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Glamorous Furniture//Brooke by NotSoBad

Happy Easter Glamorous Furniture ! Now that my stomach is full , I can get back to blogging my favorite stuffs from second life . Do you know what I enjoy shopping in sl as much as I enjoy buying heels? Structure – any kind of structures from homes to offices or decorate buildings . I think they have the highest impact on a sim and that’s why I try my best to feature on my blog – Glamorous Furniture – as many of them is possible .Of course it’s impossible for me to show you everything that’s new but I select my favorite one and which I think they are the best and really deserve your attention . The same thing I did today when I got this beautiful home to review . Can you guess who designed it ? If not ,the answer is hidden in the following lines :

NotSoBad .. they are one of my favorite stores .I still remember the first time I sent a notecard to them asking if they are looking for bloggers . I was so proud to be on their official press group and even happier to blog one of their desks (which I wanted to present on Glamorous Furniture for a long time ) .I am sure that if you seek in the archive you will see plenty of blog posts featuring NSB creations .

Their latest building is named “BROOKE” and is a full mesh creation which I recommend you all to check in world . All the doors are scripted to open and close ,but the true “special thing” about this home is that it is a low prim design –only 71 LI. .It also has a backyard which sadly I didn’t get the time to picture . I totally recommend you all to check this in second life .Also I am going to attach slurls and marketplace links just under the text.

You should also know that NotSoBad designs fashion too. Sadly (for me only) most of the fashion products are for guys and on my fashion blog – Ferosh Fashion– I present only woman creations .I am going to be back soon with more releases . Take care !

-Store List-
Building: BROOKE – NotSoBad /Designer Reda Bertolucci
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore
This product is also available at NotSoBad Marketplace

Prims :
Set: 71 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Pirate Island by Kalopsia

I don’t even know how I should start today’s post . Maybe I should start by wishing you a Happy Easter together with your families and your loved ones , and after that welcoming you on Glamorous Furniture blog . I’ve got the chance ,some minutes ago , to put my hands on a product that is going to be released at an upcoming event . Ready to find out what I am talking about ?

I am sure you realized what a big fan of Kalopsia I became in the past few weeks . I am so happy and proud to have the chance to blog her designs . She made me fall in love with her creations when she presented me her red riding hood set , but the upcoming releases were even better . Today’s blog post features on of her future releases for The Fantasy Collective .

I am not even sure in what category I should put this release . It’s not a furniture and not a building , it’s more an environment decoration . It is named “The Lost Pirate Island “ and is without doubts a must have for everyone who enjoys thins kind of land decorations. The entire set is mesh and is a well done one .

I have to run to get ready to go out with my family . Don’t forget to check this product in world as soon as it will be available . Good luck shopping and I will wait for you on Glamorous Furniture tomorrow too for more releases .

-Store List-
Set: Lost Pirate Island – Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
This product will be available at The Fantasy Collective

Prims :
Set: 22 Land Impacts

Glamorous Furniture // The Roma by Maven Homes

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I a so happy to be home , ready to present you an amazing new release from second life . Even though I was away with real life work , I had my phone with me , so I managed to stay in touch with manly sl residents and through my feedly application I also managed to find out what’s new in second life and what I would like to blog when I am back home . That’s where I find this new release which ,believe me when I tell you , it left me speechless . I rarely have the chance to blog something so huge and so beautiful . Ready to see what I am talking about ?

Cain Maven owner of Maven Homes is a familiar name for Glamorous Furniture . We are proud to be one of the blogs which features many of his designs . Since he became the owner of Quantum Luxury Homes , we were lucky enough to have him on our designers list . That was the moment when I couldn’t stop blogging his products . Each new creations he releases is amazing and makes me want to show you all .The same thing happened with the creation we are presenting to you today.

The structure is named “The Roma” and without doubts this is a luxury home . I think the name fits it perfectly : huge , breathtaking ,luxurious . The first thing you should know is that this is a big structure (115 m x 87 m ) so we would recommend you 1/4 of a full region in order to be able to rezz it perfectly .

Even if it’s a large building , I am convinced that each meter it occupies deserves it ! There are so many stunning rooms to discover . As you might already know it is enough spacious for a large number of people . Right under this paragraph I am going to enumerate all the chambers it has .

The house also comes with a garage and a big outdoor pool and also with indoor pool . I think this is the first time I see a second life home with in-door pool .As for the rooms , you can find inside this building the following chambers: two large suits with anteroom , bedroom and en-suite bathroom ; junior suite with anteroom and bedroom ; three large bedrooms ; two bathrooms ; kitchen ; reception room;front room ; dining room ; study;living room ;great room ; family room; breakfast room ; game room ; conservatory;bar;movie theater ; laundry room .

Also “The Roma” comes with many other features like : home control system ( which helps us set the security system of the house ; adjust the windows opacity ; turn off and on the lights) ; also it comes with five fireplaces ; animated poses (shower , bath tubs , bathroom sinks , kitchen stools , pool seats ,theater seats ) ,full set of appliances in the kitchen and running water in taps .

As you can see this new release by Cain Maven is stunning .I wish I would have had more time to show you more pictures , but if you want to check closely this structure I recommend you to press the link under this text and teleport to Maven Homes mainstore . You will be able to check this home by yourself . Good luck shopping and see you soon !

-Store List-
Mansion : The Roma- Maven Homes/Designer- Cain Maven
Available at Maven Homes Mainstore
Available at Maven Homes Marketplace

Prims :
Structure : 1353 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//1001 Arabian Nights

Before I leave , I still want to show you one more product which was featured at We <3 Role Playing . Each time I look at this set I feel like I take a trip Arabia (probably because this set makes me feel like I am a character in 1001 Arabian Nights ) . Let me show you what I’ve got for you.

I think this is my third person featuring products from We <3 Role Playing this week . I am honestly telling you that the April round is amazing . There are so many beautiful products which are waiting for you to check them .That’s why I included the slurl to the land right under the text.

As for the set presented in the pictures it is named” moondeco “ and was designed by the talented aki69 owner of a.n.c . I was amazed of the large numbers of stuffs this set includes : trays , carpet , pillows , bookcase ;and all of them available in many styles . Also I am so happy to finally find a set which is really low land impact – and when I say it I mean it : most of the designs have from 1 to 7 LI .Isn’t that amazing?

Now I really have to go . See you in 2 weeks and don’t forget to check all these marvelous products in-world . Good luck shopping and I will miss you.

-Store List-
Set: moondeco–a.n.c /Designer aki69
Available at a.n.c Mainstore
This product is available at We <3 RP Monthly Event (April )

Prims :
Skyrug :4 Land Impact
Pillow :3 Land Impact
Shelf : 7 Land Impact
Tray : 1 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture //Book Lover

I have to go back to work tomorrow and because of that I won’t have internet connection until next week ,but since I have an important meeting next weekend I might be away from Glamorous Furniture and second life for the next two weeks . I promise you that once I am back I will blog every new release which I missed .Until then I want to leave by showing you this wonderful sets which were released at We <3 Role Playing .

After checking my blog history I realized that We <3 Role Playing is one of the events which I blog most often . That’s probably because I simply love the theme and also because all the creations are very high qualities .

Actually for this blog post I am presenting you 2 sets from the event : the first one is represented by those breathtaking busts which were designed by Lost Junction and were released under the name of “Historical Busts” .They are available in many styles including : The Physician ; The Maiden ; The Investigator ; The Lady ;The Professors .Another set which is featured in today’s blog posts is named “Spellbooks” and was designed by Pixicat .The set includes the pedestal and spell books in two colors :light and dark ; and also many versions : open ,closed , half opened . Also the flying pages are from this set . From Pixicat I got another set named “Shield” which I decided to feature in today’s blog post .

I am going to do one more blog posts and after that leave .Don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture daily for new releases in second life !

-Store List-
Spellbooks : Spellbooks – Pixicat /Designer areve
Available at Pixicat Mainstore
This product is available at We <3 RP Monthly Event (April )

Shields : Shields (4 types) – Pixicat /Designer areve
Available at Pixicat Mainstore
This product is available at We <3 RP Monthly Event (April )

Busts: Historical Bust – Lost Junction /Designer Tala Laval
Available at Lost Junction Mainstore
This product is available at We <3 RP Monthly Event (April )

Prims :
Spellbooks: 1 Land Impact
Flying books : 1 Land Impact
Busts: 1 Land Impact
Pedestal : 1 Land Impact
Shields : 1 Land Impact

*Bookshelves were designed by Dutchie and are available at their mainstore ; they were NOT released for We <3 Role Playing –April Round.

Glamorous Furniture//Old Garden Arches by Kalopsia

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . It seems like this is was a beautiful day . One of my blog readers approached me in-world and told me how much they appreciate my works . Thanks to those kind of people I keep blogging every time I can . Anyway back to my blog post , today we are going to visit We <3 Role Playing event for this wonderful fantasy set which I felt in love with .

I’ve been blogging this event for a long time and believe me when I say to you that this is one of their best round . So many beautiful products which are waiting for you to check them and buy them on We <3 RP land . I advice you all to teleport to the sim and take a closer look to these breathtaking designs .

As for the presentation , I managed to get my hands on this fabulous set by Kalopsia which is named “Old Garden Arches “ . I am sure you remember this store since I blogged them last week and I was amazed to see how many people visited the post . Each time I look at this set I feel like I enter an elf’s world . It’s splendid .You should also know that the set comes with the throne, chairs ,arch and also with the flying leaves(available in 2 colors).

I am going to get back to work right now but I promise I will try to be back with more new releases as soon as possible .Until then I wish you all a wonderful day and don’t forget to check the credits for the slurl to the store .

-Store List-
Set: Old Garden Arches – Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
This product is available at We <3 RP Monthly Event (April )

Prims :
Throne: 4 Land Impact
Chair: 4 Land Impact
Arches: 25 Land Impact
Leaves: 5 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Red Riding Hood by Kalopsia

I am ending this week with another fabulous post from a famous in-second life event – Enchantment . The latest theme was red riding hood and I was lucky enough to get my hands on some simply breathtaking products from there . Ready to see what I prepared for you for today’s blog post?

I am convinced that you remember Kalopsia store from my previous post . She designed for We <3 Role Playing those two lovely types of gypsy camp sets . She was cute enough to send me for blogging a product she released at the Enchantment – Red Riding Hood edition , and which I actually wanted to blog for some time .

The set is named “Red Riding Hood – Full Set “ and includes many high quality products . The set comes with : a hanging tree ; red riding hood shoes ; chair ; wolf trophy head ; wolf mask and a fillet . You will be amazed by how good looking all these things are .

I have to run now ,but I promise you all that I will try to be back on Glamorous Furniture with more products as soon as possible .Until then , don’t forget to go shopping . See you soon !

-Store List-
Set: Red Riding Hood – Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore

Prims :
Chair: 3 Land Impact
Hanging Tree: 8 Land Impact
Wolf Trophy Head: 3 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Gypsy Camp set by Kalopsia

Home sweet home ! It feels so good to be back home. I’ve got many new releases but sadly my time doesn’t afford me to blog them all . So I selected for you some of my favorites which I really hope you are going to enjoy . Wanna see what I’ve got for you for today’s Glamorous Furniture blog post ?

For that we are going to visit this event where I am an official blogger : We <3 Role Playing . As you can see in my previous post I blog quite often products from W<3RP simply because for me it’s the easiest way of getting reviews and because I love the style of all those high quality designs.

This new release is named “Gypsy Camp set” and was designed by Kalopsia .It comes in 2 different texture versions : flowers and triangles . What I like a lot about this set is that it had modifying permissions so I can easily resize it to fit my avatars height . Also you can easily see that the designer of Kalopsia worked hard on this set since everything looks so good .

I have to go now but I will be back soon with more new releases . Until then I invite you all to check We <3 Role playing event and this product in world . See you soon !

-Store List-
Camp: Gypsy Camp – Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
This product is available at We <3 RP Monthly Event

Prims :
Set: 18 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Apple Fall returns to Collabor88

Good Afternoon Glamorous Furniture ! I am planning on leaving the country until the next Friday ,and I am more than sure that I won’t be able to access second life at all (just my email) . Because of that , I wanted to do a new blog post just before leaving , since you won’t see any new posts until next weekend . Let me show you what’s my new favorite set in the virtual world.

Apple Fall has been blogged and re-blogged over and over again on my website . Why ? The answer is really simple : because each of his new releases looks stunning and makes me want to blog it . In case you didn’t check his mainstore yet you should do it , it’s simply fabulous .

His latest creation was released at a monthly event named “ Collabor 88 “ and believe me when I say that this set will leave you speechless . I’ve honestly never seen such wonderful products combined in a single set . Everything is so high quality ( especially the sofa which is something to die for ) . Also the sofa comes in many colors versions .

As you know I don’t have the possibility to present all the features of my designers products . That’s why I invite you all , after reading today’s post , to check the set in world . Don’t forget to check previous Glamorous Furniture posts !

-Store List-
Set by [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace
Available at Collabor 88
*This product was released at Collabor88 Event

Prims :
Couch Corner : 3 Land Impact
Couch : 4 Land Impact
Interior Plant : 1 Land Impact
Bookcase (2 spaces) : 3 Land Impact
Bookcase (3 spaces) : 4 Land Impact
Love Farrah Painting : 1 Land Impact
Magazine Files : 1 Land Impact
Bow Tie Art : 1 Land Impact
Old Coat : 5 Land Impact
Rico’s Clock : 4 Land Impact
Model Plane : 5 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture// Mountain Lodge by Scarlet Creative

I am back Glamorous Furniture with more new releases from Second Life . I wanted to review this product yesterday when I got it ,but I decided that I should leave at least 1 day break between my posts . Anyway ,ready to see who is the designer of this breathtaking home?

Who hasn’t heard about Scarlet Creative? Probably one of the oldest home and furniture store in second life . I can’t even remember since when I am blogging her products . Each new release bring something unique that makes it a must have .

Her latest piece was released at the Arcade (seems like more and more designers are becoming more interested in this event) and is named “Mountain Lodge” .It also has a furniture pack that you can use to decorate this wonderful house.

Each time I check this house I feel like spring has really come . I simply love the wood texture and the spring air it brings to my land . It’s like escaping from the urban environment to relax at a mountains .Isn’t that lovely?

I have to go now ,but like I always do , I included the slurls to Scarlet’s sim and the Arcade slurl under this text .Don’t forget to check the prims list to see how much land impact it requires.

-Store List-
Building: Mountain Lodge + Furniture Pack –Scarlet Creative/Designer- Charlotte Bartlett
Available at Scarlet Creative Mainstore
Available at The Arcade Sim

*This product was released at The Arcade Gacha Event

Structure: 111 Land Impact
Modern bed :11 Land Impact
DeckChair with Cushions : 5 Land Impact
Stack of logs secured with old vintage leather belts : 3 Land Ipact
Wire lamps : 8 Land Impact
Glass Table :2 Land Impact
Plant : 1 Land Impact
Side Board : 5 Land Impact

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