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Changing Things @ Chop Zuey

What is changing, you ask?  Chromatica!


Chop Zuey’s Chromatica by Belle Roussel is a texture changing set that includes necklace, earrings, 5 bracelets and belly chain.  With Chromatica’s 25 color options and 2 metal choices, you could run out of outfits before you run out of combinations.

For this and many more amazing Belle Roussel creations, visit Chop Zuey today!

Sea Mist For Summer Festival

SEA MIST, the latest creation from Chop Zuey, is perfect set for the opening of Summer.




This necklace, earrings and 6 bracelet set in Kalahari Diamonds and Blu Abalone Sea Shell in Gold is exclusively available at the Summer Fashion Festival.



The Summer Fashion Festival is open now through July 6th.


Chop Zuey At Art In Hats

Chop Zuey is proud to be a part of Art In Hats 2014

Sailing to Byzantium Fascinator Ad


ART in HATS 2014 Opening Poster

After the great success for the première last year ART in HATS – HATS in ART the art and fashion event is back and this this on a higher scale as full sim event:

More than 70 artists worked together for largest and most exciting hat event that Second Life ever has seen. Enjoy more than 100 hats, headpieces and images taken with them.


OPENING June 14th at 2 PM SLT feat. Morlita Quan

FOTO CONTEST for all visitors. Create your own hat design!

FASHION SHOW June 21st at 2 PM SLT
This is a slightly different show – Everyone is a star!

HAT AUCTION of One-of-a-Kind pieces in favor of Feed A Smile

THE MAD HATTERY CLASSICS – Get some great designs for only 10 Linden!

Fenghuang @ Chop Zuey

In case you miss it during the Runway Hunt, the Fenghuang set is now available for sale at the main Chop Zuey store.


Fenghuang includes a necklace, 2 earring styles, ring and 4 bracelets in Japanese Angel Skin Red Coral and Turquoise in Gold.

For this and many more amazing designs, visit Chop Zuey today!




Ecstasy Of The Heart

Ecstasy Of The Heart is a 2 Necklace, Earrings and 2 Bracelet set that will steal your heart away.



For this and many breath-taking jewels, visit Chop Zuey today!


I Carry Your Heart

I Carry Your Heart is a new, romantic jewelry set from Belle Roussel.

Complete set includes Chiker, Earrings and 6 Bracelets in Padparadscha Sapphire, Blu-Grey Alexandrite & Diamonds set in Gold.


For this and many more beautiful jewelry, visit Chop Zuey today!


Chop Zuey @ Gypset Gold

With a new round started at Gypset Gold, Chop Zuey has a new release sold there exclusively.

I Carry Your Heart is a romantic Choker, Earrings & 6 Bracelet set in Padparadscha Sapphires, Blu-Grey Alexandrite & Diamonds in Gold.


Hurry over to Gypset Gold before this cycle ends!  And don’t forget to visit the Chop Zuey main store to see other new releases.

Special Edition Release Of A Chop Zuey Favorite

Belle released a Special Edition of the Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love set.  This complete Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Ring and Tikka set is now available Kalahari Diamonds set in Rose Gold.

SpecialEdition - MPPL - Gld_Diam

Come to Chop Zuey today for this and other amazing designs!

Fascination At Chop Zuey

Fascination was created for Lua Vendetta, 2014 Miss Virtual World Venezuela.

Complete set includes Choker, Earrings, Hand Bracelet and Brooch/Barette.


For this and many more beautiful creations, visit Chop Zuey today!

El Caracol At Chop Zuey

Created in honor of Euridice Qork, 2014 Miss Virtual World Mexico.


Complete set includes choker, ear clips and 2 bracelets.

ChopZueyElCaracolAd - Euridice

For these and many more fabulous creations, visit Chop Zuey today!

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