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Hi. Things are getting more wintery rather than fally here (it snowed today!) but I really like the sweater and the skirt VinCue has out for Kustom9. At first I tried to mix things up a little but when a top and a bottom look this good together, why mess it up.

As you may very well have noticed, I almost always wear an Essences skin. Today I made an exception, I'm wearing Glam Affair's Lauren instead. This particular Lauren is available at Collabor88. The eyebrows do not come with the skin but are also by Glam Affair. The skin has a no brow option so that's cool, though.

When I first saw Royal Command (here), one of the styles Exile had out for Mystic Realms, the event was already over. I was pretty bummed 'cause I thought I'd missed it for good. But! It's available at the mainstore now. I'm wearing it with a Liquence hairbase but Exile's own bases look really good with it, too.

That's all there is to today's look, really. Thank you for stopping by, would love to see you here again soon! -B-

HairExile, Royal Command, Extremes
Hairbase | Liquence, F7 Hairbase
Skin | Glam Affair, Lauren, Europa 06 NB (Collabor88)
Eyebrows | Glam Affair, Rose, Universal Eyebrow 05, Black
Eyes | Tres Blah, Jejune Baby Blue Eyes
Sweater | VinCue, Fally+Sweater, Firebrick (Kustom9)
Skirt | VinCue, Fally+Skirt, Fallined (Kustom9)
Socks | SMC, Frilly Ankle Socks
Shoes | YS&YS, Paris shoes, Suede Mustard
Pose | marukin


Hi. I hope you've had a nice Saturday. We have been trying to find a new sofa for ages and today we finally did so for me this Saturday has been great. I'm pretty tired after looking at so many fabrics and all but I thought I'd post this look before turning in as I've had it ready since Thursday. Almost everything I'm wearing here is by Tameless. I've liked and even loved many Tameless styles before but Ginevra has to be one of my all time favorites. It goes nicely with the Softy outfit, too. That's pretty much all there is to the look, really.

Thank you very much for reading. Good night. -B- 

Hair | Tameless Hair, Ginevra*
SkinEssences, Paris, light rose, brunette*
Eyes.random.Matter., Salvatore Eyes, Normal, Godiva
OutfitTameless, Softy Outfit, Pink*
Pose | marukin

*Review copies

Hi, My Name Is Sayre

Hi. I promised to get back to the .random.Matter. skin I mentioned in my last post. So here I am posting a big photo of my face wearing Sayre. I'm also wearing Coven brows, Salvatore eyes and Belial teeth. All by .random.Matter. The skin is available at Über and the brows and the teeth at the mainstore. The eyes were available at the Bloody Horror Fair which ended on the 5th (not sure if available after the event). I really love the way the skin is drawn, especially the eye area and the nose. In my eyes Nikohl Hax can do no wrong. If you like her work as much as I do, why not show it on Facebook?

Thank you for reading. Good night. -B-

Hat | Yummy, Captain's Hat, Black Rim
Hair | LeLutka, LORELLA, BournvilleFade
Skin.random.Matter., Sayre Skin, Ivory, Darkness (Über)
Eyebrows.random.Matter., Coven Brows
Eyes.random.Matter., Salvatore Eyes, Bloody, Steel (Bloody Horror Fair)
Freckles | Just Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
Teeth.random.Matter., Belial Teeth
Necklace | Yummy, Bombshell Beads, Aqua
Cardigan | Nylon Outfitters, Chunky Cardi, Brown/Red
Tee | Nylon Outfitters, East Coast Love

Witches’ Brew

Hi. I bet you've seen G Field's Halloween gift set a thousand times before but I couldn't resist posting it. The hair I'm wearing is, or rather was, a Halloween gift, too. I'm pretty sure it's not available anymore but it never hurts to visit Magika. The Lily.Platforms were available at The Gathering so they may not be available either, at least not right now. There's a very similar pair called Betty.Janes set out for Lazy Sunday (L$75) today, though. You can't really see the skin here so I'm just saying it's Sayre by .random.Matter. and I'll get back to it later. And, um, I'm posing in Bentham Forest using a Del May pose.

That's it. Thanks for reading! -B-

Hair | Magika, Faint, Blood
Skin | .random.Matter., Sayre Skin, Ivory, Darkness (Über)
Outfit | G Field, 2014 Halloween Gift Dress Set
Shoes | fri.day, Lily.Platforms, Raven (The Gathering)
Pose | Del May, Sobriety test #1
Location | Bentham Forest

Suck My Royal Blood

Happy Halloween! Halloween is by far my favorite SL holiday, it brings out so much dark creativity in people. I'm not totally happy with what I did with today's picture myself but I'm happy with what I'm wearing in it.

There was a gacha sale at Junbug recently, all gachas were priced at L$30 per play for three days. I think I had no more than one Junbug piece before but now I have several, for example the beautiful gown I'm wearing in the picture.

I probably haven't worn this particular MiWardrobe beret, Ecleptico, before but I think it's awesome. If you missed it in 2013 when it was a Limited Bazaar exclusive, get it now! And if you want a hair it looks good with, get LeLutka's Bambi.

Some of the things slapped on my face may not be available. The Hellcat eyes were a Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift in, what, 2011 maybe. The ATOMIC makeup could be an even older purchase, my guess is 2010. I added the blood so that's definitely not available inworld.

Oh no, I spilled tea all over... Gotta go for now. Thank you for reading! -B-

HatMiWardrobe, Ecleptico Beret*
Hair | LeLutka, BAMBI hair, Bournville
SkinEssences, Ingrid - Uber, Pale02, brunette*
Eyes | Insufferable Dastard, Hellcat
LashesAngel Rock, Fluffy J-Curl lashes, Paris Show Girl
Makeup (eyes) | ATOMIC, 2.0 Victim Makeup, Telephone
Makeup (eyes) | .random.Matter., Perfectly Flawed, Eyebags 2
Makeup (lips) | .random.Matter., Glossy Lipstick, Royalty, Regal
Teeth.random.Matter., Belial Teeth
Necklace | Paper Couture, Long Beaded Bow Necklace
Dress | Junbug, The Queen Gown, Sea Blue (RARE)
Tattoo | Moon Amore, Freak Show Hand Tattoo (Cosmetic Fair Halloween Edition )
Pose | marukin

*Review copies

Silk Dreams

Hi. I don't know about you but I don't discover new stores all that often anymore. I mostly shop at events and in stores I already know and like. I'm not saying I don't want to, that's just the way it is for me. Well, a couple of days ago I found out that my friend, Lisa Taft, is working as a store manager for Silk Dreams by Marisela Bouchard (Blog, Marketplace). She invited me to take a look at the store and I did.

"Silk Dreams carries sensual, high quality fashions for women, with a large selection of beautiful and very feminine items to choose from."

The description given pretty much fits the bill. I mean, I'm sure one of the sheer numbers would get your significant other drooling over you. Or, bag you a significant other if you don't have one yet. I'm not all that sensual, though, so I went for something more fit for casual purposes, a mini skirt called Lauren. There are several colors to choose from, even a black and white one. I chose the bright green as it cheered me up.

What else am I wearing? OK, the cute braided 'do is a new style by TRUTH, the skin is a group gift by Essences (still available), the scarf is by Yummy, the top is by Tameless (part of Semi-Sweet outfit) and the shoes are by REIGN for Fameshed's October round (hurry, ends tomorrow). And I think that's it.

Please go visit Silk Dreams whenever you have the time and say hi to Lisa for me if you see her there. Thank you very much for reading. Have a great Sunday! -B-

HairTRUTH, Feronia, blondes
SkinEssences, Jamie, pale02 (Ggroup gift)
Makeup (eyes) | .random.Matter., Perfectly Flawed, Dark Circles
Makeup (cheeks) | .random.Matter., Perfectly Flawed, Sunkissed 1 (w/o freckles)
Ears | the Skinnery, Elongated Puki Ears
Lips | Loud Mouth, Alli (Essences: LM Applier - TheGreekGoddess *pale02*)
Teeth.random.Matter., Hermione Teeth
Scarf | Yummy, Chunky Scarf, Buttercream
TopTameless, Semi-Sweet Sweater, Black*
SkirtSilk Dreams, Lauren (Mesh) Skirt, Green*
ShoesREIGN, Ari Boots, Camel (Fameshed, October 2014)
Pose | Label Motion

*Review copies

Dark Diva

Hi. So, I got to keep my job but five other people had to go. Needless to say, it hasn't been the best of weeks. I actually feel a bit under the weather, too. Thank goodness it's Saturday and I have nowhere important to go. It means that I have some time to myself and at this moment I'm going to use it for blogging.

Today's outfit is an OMG Room exclusive by Tameless. It comes with everything from the neck down, Slink hands excluded. The hair is also by Tameless but it's not included in the outfit. The skin is Ingrid by Essences but I'm late posting it. It was for Candy Fair and I think it already ended on the 17th. Sorry for that. The horns, the ears and the mouth are all available, see credits below.

That's all I have for you today. Thank you for reading. Bye for now. -B-

HairTameless Hair, Wren*
Horns | UtopiaH, Horns of Hell, Raven
Ears | theSkinnery, Elongated Puki Ears
Skin | Essences, Ingrid, Pale02, makeup05* (Candy Fair 2014)
Eyes | Suicidal Unborn, Bastet Eyes, SMOG (VIP Gift)
Mouth | Loud Mouth, Alli (Essences: LM Applier - TheGreekGoddess *pale02*)
Teeth | .random.Matter., Hermione Teeth
OutfitTameless, Dark Diva Outfit* (OMG Room Exclusive)

*Review copies

LoQ’ueking Good

Hi. It's going to be a tough day at work tomorrow. Some of us will get laid off. Not knowing is the worst but I'm not really looking forward to knowing either. The weather suits my mood perfectly, it's dark and it's raining.

Luckily things always look a little brighter in SL. So here I am, introducing three recent hair releases by LoQ'ue. You'll be happy to know that the first style pictured, Rosolio, is a subscriber gift. The other two cost you some cash money but I'm sure you'll gladly pay for Champagne and Liqueur.

The pretty skin, Ingrid, is by Essences and it's available at Über. The sweater and the shoes are both available at Collabor88. I definitely wouldn't miss the Maitreya Gold shoes, they're usually way more expensive than this pair. The leggings are also by Maitreya but they're an older purchase.

That's all there is to the outfit today. Thank you for reading. -B-

Hair | LoQ'ue, Rosolio, Champagne and Liqueur*
Skin | Essences, Ingrid, Pale02, ginger* (Über)
Freckles | Tres Blah
SweaterRowne, Mila Knit Sweater, Wine (Collabor88)
LeggingsMaitreya, Panel Leggings V1, Grey
ShoesMaitreya Gold, Zest Pumps, Brown (Collabor88)
Pose | marukin

*Review copies

Twisted Magicks

Hi. I had totally forgotten how much fun hunts can be. I used to do all sorts of hunts but I've pretty much stopped as of late. After seeing this post by Neva, I got interested in the Twisted Hunt.

I spent a good while searching for the gift at Sn@tch and thought it was impossible to find. It's not. I guess I'm just not that bright. I'm including Ivey Deschanel's vendor pic as I'm only featuring one of the eight colors. If you haven't done the hunt yet, you'd better hurry. It ends today.

What else? Well, the bat wings are also a gift available for group members at COCO. I already posted the eyes but they're still a VIP gift at Suicidal Unborn. The septum ring is a steal at The Dressing Room FUSION, by MONS. The cuff was one of CHARY's gacha prizes for The Secret Affair but I'm afraid the event ended yesterday.

I think that pretty much covers everything this time around. Thank you very much for reading! Catch you later. -B-

Hair | Lamb, Long Snake Moan, Sunburst
Skin | Essences, TheGreekGoddess, pale02*
Ears | the Skinnery, Elongated Puki Ears
EyebrowsLa Malvada Mujer, Anthology of transition #2
Eyes | Suicidal Unborn, Tender Eyes (VIP gift!)
Makeup (eyes) | La Malvada Mujer, Ribes N3
Freckles | Just Magnetized, Visage Beauty Marks, set 02
PiercingMONS, Septum Ring, style16, black (The Dressing Room FUSION)
Mouth | Loud Mouth, Alli (Essences: LM Applier - TheGreekGoddess *pale02*)
Teeth | .random.Matter., Hermione Teeth
Wings | COCO, Doll_BatWings (Group gift!)
Cuff | CHARY, NEVERMORE CUFF 5 (The Secret Affair)
OutfitSn@tch, Twisted Box, Magicks (Twisted Hunt)

Bacground texture | inSight Designs, Free Texture Grab Mystic Skies

*Review copies

Crawling From Within

Hi. It's that time of the year again. The time that brings out the darker side of Bay. It's no secret that I absolutely love what lix.biscuit, ChiNMiii, °。 Jadezilla 。° and the likes of them do with their pictures. So, today I tried something different editing-wise inspired by the said lot. It took me a bit longer than usual and I'm pretty sure I've already forgotten what I actually did but I really do hope you like the result! I am pretty pleased with what I managed to do. The look didn't turn out too bad either.

Almost every piece in today's look is by either Suicidal Unborn or .random.Matter. And! Most of the pieces by Suicidal Unborn are VIP gifts. There's a fee, of course, but it's TOTALLY worth it. Well OK, the hair is by TRUTH, the skin by Essences, the ears by the Skinnery and the shoes by REIGN. But that's it, really.

Alternative edits on Flickr, by the way. Made a bunch. Thank you very much for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon! -B-

Headband | Suicidal Unborn, Scylla Bow Headband (VIP Gift!)
Hair | TRUTH, Lolita worn w/ burgundy hairbase
Skin | Essences, Olyvia, vivante, brunette*
Ears | the Skinnery, Elongated Puki Ears
Eyes | Suicidal Unborn, Tender Eyes (VIP Gift!)
Eyelashes | Angel Rock, Fluffy J-Curl lashes Paris Show Girl
Makeup (eyes) | .random.Matter., Aislinn Shadows v2, Gold
Makeup (lips) | .random.Matter., Night Glosses, Blood
Piercing.random.Matter., Bone Harvest w/shadows v2
Teeth | .random.Matter., Hermione Teeth
Sweater | Suicidal Unborn, Ami Sweater (VIP Gift!)
SkirtSuicidal Unborn, Galiah Skirt #02
Tights | Suicidal Unborn, Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #08 (Young Spirit The Event)
Shoes | REIGN, Supernova Heels, White (Kustom9)
Pose | marukin

*Review copies