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Glamorous Furniture//Chic Entry by Apple Fall

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . For the last few days I felt really tired , have no idea why . Luckily today I woke up in a great mood and ready to share with you some of the new releases I got in second life . Get yourself a cup of coffee and take a comfortable sit , it’s time for virtual world new releases.

I am more than sure that if you are one of my blog followers , you already know Apple Fall store . I blog his designs for such a long time ,and I am pretty sure that I never missed any single releases . He keeps amazing me with his realistic texture and high quality style.

His latest create was released at the Designers Liaison and is entitled “Chic Entry” .The set includes the following objects: Organic Form Chair(black and white) , Recycled Wood Sideboard, Boston Print No.1, Wild Thistles, Lightbulb Terrarium, Design Books. Like we got used to , all Apple Fall designs are low land impact .

Time for me to go back to second life to find more new release .Under the text you will find the slurl to the designers mainstore and also how much land impact each object has .

-Store List-
Set :Chic Entry by [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace
Available at Liaison Collaborative

*This product was released at Liaison Collaborative

Prims :
Organic Form Chair: 5 Land Impact
Recycled Wood Sideboard: 1 Land Impact
Boston Print No.1: 1 Land Impact
Wild Thistles: 3 Land Impact
Lightbulb Terrarium: 1 Land Impact
Design Books: 1 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Wonderland Tea Party by Boudoir

Good Morning Glamorous Furniture ! I am currently waiting for my coffee to be done and until then I decided to make a new post for my favorite readers . I have many new releases in this inventory which I am going to feature on the blog in the following days , but right now I am going to start with a set that left me speechless .

I had the chance to blog Boudoir first time at the Siren Productions event – Month of Games. Precious Restless was kind enough to send me one of her upcoming sets for my blog . Here I am , ready to show it to you too.

I think you are all familiar with the theme “Alice in Wonderland “ . Maybe one of the most representative scene is the tea party . That’s exactly what I am showing to you today , the set named “Wonderland Tea Party “ .Also I hid in the back the card soldiers which come in 4 version :heart , club, diamond and spade .

All of this can be found at Boudoir mainstore . As you got used , I included the slurl and also the land impact of each object right under this text . Enjoy shopping !

-Store List-
Set: Wonderland Tea Party-Boudoir /Designer Precious Restless
Available at Boudoir Mainstore

Prims :
Table with decorations : 28 Land Impact
Card Soldiers: 5 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Crime Scene Investigation by Boudoir

If I would be Bonnie , would you be my Clyde? I think that’s the right question to start today’s blog post . I am a little bit sick in real life , facing some problems with my right ear but I hope that everything will get back to normal after I visit the doctor . Until then I want to share with you this wonderful release.

In case you didn’t know , Siren Productions is running a wonderful event called “ The Month of Games” . It features many top designers which created both fashion stuffs and also furniture . I had the chance to get my hands on one of the Boudoir’s furniture release to show to you.

The set is named “Crime Scene Investigation” and I think that says everything about it . Since I first saw this product I told myself I had to blog it . Probably the thing that I liked the most at this set is that vintage air . I am one of those person who believe that she was born in the wrong era . I should wear long dresses with vintage jewelries and beautiful big hats.

As I always say at the end of my posts , you have to check this store in world in order to discover it’s true beauty . I am going back to second life, but not before giving you the slurl for both Boudoir’s store and also the Month of Games event.

-Store List-
Set: Crime Scene Investigation-Boudoir /Designer Vitabela Dubrovna
Available at Boudoir Mainstore
Available at The Month of Games

Prims :
Set: 29 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture// Wonderland Party by Kalopsia

Take me to Wonderland . That’s a perfect beginning for today’s blog post . I must confess I had to play Natalia Kill’s Wonderland song while doing today’s presentation in order to get in this specific mood . Maybe you are thinking that I am writing non sense sentences around here , but let me show you what is all about .

It seems like this week Kalopsia is one of the most featured designers on Glamorous Furniture . I am so proud to be one of her official bloggers and to have the chance to feature on my blog her creations .

Her latest set is just wow . It is entitled “Wonderland Party” and from what I heard it comes in 2 texture versions .In my pictures I am featuring the Red Queen version .The set includes the following designs: Table , Tea Cups ( on table and on the floor) , stool , Topiary Red Roses and Topiary simple version .

Time to get back in second life to take pictures of another blog post .I feel like blogging every hour right now * laughs * .You can get the slurl to Kalopsia mainstore right under this text . I also included the land impact of each design in the set.

-Store List-
Set: Wonderland Party( Red Queen Set)– Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
Available at The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt

Prims :
Topiary Red Roses -3 Land Impact
Topiary Simple -2 Land Impact
Heart Stool -1 Land Impact
Cups on the floor – 2 Land Impact
Table Tea Cups -4 Land Impact
Heart Table -2 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Le Lit de la Marquise by Kalopsia

I can’t tell you how much I love new releases . Kalopsia’s designer sent me some days ago the wonderful pavilion set I blogged yesterday and also another design which left me speechless . Let me show you what is all about.

I am more than sure that I won’t have to introduce you to this store since I blogged it so many times , you should know everything about it . I just recommend you all to teleport in-world to her store and check her previous releases which are all breathtaking.

The new release I am talking about is named “Le Lit de la Marquise” and is a very high quality bed . It comes in 3 texture versions in order to fit your tastes : black , gold and white. Just by taking a closer look at this design you will be able to see how talented Isabeau Baragula is . She makes a wonderful job with each new creation .

I still have some stuffs on my upcoming blog post list so I will have to leave you with a slurl to the Kalopsia mainstore and wish you good luck with your shopping spree .

-Store List-
Set: Le Lit de la Marquise– Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
Available at Genre Monthly Event

Prims :
Bed: 27 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//The Secret Outdoor Pavillion by Kalopsia

I can’t express in words how much I enjoy blogging new releases . I am always hunting in second life for new creations to feature on my blog – Glamorosu Furniture . I am even more excited when designers send me their upcoming releases , it feels like I can offer something exclusively for my readers . So in today’s new releases which I am more than sure you will enjoy.

Not a very long time ago I started blogging a new store named Kalopsia which is owned by Isabeau Baragula . Since I did the first post I knew that this store is going to become one my favorite and that I won’t be able to stop from blogging her designs . I try my best not to miss any of her creations since all of them have an unique style and are very high quality.

So it’s her latest set named “The Secret Outdoor Pavillion” . I was so happy when she sent it to me ! You need to check it in world in order to see how high quality it is . The set includes : French Garden Bushes , Vase Shrub and the Pavillion .It is going to be available at the July round of the Garden for The Liaison collaborative .

Believe me when I tell you that you shouldn’t miss it , it’s a another must have by the wonderful Isabeau . More new releases from Kalopsia are going to be blogged soon!

-Store List-
Set: The Secret Outdoor Pavillion – Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
Available at TLC july Round

Prims :
Pavillion – 67 Land Impact
French Garden Bushes – 6 Land Impact
Vase shrub decoration – 2 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Scandinavian Living by Apple Fall

Good Morning Glamorous Furniture . Seems like I slept until late today but there is no problem since I have the rest of the days off work . I drank my coffee and got ready to show you some wonderful news from second life . Today we are going to return again to one of my favorite stores- Apple Fall . Let me show you what I am talking about.

I know yesterday I blogged on of his designs too ,but couldn’t keep myself away from this release . He always amazes me with the quality of his creations and I feel like I have to share my enthusiasm with you ,my dear readers.

The latest set is name “Scandinavian Living “. I think that just by reading the name you all know that I am talking about a living room set . The pack comes with the following stuffs: storage bench , paintings, flat file , sticks canvas , font frame , iron fireplace , meadow flowers , wooden tribal jars , plaster hourse , carved zebra mask and ceramic bottles . Again Apple Fall amazes us with his talent of designing very low land impact creations .

I still have some new releases on my list but I am going to blog those ones a little bit later .Until then I will give you time to check this set in world too.

-Store List-
Set:Scandinavian Living– [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace

Prims :
Rustic Storage Bench -5 Land Impact
Cat Art- 1 Land Impact
Flat File -1 Land Impact
Sticks Canvas- 1 Land Impact
Font Frame – 1 Land Impact
Cast Iron Victorian Fireplace- 1 Land Impact
Meadow Flowers- 1 Land Impact
Wooden Tribal Jars- 1 Land Impact
Plaster Horse- 1 Land Impact
Hand Carved Zebra Mask -1 Land Impact
Ceramic Bottles -1 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Americana by Apple Fall

I should have blogged this beautiful set last week when we celebrated the Independence Day , but because my inventory was a mess I had to delay the post . During every beginning of the summer I clean my inventory :delete the stuffs I don’t need and organize the others in folders . In this way I can find a lot easier what I am looking for . Anyway , now let’s get back to our post , I am sure you are going to enjoy it .

It’s impossible not to know Apple Fall . I blog this store for a long time and I blog it many times . If I check my inventory I am pretty sure I didn’t miss any new set . They are one of the best furniture and home designers in the virtual world . Each new release is a must have. Let me show you why I compliment this store so much .

Their latest set is named “ Americana “ and it was released for the Independence Day . What I like the most at Apple Fall’s products is that all of them are very high quality , probably one of the most realistic stuffs I ever saw in second life . Also each object is very low land impact , so I can easily decorate my house without using many prims . The Americana set comes with the following designs : USA wall flags , armchair in many texture, bookcase , sideboard , vase , Hearts with inscriptions , candles and painting .

It’s almost impossible for me to show you everything about this wonderful new designs . Because of that I invite you all to check Apple Fall’s mainstore and look for this must have creation . Believe me you won’t regret it .

-Store List-
Set: Americana– [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace

Prims :
American Garland – 2 Land Impact
ArmChair- 7 Land Impact
Bookcase-2 Land Impact
Sideboard-2 Land Impact
Flag Sketch -1 Land Impact
Seahorse Vase- 1 Land Impact
Heart- 1 Land Impact
Seaside Candle- 1 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//Sand of Time by Kalopsia

I am happy when I can share with my readers different passions from real life . I always loved Egyptian culture and it’s one of my dreams to visit that country one day . Since I was a little girl I used to read stories about the pharaohs and legends about Egiptian gods. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I saw this wonderful release at We <3 Role Playing . Let me share with you more details about it ..

I am more than sure that all of you are familiar right now with the monthly event We <3 Role Playing . I tend to blog many stuffs from them because each month they release a variety of designs which gives me the chance to select which I would like to feature on my blog .

I managed to see the ad of this set by Kalopsia some days before finding out it is actually going to be released at this event . I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and bog it . They set is named “ Sand of Time ” (kind of reminds me of Prince of Persia) . The set includes: 2 types of plams trees ,sitting statue , pyramid stairs , pyramid chamber , sphynx statue ,sitting statue broken head , pyramid flat. Also all the products come with modify permissions so you can easily play with their size.

I invite you all to this month round of We <3 Role Playing event where you will be able to find this amazing set by Kalopsia . Don’t forget to check other products !

-Store List-
Set: Sand of Time– Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
Available at We <3 Role-Play

Prims : 102 Land Impact
Palm Tree(x2)- 16 Land Impact
Palm Tree(single) – 10 Land Impact
Sitting Statue- 15 Land Impact
Sitting Statue Broken – 12 Land Impact
Sphynx Statue – 7 Land Impact
Pyramid Stairs- 13 Land Impact
Pyramid Chamber-9 Land Impact
Pyramid Flat – 20 Land Impact

Glamorous Furniture//News Beds by [TIA]

I might be a little bit late for this but I couldn’t keep myself from not blogging it . Last round at We <3 Role Playing , [TIA] released two wonderful types of beds which I decided to feature today on my website . Ready to see what I am talking about?

I am a huge fan of Tia Biscuit’s designs . I especially enjoy their medieval and retro styles and also how high quality their products are .I am always checking her flickr for new releases and i wish I would have more free time to blog all her creations.

The two bed sets I am talking about are named “Bunk Bed “ and “Bookshelf Bed” .The Bookshelf Bed also comes with a hud which gives you the option to change the texture of the set . Another thing which I enjoy at [TIA] is that she designs very low land impact objects and because of that I can easily style my home with many stuffs.

Going back to second life to check for new releases . I invite you all to give a look at these 2 lovely releases at [TIA]’s mainstore . Slurl link is listed right under this text.

-Store List-
Bed: Bunk Bed– [TIA] /Designer Tia Biscuit
Available at [TIA] Mainstore
Available at [TIA] Marketplace

Bed: Bookshelf Bed– [TIA] /Designer Tia Biscuit
Available at [TIA] Mainstore
Available at [TIA] Marketplace

Prims :
Bunk Bed : 11 Land Impact
Bookshelf Bed: 4 Land Impact

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