Mujer, Better than humans
Socks | SMC, Frilly Ankle Socks
Shoes | Renegade, Chevron Cutout Platforms, Green

*Review copies

Easy, Breezy, Bayberry

Hi. Look at my face. Isn't it beautiful? Sounds awfully conceited, I know, but the Greek Goddess skin is just amazing. I bet you're not surprised if I say it's by Essences. The hair is Boardwalk Breeze by Clawtooth and I love it with the skin.

I've been having lots of trouble shopping lately, my screen keeps turning black and everything freezes. But there are things I just have to have no matter how long it may take. The hair was one such item and the shoes another. Got them at The Arcade.

The quest for the ISON top and bottom was a bit easier, didn't freeze/crash quite as often at Collabor88. So, even if almost everything I'm wearing is ISON and the mixing and matching could've been more inventive, don't think it was easy! K, well thank you for reading. Let's do this again sometime? -B-

HairClawtooth, Boardwalk Breeze, Dreamy Red (The Arcade)
SkinEssences, The Greek Goddess, medium01* (Totally Top Shelf)
TopISON, ruffle bottom button up, white (Collabor88)
PantsISON, rope belt chinos, printed navy (Collabor88)
BagISON, folded leather clutch, gray
ShoesISON, avery strap boots, army (The Arcade)
Pose | marukin, willow, in weeping (Old Collabor88)

Sweet Freedom

Oh, sweet freedom. I've got this week off work so I'm going to have a bit more time to post. Post and watch soccer. It's raining out all the time anyway.

In my last post I mentioned Tameless Hair's new textures but didn't show you any. Well, meet Adiana, a new style with new textures. So much more realistic than the older textures, don't you think? The top is also Tameless, it's part of a full outfit. I chose to wear COCO's shorts and Ingenue's shoes with it, though.

Not much more to the look, actually. Oh, wait, I do want to mention the eyebrows. They're the Diva Brows in brown by Just Magnetized. Good brows transform your whole face so I urge you to experiment with different styles. Essences provides full eyebrow removal layers for their skins so it's easy, too.

Thank you very much for reading. Be back soon, promise! -B-

HairTameless Hair, Adiana, Fades Roots*
SkinEssences, Olyvia, light rose*
EyebrowsJust Magnetized, Diva Brows, Brunette04
Makeup (eyes) | MONS, black eyeliner series 4
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, Light Gradient N2
TopTameless, Buck O'Five Top*
Shorts | COCO, HighWaistedShorts, Atlantic
ShoesIngenue, Lola Heels, Navy (Collabor88)
Pose | marukin

Grandpa Approved

Hi. Only one post last month. That's pathetic. Bad, bad blogger. It's not that I don't want to post, it's just that I've been working day and night (or something like that). Well, I'm here now so you probably just want to get the info on today's look, not hear my lame excuses.

OK. So, the hair is Tameless Hair. They've come out with new textures and all but I liked this style with the old textures with this look so I'll get to the new ones later. The skin is, surprisingly, Olyvia by Essences. The glasses are vintage Nylon Outfitters. I've worn them on multiple occasions, they're definitely among my favorite glasses of all time. The little studs you may or may not see are Paper Couture's, they come in a set with a necklace.

The outfit itself turned out a bit Memorial Day. Who doesn't like red, white and blue, though? The top is COCO's, the skirt ISON's and the shoes fri.day's. The skirt and the shoes are current Collabor88 items so go get them while you can. And, um, I guess that's it. Hope you likey, now me goey. Thank you for reading! Later. -B-

HairTameless Hair, Ivana, Naturals*
SkinEssences, Olyvia, light rose, brunette*
Freckles | Just Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
Glasses | Nylon Outfitters, Grandpa Glasses
EarringsPaper Couture, Merriweather Diamond Studs*
Top | COCO, CroppedSweater, Blue
SkirtISON, high waist pleat skirt, red (Collabor88)
Shoesfri.day, Moxie.Heel, Cherry (Collabor88)
Pose | Label Motion

Laura Unbuttoned

Hi. I've been really busy with an IT project at work. I'm hoping it won't be very long now until it's finished. So, I'm still "active" (if you can even use that word when referring to my somewhat sporadic posting). And I'm still using a lot of event stuff in my posts. It doesn't take much more than a quick trip to Collabor88 and The Dressing Room FUSION to achieve this look. And that's about all you need to know at this time. So sorry to leave you so soon but I need sleep to make it through the long days. Thank you for reading! -B- 

Hair | tram, D424 hair, amber&cork, gradient (Collabor88)
SkinEssences, Siggy TDRF01, brunette* (The Dressing Room FUSION)
Freckles | Just Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
TopTee*fy, Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt, Check (Collabor88)
JeansMaitreya, Boyfriend Jeans Slim, Washed Out
Shoes | Hucci, Pinup Peep, Moonglow (Collabor88)
Pose | marukin, sol, white fleur

Press F7

Hi. Today's look was pretty heavily influenced by this picture by Miaa Rebane. Her editing is top-notch, mine's a bit sloppy this time. Anyway, as you can see I joined the Liquence bandwagon. I think I saw you there already so let's just move on to the next item. That would be the colorful new necklace brought to you by MiWardrobe. You might be surprised to hear this but I'm actually on time with this one, you can totally still get it.

What else? Oh yes, the jeans are a recent release by mon tissu. The pose doesn't do them any favors but they're great. I also want to point out the heels. They're bold enough to make any pair of jeans sexy but I don't think they're slutty. Dirty Princess is the brand to turn to if you want a pair for yourself.

The rest I've blogged before so the credits should suffice. Thank you very much for reading. Now, good night! -B-

Hair | Liquence, F7, Color Ombres
SkinEssences, Lily, doux, brunette*
FrecklesJust Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
Mouth | Loud Mouth, Alli
TattooMiWardrobe, Not Words*
NecklaceMiWardrobe, The Petals, Orange*
RingLaGyo, Queen deer ring
BagMiWardrobe, Fashion Street, Beige & Blue*
TopMaitreya, RB-Tank, White
Jeans | mon tissu, Best Friend Jeans, Original Wash
Shoes | Dirty Princess, Naughty Couture Princess Heels, Mesh Red
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies

Just Don’t Stick It In There

Hi. Yes, I stuck my finger in a socket while wearing a heavy metal necklace. It's one way to get big hair, no? At least in SL. The hair is an old LeLutka style I still love. It takes up most of the space in the picture but there are some other items I guess I could say a few words about if you don't mind.

I've taken quite a liking to my new lips so I'm wearing them again. The same goes for the beauty marks. And the tattoo. I've also worn the Tee*fy top quite a few times before, but not recently. It goes very nicely with the jeans I just got. I thought they looked good ever since they were first released but I never got around to getting them for myself, until now.

And then there are the shoes. I'm sorry you can't really see them properly here. They are a new release by LETHAL available at the Soho Market (or at least were until recently). If you want to get a better look, just click here. That's about it, really. Now I think I should get off my butt. Thank you for reading! -B-

Hair | LeLutka, RYKIEL, IdontBleach
SkinEssences, Emma, doux, brunette*
Freckles | Just Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
Mouth | Loud Mouth, Alli
Tattoo | MiWardrobe, Princess Doll*
Necklace | MiWardrobe, Hard Metal* (Old Limited Bazaar)
Top | Tee*fy, Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank, White
Jeans | The Secret Store, Rise Skinny Jeans, Blue Denim
Shoes | Lethal Couture, Geo Platform Tangerine Tropical (Soho Market)
Pose | Label Motion, Mix#36, Pose 6

*Review copies
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