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need to chill on the selfies but……

New Ananya Mai

Ok Ok I know I know.. I am spamming the feeds with all of my posts (here and here) and now just plain darn narcistic selfies but omg I am just O.O over these mesh heads and bodies.  ok ok I know they have been around for agessssss but I have been away for agessssss!  If you are not sick of my selfies … you can view this in high resolution on my Flickr but I totally get if you wouldn’t lol Its a picture of my head with a white background!

Anyways… still in love with my The Mesh Project extreme makeover.  Im like 99.9% mesh lol  Now to find to find a whole new wardrobe to fit this shape!

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) @The Mesh Project.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe) @The Mesh Project.

THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘Deja’ (Fit) @The Mesh Project.

THESKINSHOP (09) (EYESHADOW) ‘Vixen’ (Onyx) @The Mesh Project.

THESKINSHOP (09) (EYEBROWS) ‘Sexy’ (Dark Brown) @The Mesh Project.

THESKINSHOP (09) (LIPSTICK) ‘Juicy’ (Cafe) @The Mesh Project.

THESKINSHOP (09) (HAIRBASE) ‘Classic’ (Platinum Hair) @The Mesh Project.

The Boutique / Clothing > No. 69 > Velvet Cropped Top @The Mesh Project.

TuTy’s JUICY Wet look ponytail – PLATINUM tp here

all of the colours of autumn







First outfit:

GizzA – Josie Pants [Suede - Nature] tp here 

GizzA – Asymmetric Leather Jacket [Beige]  tp here 

Second outfit:

GizzA – Asymmetric Leather Jacket [Red] Size M tp here 

GizzA – Josie Pants [Tartan] Size S tp here 


#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) tp here.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe)  tp here.

THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘Deja’ (Fit)  tp here.

THESKINSHOP (09) (EYESHADOW) ‘Vixen’ (Onyx)  tp here.

THESKINSHOP (09) (EYEBROWS) ‘Sexy’ (Dark Brown)  tp here.

Hair: Exile::After the Rain(L) tp here 


Look 1:THESKINSHOP (09) (LIPSTICK) ‘Juicy’ (Cafe)  tp here.

Look 2: THESKINSHOP (09) (LIPSTICK) ‘Flirtatious’ (Noir)  tp here.

Windlight settings:  From downloaded from Ana Cigarro and can be downloaded from her blog post here

Location:  The Seasons Story Nardias Cove tp here

the forgotten place





So I am still on a buyers high following my spend at The Mesh Project. which is located here.  If you want to read about it, you can do so here.

Today I managed to figure out the mesh clothes sold at The Mesh Project and its is very different to what I am used to. When you see something you want you buy the product but is like white.  Once you put it on, you will use the shopping hud to see what textures are available for that template.  When you find the one you want, you buy it and you load it through your Style Mod hud.  This hud stores your purchases/textures. I am wearing The Boutique / Clothing > The Denim Brand > Ripped Jeans, The Boutique / Clothing > Ce’lie – Cotton Midriff Tank and The Boutique / Shoes > L’Boutons > Leather Platform Peeptoe.  I am still in love with this avi however I am not 100% sold on the ankles lol  So besides my hair which is [LeLutka]-BLAKE hair L – Powder and [LeLutka]-SWISH-4in1-pony – Powder everything on me is available at The Mesh Project.


This sim is called the Forgotten City and I found it on  Wendy Castillo’s Facebook. She takes the most amazing photos of SL sims.  I’ve been to two of the sims she has posted on her wall.  She is also quite the interior designer and decorator and amazing blogger.  Check out her blog here

I’ve used a range of windlights and lost track of them however most of them are Ana Cigarro‘s setttings. Ana was kind enough to blog her wind-light settings.  She even made them available to download.  Check out her this blog post here

Love Ananya Mai x

she found herself meshtified within her own skin





/me cracks her knuckles

Hello everyone!  Now I’ve got alot to cover so please bare with me.

My rezz day 26 April 2008 so I’ve been around.  I can say I have not learned much about building or things that could actually result in me being a creator in SL unfortunately.  I am just too good of a consumer.  You know.. support the industry that supports you. Thats my excuse and I don’t know how much longer the hubby will buy it XD

But I have been logged out for close to a year now and upon my return I can see a whole lot of mesh!  Now, be mindful that in my gaming SL I have used a laptop.. until recently.  I am now on a PC and I thought, I will go the full hog with the mesh craze.

Since I don’t do things in halves I went the whole kit and kaboodle.  I am going to go into a bit of detail because I think some of this information may be helpful for those of you that may want to invest in a new mesh look.  I haven’t done any comparisons with other mesh products on the markets.

I went into search and typed “mesh head” and the first result was the The Mesh Project. which is located here.

Now the first thing I did was buy a body.  TIP:  When you put on the body get naked.  When I first put it on it looked like i had while rolls hanging from me.  Was not attractive.  I got the #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f).  I should point out that you land at the The Mesh Project sim, you will be given a folder called TheShops! Huds & More.  It is important to wear the Huds if you want to try things on or to buy products.  I also had to credit the hud to buy products.

In the folder it got:

  1. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f)
  2. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) – Alpha Hud
  3. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Feet(f) Bare/Low/Mid/High/Ouch!
  4. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Hands(f) – Clutch Pose(l) and (r)
  5. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Hands(f) – Handle Pose(l) and (r)
  6. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Hands(f) – Hold Pose(l) and (r)
  7. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Hands(f) – Natural  Pose(l) and (r) which is what I am wearing in these pictures.
  8. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Hands(f) – Relaxed Pose(l) and (r)
  9. (Wear Me!) (Body/Hands/Feet) Alpha
  10. (Wear Me!) (Whole Body) Alpha
  11. The Mesh Project! (Wear Me!) High Heel Mid Heel Low heel Ouch! Heel

At the time of this post #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) cost L$5K

Then I bought the #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe).  In its folder you get:

  1. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe)
  2. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe) RETROFIT
  3. (Wear Me!) (Body/Hands/Feet) alpha
  4. (Wear Me!) (Head Only) alpha
  5. (Wear Me!) (RETROFIT Head Only)
  6. (Wear Me!) (Whole Body w/Standard Eyes) (which is what I am wearing)
  7. (Wear Me!) (Whole Body)
  8. Some help NCs and lms)

At the time of this post the #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe) cost L$5K

Now, I am no expert so do not take anything I say here as gospel.  I have played with this avatar for maybe 2 hours and not tried on the different layers parts etc.  However, from what I understand, if you want to wear the head only, I BELIEVE you wear the RETROFIT head with the RETROFIT head only alpha.  But please.. try it out.

I also bought THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘Deja’ (Fit).  In this folder you get the following:

  1. THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘Deja’ (Fit) (Bold)
  2. THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘Deja’ (Fit) (Soft)

and the following tattoo layers:

  3. THESKINSHOP (09) (CLEAVAGE) ‘Plump’
  4. THESKINSHOP (09) (FACE) ‘Deja’ (Soft)
  5. THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘Deja’ (Fit) (Bold)

The cost for this pack was L$1K

I then picked up two packs of lipstick:

THESKINSHOP (09) (LIPSTICK) ‘Flirtatious’ (Warm Reds) which has five different shades of red (L$500)

THESKINSHOP (09) (LIPSTICK) ‘Juicy’ (Cremes) which also has five different shades of nudes (L$500)

THESKINSHOP (09) (HAIRBASE) ‘Classic’ (Platinum Hair) (L$250)

THESKINSHOP (09) (EYEBROWS) ‘Sexy’ (Dark Brown) (L$250)

I am VERY happy with how I look.  I have always had a bit of a babyface so there was a Babydoll option for the face I wanted to try something different in going forward.

In the photos above there is minimal edit, I adjust the contrast and colour a tiny bit, cropped and used inworld depth of field and had my graphic turned up High.

The picture below was taken with my graphics at Low and zero editing.  Not even cropped.

meshtified low graphics no edit raw


So for now, this is the new Ananya.  I may tinker end up with the other heads but I will rock this for a little while.

Windlight:  Annan Adored Optimal Skin (no shadows).  This was in the list of windlights for Firestorm Viewer for SecondLife

October goodness

-AZUL- GroupGift2014Oct II

-AZUL- GroupGift2014Oct

-AZUL- GroupGift2014Oct III


Just a quick blog showing off this gorgeous Group Gift by -AZUL-.  Purdy purdy purdy!

Dress: -AZUL- GroupGift2014Oct tp here

Gems: MG – Necklace – Ananya Teardrop Necklace Set (red) (creator Maxi Gossamer especially for me!) Includes headpiece, necklace and earrings 100% mesh tp here

Hair: HOMAGE — Frenchie : Essentials (includes hair base) ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Hilton[Female](Forward) Unorthodox Frenchie Hair Base Honeycomb by Blais Syree Trill (kaiden.trill) and Tonio Harmison tp here

Boots: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Red (Mesh) tp here

Location: Yumix Prada

My name is Ananya Mai.. 2014-10-13 09:18:02


Her name is Gina

-AZUL- Gina Aqua-AZUL- Gina Aqua I -AZUL- Gina Aqua II -AZUL- Gina Aqua IV

Ok ok i know I said  a couple of days ago I wanted less glamour on my blog but when I received these gowns….. I kinda like feel in love and COMPLETELY changed my mind lol!!  This is the beautiful Gina by the iconic brand -AZUL-.  I have loved -AZUL- for such a long long time.. years and years.. you get the drift.  To be able to blog these is such a pleasure and an honour.  I will include two pictures below which goes back…. gosh..three years ago.. maybe more?  They were taken by an amazing photographer which unfortunately we don’t see anymore.  You will see -AZUL- quality was superb years ago and still is to this day.  In my personal opinion, its only getting better.

Anyways, back to this beautiful gown called Gina.  I have a lot of depth of field going on so I have lost some of the details in the photos.  The lace is exquisite. Its comes with pretty much everything you see here.  Mesh gloves dress headress and so on.  This dress is sold in a variety of colours such as: Mint, Coral, Onyx, YellowTourmaline, Garnet, Aqua (which is the one Im wearing) turquoise, champagne, sapphire, pearl, amethyst and peach.

Dress: -AZUL- Gina Aqua by Mami Jewell  tp here

Hair: >TRUTH< Siri w/Roots – champagne tp here

Azul I Azul

I’ve got one hand in my pocket


suit I

suit II

I’m broke but I’m happy
I’m poor but I’m kind
I’m short but I’m healthy, yeah
I’m high but I’m grounded
I’m sane but I’m overwhelmed
I’m lost but I’m hopeful baby

What it all comes down to
Is that everything’s gonna be fine fine fine
I’ve got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five”  – Alanis Morissette

*COCO*_FeltFedoraHat_BeigeGrey at the FaMESHed tp here

*COCO*_ShawlCollarCoat_Grey at the FaMESHed tp here

*COCO*_TailoredPants_Grey at the FaMESHed tp here

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat tp here

Hair: [LeLutka]-BAMBI hair/Dark Blonde tp here

Shoes: [DDL] Dream On (Black) (for Slink Feet Female Flat) tp here

Love Ananya Mai

you should meet my other half

GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black] I

GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black]

GizzA - Donatella Outfit [Black] II

Whoah!  Get a load of this COMPLETE outfit by GizzA!  It is called Donatella and it comes with pretty much everything you see here.  The glasses, hat, clutch, stockings, jacket, boots, alphas etc and in an assortment of sizes which is just fab.  When you have been away for along as I have, these types of complete outfits are a lifesaver. I can’t get over how respectable no.. cheeky… no sophisticated noo sexy noo classy… no hotness.  Whatever.. it is what it is… just gorgy gorgy outfit!

Now, there is no product placement going on here with regards to the SIM I am on.  When I put on this outfit I thought of New York. So I searched “New York” because we live in a virtual world where there are virtual ALL worlds!  This place popped up and I thought it would be cool to shoot here.  I’ve never been to New York and never seen one of these iconic yellow cabs in the flesh so I thought I would do it here.  You know.. YOLO and all.

GizzA – Donatella Outfit [Black]. tp here

Hair: [LeLutka]-ALEXAND hair – Powder tp here

Hands:  Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual tp here

Location:  New York

Looking in this virtual window for a little bit

hello II

hello I

Hello everyone.  I don’t know if anyone would be reading this which is fair enough.  If anyone goes AWOL for an extended period its bound to happen.  More so in this virtual world.

So the last hiatus went for about 10 months.  My husband build me a new PC for our anniversary.  I have only played SecondLife on a laptop and I must say this is quite the experience.  Its like.. “almost” lag free lol

So I come back and of course wanted to kill some obligatory shopping because that is my poison of preference haha gosh I sound like a wank but anyhoo….  there are a few changes.  I see some iconic stores closing down or going to the Marketplace only.  It took me two days to get into Collabor88 which was like just wow.  As soon as I got in I bee-lined for the ISON boots.  At L$188 they are a steal.  So tempted to get the fatty pack but I just don’t know how long I will linger this round.

So to me.. (and be mindful I have been a RL cave for close to a year) I have found those mesh heads and bodies to be OUT OF THIS VIRTUAL WORLD LIKE OMG WOW.  So I am doing the math and it will cost me just over 50 bucks to get the body and head from The Mesh Project  and I think I can almost justify it.  I haven’t played in close to a year… which means I haven’t spent any of my hard earned RL money in that time…. so I would have SAVED by not logging in.. and with those savings… I can buy me a mesh body and head with BLINKING EYES KDJFKLA;JDFKDJAKJFDL!!  So.. if anyone is reading this I would so appreciate your thoughts and comments.. recommends whatnot.. and yes I know I can GoogleFu it but… yeah.

Anyways… I cast my eye over my blog and my gosh its filled with lots of pretty gowns etc.. which is tres cool.  However.. I would like to see if I could some less glamourific posts…

Boots: ISON – thigh high hoove boots (brown) at Collabor88 

Top: *COCO*_TurtleneckSweater_White tp here

Shorts: *COCO*_DenimShorts_Black tp here

Jacket: *COCO*_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets)_Midnight tp here

Hair: [LeLutka]-SCARLET hair – PralineFade tp here

Locaton: Fresco tp here

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