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POWER heels by {{BSD Design studio}} for high feet, at the HALLOWEEN FAIR EXCLUSIVELY 50 % off

50% off on this event , exclusive NEW releases for high feet comes with 11 colours 
TAXi : 

Flash Sale ! ALL Things 50% off and the 2nd anniversary HUNT with items worth 750L and only 28L each !!! have fun xoxoxo

Flash Sale ! ALL Things 50% off and the 2nd anniversary HUNT with items worth 750L and only 28L each !!! have fun <xxoxoxo


28L x 11 hunt gifts for 2nd anniversary THankful Hunt at {{BSD Design studio}}

Dear VIP , trendsetters, 
we are luckily to approach the 2nd anniversary and in order to thank all of your support throughout last years, we have the THANKFUL anniversary hunt, with 11 items each worth 750L and more .. costing 28 L only ! have FUn Hunting ! and bring your friends to meet {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh creations. 


love you all 
Babychampagne sass    ( details on blog) 


yellow umbrella 2014 hongkong

{{shoe Diva Couture}} original mesh evening gown fr {{BSD Design studio}} Vintage Fair EXCLUSIVE

Dear divas,

I have made the orignal mesh evening gowns with see through design for all the shoe divas, so from now on, you can show your beautiful legs even with long evening gowns !

EXCLUSIVE at th Vintage fair will be available by 10 /9 ENJOY!


Landmark of mainshop:

HAPPY FRIDAY PROMO _ 50 L ONLY _ original mesh shoes for high feet {{BSD Design studio}}

HAPPY FRIDAY promo- 50l for this colour
{{BSD Design studio}} original mesh shoes

only 50Lfor this colour . .runnnnn

dear friends and supermodels,
this new releases with this colour . only 50L for promo!! bring ur friends to buy ! best bargain !!

Taxi :
happy friday

{{Global citizens }} From {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh shoes creations , 50% off just for first week promo

Dear supermodels and friends

new release {{Global citizens}} original mesh shoes from {{BSD Design studio}} is out today!
it comes with 8 colours and fatpack . .half priice for 1st week promo!!!

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{{BSD Design studio}} lucky charm bracelets oriignal mesh , gatcha .. comes with 6 colours 3 styles , pink rares

\Dear friends and supermodels,

how's life, bet you are doing good, wish you good health, eat light and think green , wish these bracelets brings u and your family lucky and happiness.

this lucky charm bracelets come with 6 colours and 3 styles, and pinks are the rares.

have fun gotacha 55L each , at mainshop

landmark here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kourinbou/157/35/22


{{BSD Design sutdio}} original mesh shoes – PASSION FOR LIFE , 1st week promo 50 % off !! have fun

dear friends ,
another new release this week ,
50% off just for 1st week promo .

Passion for life - comes with 9 colours , with 2 versions, with and without feet, 1 version for high feet users,

landmark :
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The 2nd New release of {{BSD Design studio}} this week – {{FRAGILE }} original mesh shoes

Dear friends and supermodels,

This 2nd new release is out , {{Fragile}} , reflecting how life is .... when things go wrong, such as health issue, friends passed away last month due to breast cancer, and luckily i survived... and please please take care of yourself .. and your family . .and cherish the ones you love.

wish you good health and fruitful years , life is fragile, enjoy each moment. and live it to the full without regrets,

Strong people lift people up instead of letting people down, and strong women wear Pain as of stilettos which you can only see the beauty of it . and God bless u all , my dearest friends .


landmark to Mainshop : << CLICK here to TEleport to mainshop>>

see you there ,
Babychampagne sass
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