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Shut The Front Door

Hi. I made two major investments since my last post. As you can probably see, I finally bought a Loud Mouth. I think I did a pretty good job fitting and color matching with the help of this post. Color matching was actually a breeze as Essences provides appliers (I used Essences: LM Applier - Olyvia *light rose* ...and post processed a tiny bit).

And then there are the feet. I've seen so many awesome shoes for Slink's high feet that I just couldn't resist any longer. My first pick for shoes were the Sovereign Wedges REIGN has out for The 100 Block Fashion Fair. Can't wait to get my hands on many others.

Some of the pieces in today's look aren't that expensive. The hair and the dress are both available at Collabor88. The freckles are priced at L$89 and the tattoo at L$150, both available on the Marketplace. Oh, and the cloud texture I used is free to grab! That's pretty much it. Gonna shut my loud mouth for now, TTYS. -B-

HairTRUTH, April, light browns (Collabor88)
SkinEssences, Olyvia, light rose, brunette*
FrecklesJust Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
Mouth | Loud Mouth, Alli
Tattoo | MiWardrobe, Princess Doll*
Dress | Nylon Outfitters, Watercolor Dress, Wildflowers (Collabor88)
Shoes | REIGN, Sovereign Wedges, Teal (The 100 Block Fashion Fair)
Pose | marukin
Texture | inSight Designs, Free Texture Grab, Big Clouds

*Review copies

Cut Me Out

Hi. Oh, how I love these lazy days. No rush, nothing important to do. So I slept in, ate fajitas, watched some TV and logged in.

I noticed that LoQ Hair has changed its name to LoQ'ue. Not just the name is new but there are several new styles out too. The one I'm wearing is called Chicha. The skin is Amaranth by Essences again, just added freckles. The top and skirt combo is Tee*fy's for the current round of Collabor88. REIGN has been coming out with awesome shoes lately and the chunky platforms are no exception. You can find them at KUSTOM9. And as much as I hate to admit it, I'm late with the necklace again. It was a Limited Bazaar exclusive by MiWardrobe. Just couldn't help wearing it.

Hope you like the look. Now, back to the TV. Thank you for reading! -B-

Hair | LoQ'ue, Chicha, Dark Brown*
SkinEssences, Amaranth TSS04, light rose, brunette* (The Seasons Story)
Freckles | Glamorize, Freckle Face, Gingerly
NecklaceMiWardrobe, Gypsy Necklace, Orange*1 + Red*2* (Old Limited Bazaar)
TopTee*fy, Sophie Cut-Out Ruffle Top, Cobalt Blue (Collabor88)
SkirtTee*fy, Su Pencil Skirt, Dark Floral (Collabor88)
Shoes | REIGN, Chunky Plats, Cayenne (KUSTOM9)
Pose | marukin, pastel, blue river

*Review copies

Fluffy Watercolors

Hi. I love all things pretty. Like the Fluffy Dress Tres Blah has out for April's round of Collabor88. It has to be one of the prettiest things I've seen released for a while. Amaranth, Essences' new skin for The Seasons Story is also very pretty but in a different way (obviously, as it's not a dress but a skin). And yes, the necklace and the shoes are pretty, too. I don't know what you've come to expect from me but I'm hoping it's not too much. As this is what you get. Now, good night. -B-

Hair | Tableau Vivant, Springer Hair, Solstice (Collabor88)
Skin | Essences, Amaranth TSS02, light rose, brunette* (The Seasons Story)
Necklace | Yummy, Satin Bow & Pearls, Grey
Dress | Tres Blah, Fluffy Dress, Watercolors (Collabor88)
ShoesLeverocci, Suede Curved Wedges, Spiked, Artisan Yellow
Pose | marukin, dolce vita, pink crepe trousers (Collabor88)

*Review copies

It Screams Something

Hi. I'm so sorry for disappearing. Again. I've had such bad luck this winter. I'm never usually sick and now it seems like I've been nothing but sick. I really hope things will get easier come spring. It's not quite here yet but it's not far now. I'm trying to make it come faster by wearing outfits like this. Doesn't it just scream spring? At least it screams something.

Just a few notes on the outfit. I'm pretty sure the eye shadow was a Skin Fair exclusive so it might not be available anymore. Same goes for the scarf, just a different event. The skirt is part of LavandaChic's group gift outfit. If you're not a group member yet there's a L$100 joining fee. It's not much but just so you know. And that concludes the notes part.

If there's still someone left reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my pixel heart. Please stick around, I'll be back sooner or later. -B-

HairTameless Hair, Tiffany, Naturals*
SkinEssences, Cutie Moon, light rose, brunette* (Cutie Moon Fair)
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, Scale N4 (Skin Fair 2014)
Makeup (lips) | PIDIDDLE, LipColor, Truly Naked/GappedTeeth, TESTER
ScarfMiWardrobe, Fringed Scarf, Blue* (The Seasons Story 4)
Sweatshirt | LavandaChic, Ballon Blusa, Yellow*
SkirtLavandaChic, Pink Outfit (Group gift!)
ShoesRevanche, Privilege Wedge, Cerulean

*Review copies

You Better Work

Hi. I bet I sound like a broken record when I say Collabor88 is fantastic. Well, it is. The theme for this round is "Back to business". So, this is me with my business face on. Like it? You'd better or I'll fire your a** in a heartbeat. I don't think the look needs much explaining. I'm late for an appointment anyway. Ta-ta. -B-

Hair | TRUTH, Lolita (Collabor88)
Skin | Essences, Paris01, light rose, brunette* (The Dressing Room FUSION)
Glasses | Nylon Outfitters, Grandpa Glasses, black
Jewelry | Paper Couture, Diamond Collar Set*
Bag | Doppelganger, Milla Pouch, Mulberry (N/A)
Dress | ur favorite one, pure seduction two-piece, grey (Collabor88)
Shoes | Celoe, fox.ankleboots, saddle/biscay (Collabor88)

*Review copies

Papillon Tartan

Hello. Is this thing on? OK, so I've been shopping on the Marketplace and made so many great finds I just have to share some of them with you.

The cardigan and the skirt are both Marketplace finds (also available in-world). The Ducknipple cardigan is HUD controlled, lots of great colors to choose from. The skirt is part of a cool outfit by NS. I could've easily worn the whole thing but decided to make things more interesting by mixing and matching.

I've been waiting for a look I could incorporate the boots into. And here it is, now that there's a new round of Collabor88 and they could be gone. But surely you got them on time? The beret was a Limited Bazaar item in November so if you didn't get it then, too bad. I'm sorry. So very sorry.

I usually have some good news for you when I give you N/A, though. The pretty necklace is a WCF3 freebie. And, um, the NS outfit only sets you back L$100. Hope it's enough to lure you back in the future. Thank you for reading anyway. Later. -B-

HeadpieceMiWardrobe, The Papillon Beret* (Old Limited Bazaar)
HairMagika, Roots Edition, Luna
SkinEssences, Thursday 01, beach, brunette*
Eyes | Insufferable Dastard, Tortured, Blue
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, damp earth #2
Makeup (lips) | Modish, Oria lipstick, SetD-15
Makeup (moles and teeth) | Essences*
NecklaceRYCA JEWELRY, Gift Necklace Doll Gold (Whore Couture Fair 3)
BagISON, folded leather clutch, gray
CardiganDucknipple, Open Cardigan
Top | Tres Blah, Sheer Layered Tee
ShoesMaitreya, Thigh High Boots, Black Gold Snake (Old Collabor88)
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies

A Dual State Or Quality

Hi. So, I'm in love with Maisie. Yes, she's a girl. She's the new VIP gift skin by Birdy to be exact. I'm in love with my new pet, too. I'm sure you've got one, a Puggly if you will. Maybe you've got many. I've got three: a bear, a kitty and a raccoon. And what do you know, they are also by Birdy (for The Arcade).

The rest is not by Birdy. The hair is by CaTwA and the outfit is by Envious (L$180). The headband is a part of Ducknipple's SLX Outfit called Snuggles (L$100) and the belly ring is a part of Tameless's outfit called Jungle Drums (L$149). And that's all there is to today's look, really. Oh, just thought I'd add the prices as they're not high at all, au contraire.

I don't usually dress like this but sometimes it's fun to try something different. I hope you like it! Thank you so much for reading, good night. -B-

Hair | CaTwA, Mesh Nancy Hair, 2
Headband | Ducknipple, SLX Outfit: Snuggles
Skin | Birdy, Maisie Skin, Pure (VIP gift)
Makeup (eyes) | MONS, black eyeliner series, 5
Makeup (moles) | Essences*
Outfit | Envious, Duality
Pet | Birdy, Puggly, Racoon (The Arcade)
PiercingTameless, Jungle Drums, Cross Belly Ring*

*Review copies

Gloomy Day Juice

Hi. Today's look turned out a little gloomier than I was aiming for. Oh well, I'm going to post it anyway if you don't mind. And even if you do mind, actually.

I've been meaning to tell you about the hair for a long time. It's a great rigged mesh style by LoQ Hair and, believe it or not, the fatpack (35 colors, 21 fades!) is yours for only L$99. The FAUN Stompers weren't too expensive either, got them at fi*Fridays. The events come and go so fast I could be late on this one, though.

The items that are parts of outfits by Tameless are very much available. They aren't mesh for the most part but there are some great pieces for mixing and matching. I'm sure they keep improving, too, like the hair does. In leaps and bounds! So keep an eye out, why don't you? That's it. Thanks for reading. Do come back for more. -B-

Hair | LoQ Hair, MangoJuice, Black1*
SkinEssences, Clover 01, beach, brunette*
Makeup (lips) | Essences, Song Lipgloss 07 (dark)*
CoatTee*fy, Faux Fur Coat, Brown
DressTameless, Shy Outfit*
PantsTameless, Lace & Lies Outfit*
Shoes | FAUN, Mannix Stompers, Camo
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies

Kendal Thinks Pants Are Overrated

Hi. I should be sleeping already but instead I'm here posting a look. So, I'm keeping it tight. The shirt I'm wearing as a dress is by Mikunch, a shop I stumbled upon while browsing through anya ohmai's wonderful Flickr stream. The cub I'm holding and the hair I'm flaunting are VIP gifts by Birdy and elikatira. The shoes were a great find at fi*Fridays by CASHMERE. The bag was Fashionably Dead's Collabor88 item almost a year ago but is still available. The bow by MiWardrobe for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo isn't available anymore I don't think. And that's the end of that. More to come soon, stay tuned. -B-

HeadpieceMiWardrobe, Cute Bow, Dots Brown*
Hair | elikatira, Kendal, Essentials (VIP gift!)
SkinEssences, Thursday 01, beach, brunette*
Bag | Fashionably Dead, Heart Purse, Yellow
Pet | Birdy, Snow Cub (VIP gift!)
ShirtMikunch, DenimShirt oneP, flower
Shoes | CASHMERE, Dastard Boots, military (fi*Fridays)
Pose | marukin

*Review copies

I Found A Buddy In Boston

Hi. How cute is my buddy? Yes, very. If you want a buddy of your own just head on over to The Mens Dept. Pets are by no means accessories in RL but in SL that's exactly what they are. So, it's very convenient you can change the color of your buddy's little jacket and match it to your own getup. It's a convenient HUD too, no hassle.

Please check the credits for any of the other stuff you see in the picture below. TTYS. -B-

Hair | LeLutka, CHILL hair, IdontBleach (Group gift!)
SkinEssences, Opera 01, beach, brown*
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, I want to be Beth Ditto #4
TattooMiWardrobe, Ave Maria Tattoo*
RingNS, Mesh Dark Ring*
Dog | Birdy, Boston Buddy (The Mens Dept)
TopMaitreya, RB-Tank, White
PantsMaitreya, Stefani Pants, Grey
Shoes | fri.day, Jet.Heels, Solar (Collabor88)
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies
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