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AVENUE Magazine: May 2013 Arts!

Let’s wrap up may with some fantastic art features from our May 2013 issue. This month’s theme has definitely been visually stimulating! Please join us for the finale to another vibrant month as we jump into the next! “Rust” Sunshine Zhangsun | page 252 “Dryland” Ziki Questi | page 264 “Raw” Dantelecia Ethaniel | page [...]

AVENUE Magazine: May 2013 Lifestyle

This month AVENUE magazine interviews Vaki Zenovka, an androgynous stylist, who gives her perspectives on in-world fashion. We also explore one of SL’s newest and popular sims for photography and exploring, Onigashima. And, if you’re looking your looking for happily ever after, well, we have something for that, too! “Vaki Zenovka” Cajsa Lilliehook | page [...]

AVENUE Magazine: May 2013 Style

AVENUE Magazine stylist mix ideas of western modernism with eastern tradition to create captivating looks inspired by Spring 2013 fashion trends. Our vibrant issue touches base with the designer of Legal Insanity, reviews new ways to spice up outfits, and takes fashion from the runway to the streets. It’s time to start reading and taking [...]

AVENUE Magazine: May 2013

Change is in the air at AVENUE as we debut new fashion features, introduce you to some new members of the AVENUE family, and more in our May issue. May’s fashion section highlights “East Meets West,” and our team of stylists show you their take on Asian and Western fashion fusion. In Lifestyle, read all [...]

AVENUE Magazine: April 2013 Lifestyle

This month’s adventure is an exciting one! One of our most fashion forward stores on the grid had created a new new store with intricate designs and fantastic items. Handverk’s revamped look is definitely worth taking a peek! In addition, we explore some gardens designed by top SL decorators for some of our models and [...]

AVENUE Magazine: April 2013 Style

This month we explore the blossoming love of spring with our new romantic themes! Our stylist explored several aspects of this 2013 fashion trend through their use of soft tones, mood lighting, and pastels. So prepare yourself to fall in love all over again. The passion didn’t end with the month of February, because April’s [...]

AVENUE Magazine: April 2013 is out!

It is springtime at AVENUE, and our April issue is bursting with the colors and styles of the season as our stylist team presents you with their take on Neo-Romanticism. Read about how AR Furniture is bringing the magic of childhood to the grid, and don’t miss the newest offerings from the artists at Handverk. [...]

AVENUE Magazine: March 2013 Style

This month we bring to you a mix n’ match of patterns and colors! Please put some sunglasses on and brows through the eclectic pages of this month issue. Our stylist have really outdone themselves this time! Couture Clash describes some of spring 2013′s trends, and then we further explore with style features such as [...]

AVENUE Magazine: February 2013 Lifestyle

February took us on an adventure of both love anew and love lost. But, for those of you still in the thick of it, we provide 10 great places to take your love out on a date, explore King’s landing, and then do a little cozy furniture shopping! So take a peek will you? “Date [...]

AVENUE Magazine: February Fashion!

The month of February is heavily influenced by passion. Passion comes in many shapes and forms – Passion for an activity, passion for a cause, passion for another person. Passion can also be an expression of sadness, or happiness depending on the setting. This month, we challenged our stylist to display passion in some way. [...]