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Skybox: Classical White – RageWorks
Sofa: Lydia sofa (mirrored) – ARIA *new @ C88
Grey & White pillow: Chelsea petals – Mudhoney
Black & Gold Pillow: Chelsea glitter – Mudhoney
Pillow: Monogram Pillow *A* – Commoner
Side table: Odyssey side table – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Vase: Anfisa vase – Kuro *new @ C88
Open Book: Thrift Book – encore
Marble box black & white: Mudhoney *new @ C88
Coffee table/round: Lydia Coffee Table – ARIA *new @ C88
Vintage camera: Bon Voyage gatcha – tres blah
Lydia Amsonia flowers in a vase – ARIA *new @ C88
Lydia decorative knot  figurine – ARIA *new @ C88
Lydia decorative book pile (book) – ARIA *new @ C88
Book pile/six books: Books B – The Loft
Lounge: Zoe Lounge White – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Book pile on Lounge: Ansel Book Pile – Cheeky Pea
Rug: Chelsea rug – Mudhoney
Odyssey column table – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Frame: Frame 3 – The Loft
Marble orb – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Odyssey bowl of figs – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Floor lamp: Chelsea Floor Lamp – Mudhoney
Chair: Zoe chair white – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Skull pillow: Chelsea Pillow – Mudhoney
Black side table: Zoe table/black – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Lamp: Zelia Lamp – Mudhoney
Books: Zelia Books – Mudhoney
Odyssey pillow stack – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Wooden Urn: Mudhoney *new @ C88
Flowers: Meadow Flowers – Apple Fall
Tall bookstacks : vespertine
Top shelf books: Apple Fall
Book rows : what next
Book clutter: Arizona
Stool: Zelia navy stool – Mudhoney
Mirror: Zoe Mirror Black – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Rings candle holder/iron – junk
Fern Specimen: Apple Fall
Odyssey wall art – Second Spaces *new @ C88
Black dresser: Zoe Dresser – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Phonograph – Westward Gallop – Contraption
Orbs: Golden & brown – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Square/flower pot: Billyballs (silver) – theosophy
Staff: Lightning Staff – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Jars plans /tall – Insolence Jars Plant – Tartesso Arts
Skinny Vase/silver Chelsea – Mudhoney
Marble orb – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Curtains: Zoe Curtains – Mudhoney *new @ C88
Flower curtains/white – ionic *new @ Chapter Four
Sheer curtains : Plain curtains small – Ink



When the time is right, when there’s no way out
And I am losing something I ain’t got
When the love is gone and I’m all alone
I give it everything, I’ll give it everything now

Hair: Malibu – TRUTH *new @ Uber

Top: Nyu Day Top/tangerine – BOOM *new @ Uber
Bottom: Nyu Day Bottom/sugar – BOOM *new @ Uber
Skin: Rose/Europa 5 – Glam Affair
Freckles: Natural Freckles & moles – Izzie’s
Eyebrow: Universal Eyebrows 8 – Glam Affair
Eyes: Striking Eyes/spring – Dead Apples
Camera: Vintage Brownie Camera/babyblue – Tee*fy
Necklace: Beach Castaway Short – Maxi G
Earrings: Beach Castaway/starfish – Maxi G
Pose: Imeka
Location: The Trace


267 – Rose by Glam Affair



hi ladies! I’m sure most of you have already seen this gorgeous face all over flickr/plurk. I’m a bit delayed because of a real life trip! Her name is Rose by Glam Affair and I so so love her. She’s my new skin that I’ll be sticking with for awhile. She is a full release so that means all skin tones ! My favorite is Europa so I was super excited ! She comes in 12 makeups (including a naked version for whichever you like to add to!), 8 eyebrow styles & lots of colors. I’m really in love with makeup six. The creamy nude lips with dark liner and gold on top <3333. But really for real all of the makeups in this skin are gorgeous.  I added my own freckles & moles from Izzie’s & Dutch Touch to the skin. I like making a skin my own :) Details are below for everything ! Happy Demoing & here’s your Taxi!<3 Aria




Skin: Rose/Europa – Glam Affair  Eyes: Striking Eyes – Dead Apples Hair: A Little Soul – Clawtooth *new @ HF 2014



Hair: Hope browns – TRUTH
Blouse: adventure stories blouse/beige – u.f.o *new @ C88
Shorts: adventure stories brown pants – u.f.o *new @ C88
Flat Shoes: Betty Sandals Chocolate – Tee*fy *new @ C88
Sunglasses: Round Tortoiseshell brown – Izzie’s *new
Necklace: Gold Miranda Necklace Black – Yummy
Camera: Vintage Brownie Camera/Grandpa Old Rare – Tee*fy
Totebag: lambskin tote bag/black & brown – Milk Motion
Ring:Single Daity White – Yummy
Pose: Imeka
Location: State of Confusion


264-Tableau Vivant for Hair fair



hi all <3 Some of the newest additions for Tableau Vivant for Hair Fair 2013. Hair Fair Lasts until July 27th.  You can find the Tableau Vivant booth on the Blonde booth.All purchases at Hair Fair will donate a percentage of their sales to Wigs for Kids. 15% is the minimum donated and everything upwards of that is the choice of the designer participating. 100% of all Bandanas sold at the event exclusively go to Wigs for Kids also. There are donation boxes around the event which you can donate into and every single L goes towards the charity. So get shopping & demo Francis, Darcy, Lusch, & Francois <3 You can also check out the maps on the Hair Fair website for more designers! Happy Hair Shopping!<33 Aria

263 – you’re the one I will remember every night



Skybox: Classical White – RageWorks (Fameshed) *new
Roanna Bed Fabric – Trompe Loeil (Fameshed) *new
Dream Fort: Val’s Fort – Cheeky Pea *new
American Flag Sketch – Apple Fall *new
Typewriter: black – floorplan
Bookstacks: vespertine
Reading Pile (stack) : Apple Fall
I Adore You Heart: Apple Fall *new
Fancy Chandelier/ the Forget me Not Bedroom – Olive
Opened travel trinket box- vespertine
Patterned trinket box -vespertine
Storm Lantern – vespertine
Meadow Flowers: Apple Fall *new @ Collabor88
Rug: Ironwork Trellis Rug (Grey) – Apple Fall
Mason Jar Candle/wall: Alouette
Branch Wreath – Trompe Loeil
Chair: Manly Chill Chair/Adult – Cheeky Pea *new
Seaside Candle: Apple Fall *new
Shelf: DiMaggio Patriotic Shelf – Cheeky Pea *new
Branch Light : itutu
Poppies/Glazed Vase: Apple Fall
Row of Books/Bookshelf: What Next









Skin: Cassia/Asia – Glam Affair for Creation.jp *new
Bikini top: Ariara Bikini – BOOM*new for Summerfest
Shorts: Vivienne Summer Shorts – Tee*fy *new for Summerfest
Hair: Soleil Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ *new for Summerfest
Necklaces: Beach Castaway Necklaces – Maxi G
Background: Atlantic Stargazer House – Scarlet Creative
hanging oars – floorplan *new for Summerfest


261 – Summerfest <3



hi everyone ! Today is the first day of Summerfest ! This is a small peek into all of the amazing creations that are up for grabs at this fantastic event! I’ve included a map of Summerfest below to help out  Summerfest lasts until July 13th! Here’s a taxi to check everything out ! Details are below and get ready to empty your wallet ! <3 Aria


Bed: Atlantic Gazer Prefab – Scarlet Creative *new
Bed: sailbed(anchors) RARE – pizza’s & tarte *new @ Summerfest
Vintage rides sign – Second Spaces *new @ Summerfest
Suntan/lotions: beach day/pale skin – Second Spaces *new @ Summerfest
Merboy & Mermaid Emerald – MishMish *new @ Summerfest
Lazy Summer Scene/beach- Ohmai! – *new @ Summerfest
Lantern: Captain’s Desk lantern/silver – floorplan *new @ Summerfest
Saltwater taffy- Second Spaces *new @ Summerfest
Hedgehog in Coconut/Coco buddy hedgehog A – Ohmai! *new @ Summerfest
Flamingo D (leg up/coral) – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Flamingo A (on bed) – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Squirt Hedgehog – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Cool Hedgehog – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Payphone/coral – floorplan *new @ Kustom 9
Ninja Hedgehog – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Hedgehog Castle- Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Buried Hedgehog – Ohmai *new @ Summerfest
Mermaid Hotel/Melville Sign – Commoner *new @ Summerfest
Vintage snack bar sign – Second Spaces *new @ Summerfest
Funky Fence Colors – Boogers *new @ Summerfest
Boxkite/teal Squares – Boogers *new @ Summerfest
BoxKite Yellow Blotch – Boogers *new @ Summerfest

260-Cassia for Creation.jp


hi all ! A lovely new face from Glam Affair – Cassia. Cassia is now at Creation. jp. You can get her in either Artic or Asia. Eight makeups, nine eyebrow colors, one nose tattoo layer, and ten lipsticks to pick from ! Lots of ways to get you’re own personal look. :) The gorgeous hair is from Tableau Vivant for The Fantasy Collective. I was feeling very Game of Thrones in this post. >:D Some of the hair strands are photoshopped in (fyi!) If you’re curious more about Creation.jp – Seraphim also did a blog post here on some more of the items! Happy shopping <33 Aria


Skin: Cassia skin (Asia) – *new Glam Affair for Creation.jp
Hair: Lindgren Hair – Tableau Vivant *new for Fantasy Collective
Hair Feathers: Warrior – Spellbound
Eyes: Promise Eyes Hazel – IKON
Dress: Ornate Dress White – Pixicat *new @ I <3 Rp
Necklace: Crystal Necklace – Fashionably Dead
Tattoo: The Swan and the Sign – Aitui





Dress: Gone with the Wind Dress/White – Coquet *new @ The Seraphim Social
Hair: Chick Habit – Clawtooth
Skin: Elvi – Glam Affair
Necklace: Pearl Whisp Set/Silver – Yummy
Heels: Ella.Heels/petal – fri.
Flowers: Wild Flowers/Bouquet Daisies- Lily of the Valley – The Secret Store
Location: Herd of the Wind


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