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This round of We <3 RP, HoD has released an immense  unisex set of face, body & mesh piercing set named Sanvean. It can all be purchased separately for a more customized experience or make it easy & buy the deluxe fatpack.
Dozens of tattoo layers, piercings & applier options for all sorts popular mesh body attachments.
You should definitely check this newly released set by HoD @ We <3 RP!

+Spellbound+ – Warrior // Monochromes 250L$

League – Skin Sia Fair -Champagne 1,095L$

Mesh Piercings & Face/Body Paint:
.HoD. – Sanvean*
Available @ We <3 RP

{Dead Apples} – Solar Eyes I – Silver 89L$
Available @ TMD

Collar & Armband:
:[P]:- Dena’Ina :// Bare Collar Edition 199L$
:[P]:- Dena’Ina :// Armbands And Bracelets 249L$

[EZ] – Cerberus Compound Bow -Novo2.02

Top & Bottom:
Deviance – Necromancer – Dark Shadow 600L$

Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.


June 1st marked the beginning of a new round of The Arcade.
.Birdy. has made an amazing set of fantasy inspired pets to carry around with you on your whimsical journey.
The Story Book Creatures are very cute & each pet has its unique attributes & animations.
There will be 3 Rare Creatures & 16 Commons to collect!

I’m sure many of you are excited for the new round of The Arcade! Tons of great things to look forward to collecting.
Like many of you I’m sure to spend a ton of Linden going crazy on the gacha machines.

Disclaimer: No Fennecs were harmed in the process of the photo shoot.

*~*Illusions*~* – Sika Antlers 125L$

Dura - Boy 49 (Teal) 120L$

[LeLutka] - SHAVED hairbase in Metal 100L$

Clef de Peau : Jason – Limited Bazaar Edition
(Past Limited Bazar item.)

{Dead Apples} – Striking Eyes – Rain 89L$

Eye Makeup is part of:
Lovely Disarray – Geostigma Disease [Unisex]

Mesh Ears:

Mesh Ear Piercings:
- .HoD. - The Cosmis Mesh Ear Piercing Set* 150L$

[Sleepy Bozer] – Phantograph 275L$


Shirt with suspenders:
[Deadwool] – Marlon T-shirt – black striped 340L$

=Zenith= Rammus Leather Backpack (Black) 250L$

[MANDALA] - OKAKI Bracelet set/Black [Unisex] 357L$

Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Fennec – White*
100L$ Per Play // Available @ The Arcade

Hand bruises:
Clemmm – Damaged Hands* 99L$
Available @ TDSF

.:villena:. - Chinos in Gray 250L$

Fruk - Nitric boots Black 200L$

Astrexia Chrome Harue

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.


Hello there Spouge readers!

Tengoku No Rakuen Furimaketto is a recent event that started on May 20th and will run until the 30th, it will continue this way each month.
Each month ten new creators/designers will participate, offering a previously released item @ 50% OFF its original price for the duration of the event. It’s a great chance to grab something you wanted before, discover new brands & items, as well as get a great deal~
In this post I’m wearing a unisex mesh piercing previously released by HoD named “Close Enough” which is available at this round of Tengoku No Rakuen.
It features all 12 metal colors, it’s the fat-pack~ for just 66L$!
You have until the 30th to grab it at this super low price, so get to it.

In this look I’m also wearing a handful of items exclusive to The Dark Style Fair.
Featuring items from;
Scrub, Clemmm & [ContraptioN], =Kio=, Lovely Disarray, DirtyStories, & Lady Luck!


.DirtyStories. – Damned Prince..ss Horns* 179L$
Available @ TDSF

little bones. Trouble in B&W shades* 250L$
Available @ TDSF

~Alchemy~ Vamp skin ~ Ethereal* 799L$

Facial Piercing:
- .HoD. – Close Enough MESH Facial Piercing (TNR)* 66L$
Available @ {Tengoku No Rakuen} Furimaketto
50% OFF orginal price!

{D.A} - Nebula Burst 85L$

Eye Shadow is part of:
Lovely Disarray – The Vanquisher [Unisex] 140L$
Available @ TDSF

//LovelyAlien// – StarryEyelashes 30L$
Cake – Cleo Lashes (Store is no longer open.)

[Gauze] – Willow Ear =Jewelry:Acorn=Natural 2

Chained Bandage:
=Kio= Abandoned Chained* 200L$
Available @ TDSF

Upper Arm Tattoo:
{.e.g. – Rose Sleeve tattoo 20L$

Chest Tattoo:
Corvus : Reversed Cross Tattoo 30L$

Dress (Upper portion):
[LL] – Morphine dress* 125L$
Available @ TDSF

Skirt (Lower portion):
!.RR.! – FionaSkirt – Black 200L$

Oil Arms & Leggings:
Clemmm & [ContraptioN] – Oil Owl Set* 300L$
Available @ TDSF

…::: Scrub :::… – The Seven Deadly Sins (Silver)* 290L$
Available @ TDSF

Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.


Finally, my 100th post!

I hope you enjoy the look I put together~

Hair & Hat:
+Spellbound+ Hecate in Monochromes* 350L$
Available @ TDSF

.Atomic. Skin – {Muse} – Milk 800L$

Clemmm – Ghost Eyes (Left Eye)* 130L$
Clemmm – Ghost eyes v.3 (Right Eye)* 130L$
Available @ TDSF

Webbed Ears:
Lovely Alien – WebbedEars_Set 125L$

Lovely Disarray – Haunted Souls [Unisex] 140L$
Available @ TDSF

Chest Plate/Cuff:
.Shi : TSADE / Body Cuff {Black.Unrigged} 385L$

ieQED – arrow.pauldron.platinum 225L$

ISON – leather asymmetrical jacket (black) 245L$

RO – Azrael Gauntlets* 449L$
Available @ TDSF

Q – ombre sheer tights 10L$

ISON - carazon boot (black) 345L$

Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.

New Exclusives @ The Dark Style Fair!

Today is May 17th which marks the beginning of TDSF!
Over 100 talented designers are participating in this huge fair. This event caters to those who prefer to go to the darker side with their style.
The Dark Style Fair opens today ( May 17th @ 7AM SLT) & will come to an end on June 7th.

For this fair I have created two new Unisex Sets!
These two sets are massive & have many different makeup options. Whether you want to wear layers separately, mix-n-match or tint certain layers.
I was able to create a Loud Mouth applier for one of them (Haunted Souls), which will work with either the male or female versions of the mesh mouth.

Haunted Souls


The Vanquisher

Teleport to TDSF!

ALSO, at my stall I’ve added a pushpin with the new location for the main stores for:
Lovely Disarray, Cool Story Bro., {Anatomy} & HEX APPEAL.

This new area will be a WI.P. for a while as we are still getting things organized.
The final look will be completely different & cater to the different styles of stores Glitch, Amy, Lix & myself have.

Group Gift @ Lovely Disarray~

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Destruction of Life set I made for the AOME Hunt (April 1st-13th 2014) after it ended.

Some people wanted to buy it from me directly, others asked when I’d release it & told me they really wanted it.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it for a while. At first I thought I would discontinue it as I’ve done with previous hunt items… But then I took into consideration how short this hunt lasted & decided to then just make it available as a Group Gift for the Update Group.
So it’s now available for those who are member for the Lovely Disarray Update Group!

I’m glad that sooo many of you enjoyed the item while it was available for the hunt!
If you missed the chance to get it before, now you can get it as a G.G. at the main store.


Astrexia Chrome

The Amazon Trio : Limited Edition War Paint Set

This set is inspired by a trio of baddies from the Sailor Moon Universe called The Amazon Trio.
This is a great set for those super Sailor Moon fans, role-players or those who simply love war paint~

This set is completely Unisex.
Including 3 different war paints for each character; 3 Versions of Fisheye, 3 Versions of Hawk’s Eye & 3 Versions of Tiger’s Eye.
2 unisex eyeliners.
In total that’s 11 layers.
You’ll also have the ability to Mix-&-Match the separates (Original & Right Versions) for different color combinations!

This is a Limited edition/Limited quantity set. ONLY 85 copies will be available for purchase @ the price of 180L$.
So get it while it’s available!

TP to the Main Store

*Please excuse the mess our shopping SIM is currently in, it’s currently being changed.*



Illusions – Sika Antlers 125L$

[kik]hair – Tess(Black pack) 200L$

.Birdy. – Daenerys Skin ~Porcelaine~*
Available @ The Secret affair event
(Event seems to be down ATM)

//LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes 50L$

Eyeliner is part of:
Lovely Disarray – Aggressive Intentions [UNISEX] 115L$
Available @ The Big Show

{Dead Apples} – Phantom Eyes – The Alpha 89L$

[theSkinnery] - Puki Mesh Ears 200L$

[MANDALA] – Chunkeey Jewelry Set_Silver Unisex 297L$

Corvus : Black Leather Jacket 95L$

[LDP] – Vintage Love Noir* 99L$
Available @ The Big Show

*BLITZED* Legacy belt – Black 220L$

MoDANNA [Chalys Collection] Black Slit Skirt* 129L$
Available @ The Big Show

Leg Fades:
{Lemon Tea} – [Alta Dips]

N-core – ULTRAPLATFORM “Noir Intense” 595L$

Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.

.†o Cas† A Spell.

Hello~ Spouge readers!

This is yet another blog post which I meant to do way earlier in the week but couldn’t get to it, until today…

In this post I have another exclusive from The Big Show & I also wanted to show off an awesome backpack from Hex Appeal.

{Anatomy} is participating along side Elska in this month’s round of The Big Show.
Glitch of {Anatomy} made a super cute set of Anime Blushes! The set of Anime Blushes comes in many shades to complement different skin tones so you have a handful of options.
Definitely a must buy if you’re into cute things & want to have that shy anime style blush for your avatar.

Now, Hex Appeal is the new venture of Lix Biscuit. Many know Lix for her out of the box style & blogging @ Spook Show.
For Hex Appeal, Lix joined Dream, Glitch & myself over at out little shopping district where we all have our main-stores at. Hex Appeal’s official release is a super cute & awesome set of mesh backpacks! There’s a vast array of these backpacks to choose from so I’m sure you’d find one, two or maybe all ten of them that you’ll like!

Hope you enjoy the look I put together & get to shopping~

//LovelyAlien// – HexHeadband 150L$

[taketomi] - Megu Dessin [DippuDye/Kage] 330L$

.Birdy. – Megan Skin ~Porcelaine~* Past Skin Fair 2014

//LovelyAlien// - StarryEyelashes 50L$

Lovely Disarray – Liner Set #1 110L$
(Doll is worn.)

TSG – WetLook – Deep Blue 100L$

Anime Blush:
{Anatomy} – Anime Blushes*
Available @ The Big Show

//LovelyAlien// - Webbed Ears Set 125L$

.nantes creep collar – spectre (silver) RARE
(Past gatcha item from The Legion Project)


(NO) – Openback Lace Tee – Black 90L$
*I modified the collar of the shirt*

HEX APPEAL – BACKPACKS in Black Heart* 150L$

Color.Me.H.O.F – [MyCropCorset[Black] 50L$

The Secret Store – Crepe Skater Skirt – Charcoal 150L$

[MANDALA] - OKAKI Bracelet set/BLACK Unisex 357L$
[MANDALA] – POLLY Bracelet set/BLACK 387L$

(epoque.s) – Amen Knuckle Ring – Obsidian
.olive. – Bow Rings (SL Fashion Week Group Gift)

Q – ombre sheer tights 15L$

-FAUN- Jemma Leather Boot / Classic 250L$

<3 Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.

.A Synthetic Reproduction.

Hii again Spougers!

This time Harue is making an appreance to display another We <3 RP exclusive from - .HoD. -.
This set is named the Breandán Face & Torso Paints & Piercings. The piercings are in the Slide metal option.
The Breandán set is unisex, but I thought it would be more suited to have my male shape wear it.

Included in each metal set are 5 face paints each with a different level of opacity & 4 torso tattoos which also include different opacity variations.
Also I almost forgot to mention that all of .HoD.’s exclusive are up to 50% off for the duration of the event.

For those brave enough to head into battle with a bit of distinction from the rest, the Breandán Face & Torso Paints & Piercings set is just for you.
Head on over to We <3 RP to get your set!

I’d like to also mention that Lovely Disarray is participating in the 6th round of The Big Show, releasing 2 new & exclusive sets.
Both exclusives are at discounted prices for the event.
Harue is wearing an exclusive set of eyes called Cosmic Spiral in Radial. This version of the eye is only available with the purchase of the Fat-Pack & only available for the duration of the event.

[taketomi] – Setsuna in Reds 200L$

[KOOQLA] ~Knight~ 01 990L$

Face Paint & Piercings:
- .HoD. – Breandan Face & Torso Paints & Piercings* – Slide
Fat-Pack 195L$ // Individual Metals 65L$
Available @ We <3 RP

Lovely Disarray – Cosmic Spiral : Eyes in Spiral
Fat-Pack 210L$ // Individual Eyes 69L$
Available @ The Big Show

Liner with Eye Definition is part of:
Lovely Disarray – Aggressive Intentions [UNISEX] 115L$
Available @ The Big Show

Mesh Ears:

ieQED – antler.pauldron.titanium 225L$

Chest Harness:
[The Forge] – Chest Harness, Black 299L$

[EZ Weaponry] – Cerberus Compound Bow -Novo2.02- 600L$

.Shi : Sleeve {MALE} (Past G.G.)

[coepio] - Mr.Januar 325L$

[DustyHut] – Repairman Boots – Clean 400L$

Astrexia Chrome Harue

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.

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